The Purpose And Advantages of Writing A B

 The Purpose And Benefits Of Producing A M Essay

Writing a small business Plan:

Purpose and Benefits

A Business presentation by Traditional western Connecticut RATING

Christopher Tse

SCORE Organization Counselor

What exactly Business Idea?

A Business Idea describes:





The idea of an undertaking that can

be used for business purposes

How value could be created

The direction the concept will go

The long run viability of the concept

What exactly Business?

A Business is a variety of functional

activities organized to achieve a common


For Income Businesses targets profit

and growth.

No Profit Businesses focuses on assistance

and advantage to the targeted community.

What is a Business Plan?

A company Plan can be described as formal affirmation that details the

desired goals of a organization, the strategy that will be accustomed to

achieve these kinds of goals.

A company Plan address specific functional

activities: Organization, Offerings, Target Market, Sales

and Marketing, Firm, Finance and Accounting,

and Competition

A small business Plan is made up of: What activities are to be

taken, Why they have to be taken, How a common

goals can be obtained through these kinds of actions

Case in point: Apple vs . Facebook

The two businesses have successfully applied ideas.

Not Profit Style

For Revenue Model

Centered on

Service & Growth

Centered on

Profit & Growth

Model: German Cafe

Critical Assumptions When Building a Business Plan:



a restaurant offering German Meals

Generate Profit at common of 10% p/a

Growth of five per cent p/a over a period of 10 years



Danbury area

$30-$40 per person meal (drinks not really included)

$10 per person drinks









German homemade cooking: pig's knuckles, schnitzel


and kitchen staff size

Qualifications to get hosts, hang on staff, gourmet


eating places in the location offer the same category of foodstuff, similar price range, and level of service


up capital

Operating expenditures

Cost of loans

Fixed overhead



parking available

Authentic dining atmosphere


perimeter and revenue

Monthly revenue and expansion


through local multimedia

The Process: Review, Adjust, Duplicate

Review Important Assumptions

• What crucial assumptions set up measurements and/or

add benefit to the business?

• Do the critical presumptions conflict or perhaps compliment every

other? Do they discord or supplement your profit/growth


Modify Critical Assumptions

• Take away any critical assumptions that do not add value to the business or perhaps that turmoil with the valid critical assumptions • Add more sub-activities as necessary

Review and Replicate

• Day the initial business plan

• Review and adapt every 6-12 months

• Date every single updated version

How A Business Plan Can Help You

You know precisely what your business is about.

You can better understand:

 The facilities

 The integration of your functional activities

 The important assumptions in your business

You have a reliable monetary breakdown of:

 Costs

 Earnings

 Earnings

 Cash-flow projections

When ever things make a mistake, you can track and recognize the root

reason for the problem, making it easier to establish rational remedies

Importance of

A good & Practical, effectual Business Plan






Well Described





Low Cost + High Output = Quality Added

System = Revenue + Services + Accounting + Administration

Direction from the business

Measurements of accomplishment

Integrated useful activities/communications

Contains Measurements of Performance




Profit & growth = F (product, services, expense, cash-flow,


Integration sama dengan values happen to be interdependent to each business


Cash Flow sama dengan cash available to fund function activities to

deliver optima results

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