U Were Great

 U Were Fine Essay

You were absolutely fine

The idea is usually that the man reveals itself in various ways with regards to the circumstances.

Topic: comic misunderstanding and man relations

Анализ: " You Were Correctly Fine" is an easy tale of two people who also are completely out of sync, but either not aware of it (in the women's case) or not quite sure how to get from it (in Peter's case).

Peter is a consumed, and when he is drunk, he does and says issues which he does not keep in mind and does not–when sober–mean. He isn't sure exactly what he said to her, but as the story goes on, it becomes clear that his words have had an excellent impact on her. She is arranging a future to get the two of them, although we get the idea that Peter would not think of her in such a grand, long-term manner.

The girl attempts to justify all of his drunken activities because the girl must also warrant Peter's admission of love on her behalf. She performs very hard to produce his drunken singing, stumbling, arguing, and general goatish behavior seem to be " not so bad” mainly because if everything else he did while consumed was an embarrassment and a mistake, then his phrases of love had been, as well–something the girl cannot bear to consider.


The " paler young man” (Peter) as well as the clear-eyed woman are recovering from a party where young man was drunk to make quite a vision. He's worried he's been too extraordinary, she attempts to reassure him.

" You were excellent, ” she said. " Don't be so foolish regarding it. Everybody was crazy about you. The maitre d'hotel was obviously a little bothered because you wouldn't prevent singing, but he really didn't mind…” She explains to him of his vocal, and declaring the waiter was his long lost brother stolen by gypsies, and insulting a man's link. He fell on the ice, but the lady tries to assure him that wasn't because he was consumed, it was only icy. Any person could have gone down. They then required a " lovely extended ride” in a taxi in which Peter displays her his " true” self. A side your woman hasn't viewed before.

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