The Impact of Tqm on Innovation

 The Impact of Tqm upon Innovation Essay

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The impact of total quality management on innovation

Studies from a developing nation

Dinh Thai Hoang and Barbara Igel

School of Management, Oriental Institute of Technology, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand, and


Received February 2006 Revised September 2005

Tritos Laosirihongthong

Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand Subjective

Purpose – The purpose of this kind of paper is usually to investigate the relationship between total quality supervision (TQM) techniques and development performance in the Vietnamese sector context. Design/methodology/approach – The process of confirmatory factor analysis was applied to refine TQM and innovation scales intended for empirical evaluation in Vietnam. The strength equation modeling method was applied to check the assumptive models. Results – This study confirms the benefits of past studies that considered TQM as a pair of practices. That confirms that TQM – considered as a couple of practices – has a impact on the firm's innovativeness. It discovers not all TQM practices enhance firm innovations. Only management and people supervision, process and strategic managing, and open organization revealed a positive impact on the firm's innovation efficiency. Research limitations/implications – The sample was not random. Upcoming research should certainly select different random selections to allow for even more generalization with the results. The research assessed the idea of " newness” with the company boundaries. Long term research ought to measure " newness” inside the boundaries from the specific sector. The unclear evidence found in this research on the impact of the firm's education and training policy on innovation needs to be further investigated. Useful implications – The findings are useful for business managers in developing countries such as Vietnam, who want to boost business functionality through implementing TQM techniques that support their firm's product and services advancement efforts. Originality/ value – The study provides contributed to develop a measurement approach to TQM practices and development performance that facilitates even more quality managing research in developing countries. It has contributed to clarifying the disputed marriage between TQM practices as well as the firm's innovativeness, and displays empirical evidence in Vietnam to confirm that the TQM practice collection deployed with a firm includes a positive impact in its creativity performance. Keywords Vietnam, Total quality management, Developing countries, Organizational creativity Paper type Research daily news

International Log of Top quality & Reliability Management Vol. 23 No . 9, 06\ pp. 1092-1117 q Emerald green Group Posting Limited 0265-671X DOI twelve. 1108/02656710610704230

Advantages The introduction of total quality supervision (TQM) offers played an essential role in the development of contemporary management practices. Quality is known as as a essential strategic element in acieving organization success. In order to enhance the competitive position and improve business performance, corporations worldwide, significant and small , and manufacturing and service, have got applied the guidelines of total quality (Dean and

Evans, 1994). However , in the knowledge-based society, high quality alone is definitely not sufficient. The basis pertaining to sustainable competitive advantage provides shifted from quality to innovation as being a fundamental element of entrepreneurship. Within the last decade, the theme of advancement has been a main concern of equally academics and practitioners (Kanter, 1985; Drazin and Schoonhoven, 1996), however the literature gives conflicting assumptive arguments regarding the relationship between TQM and innovation, my spouse and i. e. whether or not the firm's TQM practices support or slow down it in developing improvements. The contribution of TQM to advancement has not been investigated sufficiently in previous exploration (Prajogo and...

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