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MarketingWeek 1


CH1: Marketing

CH3: The Marketing Environment


* Filled with your group (ca. several students) the assignments and case. Please utilize the answer type in doing therefore. * Make sure you hand in your final type before the training of 128 minutes (T3) by posting it towards the sharepoint internet site of the study course Marketing. 2. Dont forget to bring a hardcopy edition of your reply to class and prepare together how you will end up being presenting your answers. 2. N. M. This is a team physical exercise. Every group member is liable for the work which can be handed in at the deadline. Hence every single group affiliate may be asked by the instructor to make clear your team's answers.

Assignment & Case summary:

Assignment # 1

(60 points: 12 per query, 20 details for inquiries 1 and 2)

1) Select an industry: IT and computers

Samples of industries are: transport, energy, IT and computers, supermarkets, publishers, garden centres, travel around agencies, career agencies, and so forth

1a) Please point out for your market of choice by least six relevant developments in its macro-environment. (20 points)

2) Make sure you select a firm or manufacturer which operates in your sector of choice. The business or brand of choice must have the two consumer - and business clients.

2a) You should mention to your company or perhaps brand of choice for least six relevant improvements in its micro-environment. (20 points)

3) Out of this company's or brand's point of view, do the advancements you recognized in the macro- and micro-environment, have a positive or negative impact to get the particular firm or company?

4) Draw an organisational graph and or chart of your firm of choice. Consist of all sibling companies and SBU's (Strategic Business Units).

Case Week 1: Pegasus Airlines

(40 points)

You should read the case on page 36-37 and response the following queries: Question you: Give samples of the demands, wants and demands that Pegasus buyers demonstrate, differentiating these three or more concepts. Exactly what are the effects of each intended for Pegasus' procedures? (10 points) Question a couple of: Describe in more detail all the facets of Pegasus' merchandise. What is being exchanged in a Pegasus transaction? (10 points) Question 3: Which in the 5 advertising management concepts best is applicable to Pegasus? (5 points) Query 4: What value really does Pegasus generate for its buyers? (10 points) Question five: Is Pegasus likely to continue being successful in building buyer relationships? For what reason or perhaps you should? (5 points) Answer FormMarketing Week 1(Total points to end up being earned: 100) Team #………………………………………………………………….. Class IBM12 Names: Barioler Henken

Lam Le

Danny Dikker

Task # one particular

(60 items: 10 per question, 20 points for questions one particular and 2)

1) Select an industry: (20 points)


Industry: IT and computer systems


1a) Please point out for your industry of choice in least 6 relevant innovations in its macro-environment.

| 1a) Innovations in the macro environment| (3) + or perhaps - impact| 1| Technological| +

2| Economic| &

3| Cultural| +

4| Political| --

5| Natural| +

6| Demographic| +




1 ) There's clearly been a relatively good innovations about the technology of computers, which will also has a fantastic impact on revenue of pcs and therefore can be described as positive impact on the macro environment. -------------------------------------------------

2 . The economy is somewhat more about connecting and coming together. Every firm nowadays runs on computer programs and relies upon computers to process the information. This obviously has a great influence for this. -------------------------------------------------

a few. There's been innovations cultural sensible, people are more connect to each other by using a laptop and therefore the social...

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