Where the Head Is Without Fear

 Where the Brain Is With no Fear Essay

Where the Head is With out Fear

In which the Mind is usually...




This poem was written if the British dominated our country. We were slaves to a foreign power. Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian nationalist and futurist wanted India to wake up to a bright dawn of freedom – freedom from slavery and our own mental chains. Look at the poem aloud once. After that read this silently. It will be a good idea to memorize the poem. Where the mind is without fear as well as the head is definitely held large Where know-how is cost-free Where the globe has not been broken up into broken phrases by filter domestic wall space; Where words come out in the depths of truth; Wherever tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection; The place that the clear stream of explanation has not misplaced its approach into the dreary desert sand of useless habit; The place that the mind is usually led frontward by the into at any time widening thought and actioninto that bliss of liberty, my father, permit my nation awake. -- Rabindranath Tagore



Where the Brain is...

Where Mind is definitely Without Fear DISCUSSION Let us now look at the following lines of the composition once again and answer the questions stated in this article. Where the brain is with no fear plus the head is definitely held substantial Where know-how is cost-free Where the community has not been split up into fragmented phrases by filter domestic surfaces; Where phrases come out from the depths of truth; Wherever tireless trying stretches it is arms towards perfection;


INTEXT QUERIES 10. one particular

1 . Precisely what is meant simply by " brain is devoid of fear and head is usually held high”. Tick the correct answer. (i) to be reckless and self respecting (ii) to be happy with one's substantial position. (iii) to stand straight and become carefree. installment payments on your 3. What does the poet suggest by " where knowledge is free”? The ‘domestic walls' are usually associated with protection, comfort and love. Are these the feelings evoked by the key phrase ‘narrow domestic walls'? In the event that not, pick the correct response from the types given below: (i) small homes which make us feel...

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