Type of Commnication

 Type of Commnication Essay



Connection is a procedure for exchanging info, ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through speech, alerts, writing, or behavior. In communication method, a sender(encoder) encodes a communication and then by using a medium/channel transmits it for the receiver (decoder) who decodes the concept and after digesting information, transmits back ideal feedback/reply utilizing a medium/channel.

Types of Interaction

People communicate with each other in a number of methods depend upon the message as well as its context by which it is becoming sent. Selection of communication route and your style of communicating likewise affects connection. So , there are variety of types of interaction.

Types of communication based on the interaction channels applied are:

1 . Verbal Conversation

2 . Nonverbal Communication

1 ) Verbal Connection

Verbal conversation refers to the the form of communication in which message can be transmitted by speaking; communication is performed by word of mouth marketing and a bit of writing. Goal of every connection is to include people know what we are planning to convey. In verbal connection remember the acronym KISS(keep it short and simple).

When we talk to others, we assume that other folks understand what we are saying mainly because we know what we should are saying. But this is not the case. usually people bring their particular attitude, belief, emotions and thoughts regarding the topic thus creates obstacle in providing the right meaning.

So to be able to deliver the right message, you must put yourself on the other side in the table and think through your receiver's standpoint. Would he understand the communication? how it will sound on the other side of the desk?

Verbal Communication is further more divided into:

в– Oral Communication

в– Written Communication

Mouth Communication

In oral interaction, Spoken words are used. It includes face-to-face interactions, speech, telephonic conversation, online video, radio, television, voice...

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