The Department of Juvenile Rights and the Adjusting Standard

 The Division of Teen Justice and the Realignment Common Essay

|The Department of Juvenile Proper rights System: |April 20 | |Realigning the Broken Normal |2012 | | |

De'shawn Woolridge

April 24, 2012

Teacher Hatch

Political Science 189: Capstone Workshop

Final Study

The Division of Child Justice System: Realigning the Broken Normal

TRAFIC TRAVIS 81 was California's response and systematic overhaul to the issues perceived of the Section of Juvenile Justice System. The bill influenced the youth housed in the Department Child System as well as the counties' option for dealing with youngsters that necessary more assistance than areas with reduced resources could provide to rehabilitating youngsters offenders. The check shifted the obligation of casing nonviolent teen offenders.  The bill limited the obligation of service to youthful offenders that committed 707b offenses and provided financing for counties to put together input programs. Each county was affected differently by the setup of the bill and the options for areas with making use of the Department of Juvenile Rights System to handle rehabilitating children offenders. The study question i am executing analysis in is " has TRAFIC TRAVIS 81 achieved its intent in minimizing the california's reliance on the critically mistaken and pricey state child justice program? ” Via my study question, I actually intend to demonstrate is that SB 81 provides met it is intent in reducing the state's dependence on a vitally flawed and costly juvenile justice program.

The Department of Juvenile Justice is a condition facility with the goals of protecting the general public and reclaimВ juveniles through prevention, community programs, education, and rehabilitative companies in the least limited environment possible. The M. J. L. system redirects its concentrate on reducing the violence and fear amounts that exist inside the system. From this point, the new target would be creating the capacity for in order to really, offer rehabilitation and reform also effectively, satisfy the need of its inmates. The Division of Child Justice is in charge of providing custodial care and rehabilitation pertaining to the state's children whom are incarcerated, on probation or parole, or in community position for a lawbreaker or status offense: " Our target at DJJ is to protect the public and reclaimВ juveniles through prevention, community programs, education, and rehabilitative services whatsoever restrictive environment possible. " ( Difficulties complaints in the Department of Juvenile Justice system would be the following:

1) Ineffectiveness: The money spent to work the establishments is not equal to the final results delivered. Children offenders get out of the system even worse than that they enter. There is nothing proven that there is improvement in the lives of the inmates that are maintained by the center.

2) Overcrowded features: The system continues to take in more youth offenders from the counties into the facilities with no enough inmates departing to accommodate new inmates, leading to overloaded facilities. Most of the inmates in the facility break facility rules which buy them extensions of their prison period, keeping all of them longer in the facility. Furthermore to extension cables of jail time for repeat youth offenders, there is no prepared and organized way to teach inmates the mandatory...

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