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Financial Aid

GS offers scholarships for equally newly acknowledged and continuous students. These scholarships will be merit- rather than need-based like this of Columbia College and SEAS.

A common complaint made by GS college students is that the financing amounts and options provided by GS happen to be smaller than all those offered to CC/SEAS students. Inside the absence of need-based institutional help, many GS students depend on a combination of financial loans, external scholarships, and personal money. In 2006 the University announced financial aid reforms for CLOSED CIRCUIT and SEAS students whose parents make less than 50 dollars, 000 each year.

GS would not offer parity with the deals offered to CC/SEAS students. This is due to the scholarship grant system by GS is definitely independent of the educational funding system intended for CC/SEAS and funding is sourced by a separate GS-only pool. GS has made a lot of recent work to address the issue, both through campaigns to increase the endowment and by increasing its scholarship offerings by 10 percent (in 2006). Starting summer 2012 GS is offering merit institutional aid intended for summer study, in addition to fall and spring semesters.

Critical documents (including mine) discuss Toronto’s plan to allow Google make a surveillance-based smart city along its lake shore

Pavement Labs can be Google’s sister company that sells smart city technology; its showcase partner is Toronto, my own hometown, where it has manufactured a creepy shitshow away of their freshman trip, from the mass resignations of its privateness advisors to the underhanded way it snuck in the right to take over a lot of the lakeshore with out further consultation services (something the business straight up lied about once they were outed). Unsurprisingly, the city, the region, the country, plus the company are being sued over the prepare. Read the rest

Academics at Darkish University

Impressive teaching, demanding scholarship and diverse views cross boundaries and try out Brown academics.

Brown has earned a global reputation because of its innovative undergraduate educational experience, based in the College and seated in its adaptable yet academically rigorous Wide open Curriculum.

With innovative, student-centered academic training and a various and collaborative culture, Dark brown prepares graduate student students to get leaders within their fields inside and outside in the academy.

Brown’s renowned medical school provides an integrated medical curriculum along with immersive clinical experiences, where students work together with physician-scientists on the leading edge of biomedical innovation.

Brown educates future commanders in the basics of architectural in an environment of collaborative, world-class research centered on resolving pressing global challenges.

Throughout its teaching and exploration, the School of Public Health trains future public well-being leaders, developments knowledge about pressing health challenges and enhances human population health and well-being.

Brown’s School of Professional Studies gives executive education programs made to advance the careers of accomplished specialists from around the world.

Brown features earned a worldwide reputation for its innovative undergrad educational encounter, based in the faculty and seated in its adaptable yet academically rigorous Open up Curriculum.

With innovative, student-centered academic schooling and a various and collaborative culture, Brown prepares graduate student students to become leaders inside their fields inside and outside from the academy.

Brown’s renowned medical school offers an integrated medical curriculum along with immersive specialized medical experiences, wherever students work with physician-scientists around the leading edge of biomedical development.

Brown trains future commanders in the basics of executive in an environment of collaborative, world-class analysis centered on solving pressing global challenges.

Throughout its educating and research, the School of Public Health locomotives future public well-being leaders, advancements knowledge about pressing wellness challenges and enhances populace health and health.

Brown’s University of Professional Studies presents executive education programs created to advance the careers of accomplished specialists from around the world.


In creating the scholarship grant, The Bill and Melinda Entrance Foundation hoped to create a network of future leaders by around the world who does bring fresh vision and commitment to improving living circumstances of citizens in their respective countries. Over time, it really is anticipated that Gates Cambridge Scholars will become leaders in all of the their particular fields, and will help to address global challenges related to well being, equity, technology, and learning – every area in which the Basis is deeply engaged.

Juneteenth Today

Answering this new strength, in 1979 Tx became the first condition to make Juneteenth an official holiday. (Ironically, the bill was passed on June 7, the wedding anniversary of Homer Plessy’s arrest on the East Louisiana series, as protected in Plessy v Ferguson: Who Was Plessy. ) Leading the impose was Repetition. Al Edwards of Houston, often referred to as the father of the Juneteenth vacation,  who framed it as a source of strength for young people, according to Hayes Turner. (As a concession to Lost Cause devotees, The state of texas reaffirmed the commitment to observing By. 19 as Confederate Characters Day. )

Since then, forty one other states and the District of Columbia possess recognized Juneteenth as a point out holiday or perhaps holiday observation, including Rhode Island earlier this year. This is comparable to what God instructed Joshua to do as he led the Israelites in to the Promised Land,  Ing Edwards told Yahoo in 2007. A national celebration of Juneteenth, state by simply state, serves a similar goal for us. Yearly we must advise successive years that this event triggered a number of events that you by a single defines the challenges and responsibilities of effective generations. That’s why we want this holiday break. 

You may follow Edwards’ efforts and others’ worldwide at juneteenth. com, founded in 1997 by Clifford Robinson of New Orleans. An additional organization, the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation, founded and chaired by Rev. Ronald Meyers, can be committed to producing Juneteenth analysis holiday on a par with Flag and Patriot days. (Note: They can be not calling for Juneteenth as a paid authorities holiday, like Columbus Time. ) We may possess gotten presently there in different methods and at diverse times,  Meyers told Time magazine in 2008, but you can’t seriously celebrate freedom in America by just going with your fourth of Come july 1st.  You can follow his organization’s activities at nationaljuneteenth. com.

These days, Juneteenth is an opportunity not just in celebrate yet also of talking out. This past year, for exampleThe basisreported that the U. S. Division of Point out leveraged the holiday for liberating its 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report, with then-Secretary of Condition Hillary Clinton noting, Today we are celebrating what’s called ˜Juneteenth’ But the end of legal slavery in the us, and in additional countries all over the world, has not, sadly, meant the final of captivity. Today it truly is estimated as much as 27 mil people around the world are victims of modern slavery. 

Because further proof that Juneteenth is back going up, this Friday, June 19, Washington, D. C., will be abuzz during the unveiling of a Frederick Douglass statue in the famed U. S. Capitol Visitor Middle, thanks to the function of D. C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. (Douglass will sign up for three additional African Us citizens in the corridor: Rosa Parks, Sojourner Real truth and Martin Luther Full Jr. ) No doubt Douglass would be shocked to learn that such an exclusive chance had not been slated for January. 1 (the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation), but glad nevertheless that the country is still finding ways to keep in mind the causes, the happenings, and the benefits of the later rebellion. 

Eligibility and criteria

Applicants from any country other than the United Kingdom are eligible for the scholarships. In the first 13 years of the program (2001-2013), 1236 indiv >(in practice, as of 2019 [update] the figure continues to be about 50%). Different common countries of nationality have been Philippines (5. 9%), India (5. 3%), Canada (4. 9%), Australia (4. 1%), and China (3. 0%).

TheCambridge Gates Trustaims to maintain about 200 Scholars in residence at any time, and 90-110 Gates Scholars are elected each year from a pool of over 4500 applicants. The Trustees are required to award scholarships on the basis of a person’s intellectual ability, leadership capacity and desire to use their knowledge to contribute to society throughout the world by providing service to their communities and applying their talents and knowledge to improve the lives of others.

The Trust does not set an official minimum GPA, however, the average GPA of Gates Scholars as of 2011 is 3.93, with a range of GPAs from 3.9 to 4.0 over the past decade. All LSAT/GMAT/GRE test scores must also be submitted and are generally in the 99th percentile. All applicants must include several letters of recommendation from their university, professors, and community. Applications to the Gates Cambridge Scholarship are extremely competitive and less than 3% of applicants are awarded the scholarship each year.


Eligibility for admission requires that applicants have taken a minimum of one year or more off from academic studies, or have extenuating circumstances which preclude them from attending Columbia College full-time. Prospective Columbia undergraduates who have had a break of a year or more in their education, have already completed an undergraduate degree, or are pursuing dual undergraduate degrees are cons >GS students have the option to attend part- or full-time.


More than 70 percent of GS learners go on to earn advanced degrees following graduation. Columbia GS college students have been publicly stated to best graduate applications all over the country including law schools at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, the University of Chicago, NYU, the University of Pa, UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall), Duke, Cornell, and Notre Dame. They have also been accepted to medicals schools in Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Fight it out, Stanford, UC San Francisco, Yale, Columbia, the University of Chicago, Cornell, and many others. In recent times, GS graduates have been hired by expense banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Réion romande, UBS, Financial institution of America Merrill Lynch, and Citibank.

Never Trust a Nation

Created in 2014 by civilian volunteers involved in the lewdness of the Syrian Civil Warfare, the Syrian Civil Security (SCD), typically referred to as The White colored Helmets, worked to move susceptible noncombatants via harm’s method. They shipped essential software program as first aid and the delivery of humanitarian education supplies to areas that foreign NGOs fear to tread. Is actually thought that considering that the SCD’s creation, they’ve been responsible for saving around 100, 500 lives, with 204 White colored Helmet volunteers dying in the act. At most, all those working the debris fields of what were when proud Syrian cities for the SCD were paid out $150, monthly. Aside from this stipend, it can largely thankless, incredibly risky work.

Because of their efforts, the White Helmets came under danger from the Syrian government and their influence-horny Russian allies. With much of the monetary and logistical support that had been offered to them by the west drying up while the Syrian Civil Warfare wound straight down, SCD volunteers were playing few safe places to cover, few assets and apparently, few allies.

Then, anything amazing happened.

As reported by the BASSE CONSOMMATION, in Come july 1st of 2018, the Israeli military yoinked 100 White colored Helmet volunteers and their families-a total of 422 people-out from within the noses of the Syrian armed forces and their allies. The Kingdom of Jordan was cool with giving the White Helmets a place to hold, so long as it was on a initial basis. Canada offered to scholarhip 10 with the White Head gear and their households asylum. Read the rest

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