The Effect of experiencing a Common Relationship of Selected Last Year Learners: Its Inference to the School's Philosophy the result of Having a Mutual Romantic relationship of Selected Fourth Season Students: Their Implication to the

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 The Effect of Having a Common Relationship of Selected Last Year Pupils: Its Implication to the School’s Philosophy the result of...

The result of Having a Mutual Romance of Picked Fourth 12 months Students: Its Implication to the School's Philosophy

A Term Paper

Presented to

Mrs. Perla Pelayo Demagante

Secondary school Department

School of Everlasting Help System – DALTA

In incomplete fulfillment from the requirement

Pertaining to the program

English IV


Cloie C. Seleccion

Philipp Claire V. Munar

Shannen To. De Guzman

IV – Prudence

Feb 28, 2012

Table of Contents

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Chapter1The Problem as well as Background3

Declaration of the Difficulty

Importance of the Study

Definition of Conditions

Scope and Limitations in the Study

Chapter 2Review of Related Literary works and Research

Chapter 3Methods of the Examine

Sources of Data

Treatment of Info

Chapter4Presentation and Interpretation of information

Chapter5Summary of Findings

Conclusions and Tips





Chapter you


What is mutual romance? What are the consequences of having a shared relationship towards the students especially to the next year students?

Mutual marriage, it is in which two people will be engaging actually and emotionally with each other. There are different associated with having a common relationship to students. According to Teen Research Unlimited, 2006, half of all teenagers report previously being in a internet dating relationship and nearly a third of all young adults said they have been in a serious relationship. Sarah Sorensen says that early relationships enjoy a crucial role inside the lives of adolescents and are also important to developing the capacity to get long-term, determined relationships in adulthoods.

Young adults are more socially inclined for their peers, reverse gender to them, which could cause or perhaps create carry on your workout feeling or love that leads to a mutual relationship.

Occasionally, being in a relationship enables you to a more powerful person or it could be your inspiration to your studies. But also in some circumstances, relationship makes you change yourself for your partner but not well for you. Several say that romance could help you alter for the better. But not all could say that. Some are being motivated to do bad things which will affect yourself and even the studies.

Teenagers who are in a relationship sometimes perform forget about their very own responsibilities as being a student. That they forget the right way to value education. They neglect how to benefit life. Were not saying it is a negative thing being engaged in a relationship. Nevertheless, you still have to be aware of your research.

The school's Philosophy claims that, " The College or university of Never ending Help Program DALTA believes and creates Divine Assistance in the enhancement of the quality lifestyle through countrywide development and transformation, which can be predicated upon the quality of education of the people. ” This affirmation is saying the students may have a enhancement of standard of living if there is a good of education the students will be gaining from your institution. Yet how will the students gain quality of education if the learners themselves are not really taking the option and are only easy-go-lucky?

In case you are within a relationship, you shouldn't forget your preferences from your research. Because education is the best surprise your parents have given you. Take the opportunity to have the best quality of education.



This kind of study was conducted in order to determine the student's viewpoint on the associated with mutual relationship to the picked 4th 12 months students: a basis to get addressing student problems. Specifically, it answered the following questions regarding the associated with mutual relationship to picked 4th 12 months students. 1) What is the profile with the respondents? (Standard)

2) What are the most damaging effects of common relationship to the student's studies? 3) What is its implication to the students study behavior?


The findings of the analyze will be...

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