Definition of terms

There are various terms used on Our Siteonline essay writing service. They include an account which refers to the online account that you open when you register on the company’s website in order to access the writing service. Another term is the buyer, which refers to the customer who visits the website to purchase the services. The person offering writing services under the company terms is referred to as a writer. And an order is the project submitted by buyers to the writers.

There is also a dispute resolution process which refers to the process followed by both the sellers and buyers to resolve a dispute in regards to the service. A seller is the person who offers services and a user is a person who uses the website. The order status is a term that defines the progress of an order on a certain stage. Some of the order stages include assigned, editing, finished or cancelled. Revision is a term that refers to the process of requesting for corrections to the initial product, and the support team is the department that provides support to customers. The process of identity verification used to prevent fraud is referred to as a verification process. It will be deemed that you provided consent immediately upon accessing the website.

Purpose of the writing service

Our Site offers custom essay writing services. The essays written are guaranteed to be original and contain relevant references to the sources of the information written as per the buyer’s instructions and in conformity with the citing and referencing rules. The buyers must use the purchased essays for learning or research purposes only.

Refund, revision, plagiarism and privacy policies

All information provided by buyers during registration will be used for identification and verification of the buyer’s identity only. This information will never be shared with any third party. Further, this private information is only visible to the buyer and the support team. The writers identify the buyer with their usernames. When buyers register on Our Site website, they agree to receive emails regarding the product that they buy.

All payments are processed through a secure online payment system. Any discrepancy between the essay written and the buyer’s instructions is corrected through submission of a revision request and refunds can be made when necessary through the dispute resolution process. Buyers are required to verify the essay to ensure it meets all quality standards before submitting it to their teachers as poor grades are not a sufficient basis for a refund. The company guarantees to deliver high quality original work in a timely manner, and plagiarism and lateness by a writer is a justifiable basis for a refund.

Unlimited revisions are available to ensure that the customers are 100% satisfied with the service. However a revision request can be rejected if the customer alters the initial order requirements, gives unreasonable reasons for returning the assignment or abuses the revision feature in order to receive unpaid work.

The company has the right to revise the terms and conditions. Customers are bound by any amendments and it is their obligation to review the agreement changes from time to time.