Telecommunication Systems with the Workplace

 Telecommunication Systems at the Place of work Essay

Telecommunication Systems at my Workplace

Johnna Davis, NTC-360

College or university of Phoenix, az

Joanna Hopper

January 28, 2006

Telecommunication Systems inside my Workplace


In my work environment we employ three distinct telecommunication systems. The three telecommunication systems we use will be Aspect, Cisco, and Lucent. Our office buildings cover much of the southern place of the United States, nevertheless the main says that our company has can be Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. My own company now could be called Cox Communications, but we have been marketed and it is going to be Follow up in a few months. As far as the telecommunication systems go we use Aspect in our call up centers due to the fact that this is the best program to be able to monitor phone calls with agents and ensure the call centers are becoming run correctly. The Lucent system is used in our primary corporate business office and some remote systems as well and that method is a well went system, although cannot screen phone calls. The final system that individuals use is Carbonilla. This is becoming more and more widely used within our systems that are not call centers because of the capabilities it has to help the user perform their day to day job in a more efficient way. One of the most easy things which make it easier pertaining to the user is usually four digit dialing among Cisco phones. You do not have to dial the complete number should you be dialing Barullo phone to Cisco telephone. You your last four digits with the telephone and you will connect to the other user's Cisco phone. With all three of these devices in place with our company it gives you the best effective means to support our company to its fullest when promoting them like a user and their customer as well. Since all of our systems cover a whole lot data My spouse and i am only going to go over and share the Aspect system with you.


The Aspect method is the phone system we use on a day by day basis within just all our phone centers. The Aspect method is so sophisticated and comprises so much that we am going to just touch the area on how this technique is used within our business and throughout the business world. First of all, there is the Aspect Call Center ACD. This kind of part of the Aspect system path calls simply by priority the database within the system offers setup and calls can also be prioritized by the supervisor or perhaps manager that sets the priority in the calls in the system. This system also gives graphical interfaces to see the call flows or call history within the organization for that working day, week, month, or even season. Normally they view it on a weekly basis at my place of work. Not only does this product provide this it also has a system or perhaps software in position called IVR. The IVR system permits the customer to get their answers in a more effective manner. What I mean by this is a IVR system is an automated system that can have you through some alternatives and give you your response through automation speak process instead of ready on maintain for an agent. Not only can this accelerate the process pertaining to the customer even more, but it permits the agents to handle the greater complex queries and difficulties with their customers. As well if a local agent is not 24X7 the IVR system can provide maintenance steps and answers to more simple questions without the end user or buyer having to wait till the next business day. I know the automation program might not be your cup of tea, but it can be quite a very very good benefit to the consumer and the employer. Another area of the Aspect system we use is the predictive dialer. The predictive dialer is application that boosts your customer service

output. What I mean by simply that is that this software delivers low abandon rates with calls and having large talk moments with providers. It also detects busy alerts, no answers and send tones therefore it will not submit that call up to an agent and squander talk coming back an agent or a customer. Also with the predictive dialer this manages phone record queues which tells you the highest contact volume of the morning and with record management you can put active call...

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