Assignment 1 sc

 Assignment one particular sc Article

п»їPacific University of Architectural

Dept: CSE Semester: seventh

Subject: Soft Computing


Q. 1 ) Explain the significant of Unnatural Neuron and compare this with biological neuron

Q. 2 . Go over Back Propagation Algorithm in more detail with appropriate illustration.

Queen. 3. Evaluate:

I. Supervised Vs . Unsupervised Learning

2. Hard Computer Vs . Gentle Computing

III. Single Layer Vs . Multilayer Perceptron

Queen. 4. Set a short note on:

I. Radial Basis Function


Q. 5. Discuss various operations of fuzzy models with example.

Q. 6th. Consider the two fuzzy models A and B and given О±=2:

A sama dengan 0.33/6 + 0.67/7 +1/8 + 0.67/9+0.33/10

B= 0.2/6 + 0.6 /7 +1/8 + 0.8 /9 + 0.52/10

Discover (i) AUB (ii) AО± (iii) A-B

Q. 7Describe Mamdani FIS with its positive aspects. Differentiate between Mamdani FIS and Sugeno FIS.

Queen. 8 Let X= a,b,c,d Y= 1,2,3,4 Let A & W are fuzzy sets just like A= (a,0)(b,0.8)(c,0.6)(d,1) B= (1,0.2)(2,1)(3,0.8)(4,0). Determine the implication relationships IF times is A THEN y can be B.

Queen. 9The results of 3 implication procedures are shown in the Fig. 1 .

Discover the aggregated output and the defuzzyfied result using the subsequent methods: Middle of The law of gravity or Centroid method

Measured average method

Means-max technique

Find out any one research newspaper on using Genetic Criteria. You can send soft copy or hard form. When you submit it, I will evaluate (you actually have to clarify me). Analysis paper needs to be since 2005.

OR (Q- 1 & 2 in File Pages only)


Table 2 shows a populace of strings of four quantities. Assuming that the string signifies a binary encoding of any number in, and the health function has by Fi = 100/n. Fill in the rest of the table employing Rank variety algorithm to generate a matting pool area of size 4. Jot down the matting pool in table several. String Number




Fi / ОЈ Fi

Number of Copies Selected

one particular



4. thirty five







Table a couple of

Mating Pool area


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