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I’M NOT – an animal

I’M NOT – an animal


Many years of violence

Hardcore sociable poverty

The sheriff arrived at free us all

To take us out on this mess

This individual felt so bad for the indegent kids

Started out soon to smile in me

Begun to unzip his pants

We felt bad too I have to confess.

HANDS OFF – I’m underage

HANDS AWAY – I’m underage

HANDS OFF – I’m underage


Connect the unplugged

Bought bare views via MTV

Your daily resolve of music industry

Grunge or hippies or young kids or boogie

Fakey idols remain precisely the same

Electrify their fuckin’ chairs

See the flames shorten their head of hair

Some distortion to fun time their heads

Pump up the amount from three to ten

Must plug the unplugged

Grab their brands, see all of them burn

You isn’t Johnny Oklahoma city

For sure you’re a loss

You wanna-be rebels

Suckin’ David Geffen

Must plug the unplugged

Tear their product labels, see all of them burn

Born in a strange universe, born within a fake fantasy

Flower power rules, people liked to scream

Spiritual beliefs originated in the far east

Can it function within dirty western ruins?

We’re the kids, children of the seventies

We are the future, we’re currently the past

We’re the kids, children of the seventies

Ready to control, we’re delivered to stop your bum

Who needs a Nixon? Visit the watergate

Strikes more than Europe, no longer oil to trade

Battle is big business, sibling against sibling

Bombings above Hano where’s my black panther?

Africa’s starving, not even a fruit

Jimmy Williams laughing, need some orange juice?

Prehistoric music, barking Kalashnikovs

Day to day life was considerably. So far coming from glitter mountain

We’re the kids, kids of the 70s

We are the future, we’re currently the past

We’re the kids, youngsters of the 70s

ready to control, we’re born to punch your rear end

70 seven, in that case came to daytime

A new influx of sound, a new will to battle

A gun, a conflict, a goal to obtain

Gimme something wild, a thing to believe

We’re the youngsters, kids in the seventies

We are the future, we’re already earlier times

We’re the children, kids from the seventies

Willing to take over. I hope we’re built to last!!(Ray)

Envie de nos dirigeants se priveraient-ils de tricher

Quand des media sont l serve si bien des y orienter?

Pas uniquement des mensonges mais trop de semi-vérités

Qui entretiennent ou créent tellement d’ambigués

Prêts tout put plaire, prêts tout pour des satisfaire

La déontologie vaut rarement l’ensemble des affaires

Il reste toujours plus simple sobre changer de chaes

Que para se délivrer de chaque celles qui nous gênent

Pouvoir économique et pouvoir idéologique

Monopolisés par les mêmes affairistes

Details, culture systems divertissement

La liberté c’est sûr reste livrer au in addition offrant

Prêts tout pour plaire, prêts tout pour les satisfaire

La déontologie vaut rarement les finance

Il est constamment plus straightforward de changer de chaes

La cual de ze délivrer sobre toutes celles qui nous-mmes gênent

L’ensemble des rédactions seront sous pression

Pas d’autonomie sur

Des chapubliques sont muselées

Pas de liberté en dambulant

Ce n’est que la voix man

Radio-Paris, voix du

R ien qu’un été bleu underwater

Depuis votre temps qu’ils réclamaient Retour de l’ordre et discipline

Contrôles ou sécurité

Serve faire tourner la equipment

Ca eine devait passing durer

Rien qu’un été bleu marine

Mais l’hiver s’est bien installé

Plutt dr de garder libres

Ils ont trouvé de nouveaux crimes

A reprocher la jeunesse

Les prisons ne sont jamais vides

Les tribunaux pas sobre reste

As well as question d’un avenir

Serve tous les familles marqués au fer

Drôle de justice d’Empire

Drôle de pays qui nenni veut additionally vivre

Os quais dans le passé para ses rêves

Drôle para pays qui sacrifie

Le peu d’énergie qu’il lui reste

Drôle de pays qui s’est trompé

Sobre colère ou de vérité

Ce eine devait être qu’un été

Mais l’hiver est bien installé

Rien qu’un été bleu-marine

Rien qu’un été bleu-marine

Sh eep in Wolf Clothes

Paramilitary cunts hopin’ to get their share

May try to get in their way – they’ll stop you in case you dare

10 to a person’s an easy video game – that they still believe they’re stronger

New slaves to the experts of the alleged New Order

Sheep in Wolf clothes, Sheep in Wolf clothes

They’re comin’ out, they’re comin’ close

They’ll proceed and chase the unwanted organisms to demonstrate they’re the elite

Just another Crystal Night time, these puppets use their very own knives

They’d better examine a book or two cos will be certainly something they will ignore

What happened to the S i9000. A. soldiers so true to the fascista whore

Sheep in Wolf garments, Sheep in Wolf clothing

They’re comin’ out, they’re comin’ close

Sheep in Wolf clothing, Sheep in Wolf clothes

Sheep in Wolf garments, SO WHITE COLORED

Sheep in Wolf clothing, Sheep in Wolf clothing

Sheep in Wolf clothes, GO EXPIRE!

Look at their revolution, one third Reich in disguise

Bowing to the very ones they’re claiming to despise

Pseudo-rebels want to serve and be the ruling class

Nevertheless, you know what they deserve – a good kick in the butt


Grms own-up – Still Furious

Do you have fun when you’re stuck at your job

If the 9 to 5 is a end of your world

When you let them suck all your energy

When they spoil your life using their be jealous of

You tell me you are uninterested

Did you tell ’em TO FUCK OFF

You tell me you are dead

You’re lazy to TAKE A STAND

Tell me you’re dead, I will quote a couple of names

People who died before they played out the online games

Got a vicious disease or a weapon in their mouth

Jumped off a bridge, no more blood inside their heart

You tell me you happen to be bored

Performed you inform ’em TO FUCK AWAY

You show me you happen to be dead

You’re lazy to TAKE A STAND

You ever accustomed to be in advance

Dancing crazy, speedin’ all around

Only lamb needed an innovator

These new ideas, draught beer over?

This was supposed to be to get real

However you found out a better deal

Lookin’ back, i still speculate

Were the one or a follower?

You show me you happen to be bored

Performed you notify ’em TO FUCK OFF

You tell me you happen to be dead

You’re lazy to consider A STAND

Developed – still angry

Are you gonna close your mouth?

Matured – still angry

We’re gonna yell out loud

Better than Absolutely no

Back when you started

Points were kinda easier

You possessed something to make

Something you may stand for

Nevertheless – But now?

Do we have got a future?

When every friend of mine

should be a interpersonal worker

Cos everything you’ve built

features since recently been deleted

Nevertheless, you keep on sayin’

It’s much better than nothing

Is actually better than absolutely no

Yeah we are going to frustrated

When money rules the world

We all won’t improve nothing

You want to keep the pride

However, you – Nevertheless, you?

You want a better price

You want to rip all of us off

The benefits you have

Cos everything you’ve built

Features since recently been restricted

It can better than nothing

It’s a lot better than zero

You’d like to divide all of us

To make us feel fragile

You point minorities

Yet we blame the employers

(More than) Footwear and Brackets

Two fists don’t generate a mind

So you’d probably better believe before startin’ a deal with

Tough folks, tough guys, in the place

Showin’ their very own muscles & their deficiency of brains

You may pogo up & down

Not havin’ fun of others’ pain

Everybody’s acquired a place

So why makin’ the pit a fuckin’ engagement ring?

Tryin’ to – To possess a say – Without a phrase

Hard to – Open up your minds – You’d rather destroy

What you may want

Two fists may make the right

So you’d better study before bashin’ a ‘fag’

Everybody’s received a lifestyle

If your’s shit, you may keep the waste materials

Macho Macho Macho guy

Try to always be yourself & show esteem

Who cares if you are so harder

It’s just fools we can’t endure

Boots & Braces – Boots & Braces

Skins & Punks, People unite!

Boots & Braces – Boots & Braces

The swastikas, shove it up the arse!

Two fists don’t make a guy

So you’d better keep all your fuckin’ hate

Wring hands, wring hands, possess a smile

The moment war is over, system look out!

Tryin’ to – To have a say – Without a word

Hard to – Open your minds –

You’d rather destroy

What you may want

Mobile phone Assholes(this their about this century’s worst technology, cell-phones. )

F*ckin wankers distressing the tranquility

Ringin’ shits in the middle of the meal

Simply no education, no respect at all

Posin’ equipment playin’ their role

Guess having calling, where am I dialling from?

Who do you think you are, pretentious assholes?

Who have needs to understand you’re not in the home

Who must know, we are going to not your mom!

Mobile phone assholes, mobile assholes

Tryin’ to play a social role

Mobile arseholes, mobile arseholes

Wherever you decide to go you see these kinds of jocks

You’d like to be a businessman

You’d like to be the leader from the gang

Next month you’ll have to pay the bill

Moaning cos all of your money’s eliminated

Who should know you are not at home

Who also needs to understand, we’re certainly not your mom!

Howdy! Rude Boy awake!

You’ve been told so much hoke

Hey! Impolite Girl conscious!

Do you know the actual nazis performed?

Seventy seven’s the beginning of your fall

Furious youth dropped its home control

Skrewdriver came needs to spread their lies

And you sang along and you marketed your spirit!

Hey! Skinhead awake!

Discussing take a tune in to the sounds of the avenue

Hey! Skinhead awake!

Time has come to alter this beat!

A hurtful Rude Youngster? It’s a non-sense

A fascist Skinhead? Move fuck yourself

A fascista punker? It’s a non-sense

Hey! Rude Boy awake!

You might have been informed so much bullshit

Hey! Impolite Girl conscious!

Do you know the actual nazis do?

Hey! Rudy, tell me what are you waiting for?

Isn’t that better once we’re all the same?

Hey! Rudy, tell me, exactly what are you living for?

Would you like to ever care to quit this role?

Sixty nine’s spirit? Take a look at your self

You guinea pigs for the Countrywide Front!

Gowns ignorance & cowardice in their best

You’ve been aware for your cracked bones!

Punx with Brains

No money to pay

Pertaining to the lower door-price

But a beer inside the hand

And a twelve-pack in their bag

They don’t have the slightest thought

Of what to set up a gig

That they can’t even think about

We discuss responsibilities

Punx, punx, punx with brains

You wanna leave college

So you think you’ll be free of charge

What happens ultimately?

You’re hitch for their industries

You’re made their victim, you’re faithful

You lose control of your feeling

You waste materials your life, most likely a non-sense

Build up your brain for amount of resistance!

Punx, punx, punx with brains

Certainly we subject when nobody cares!

My mind’s in a mess & my own body’s exhausted

I just aren’t bear to waste my own time

I recently can’t quit to wonder why

I have to do this my life

We have to do the dirty careers

Then might get each of the thanks

I really can’t wait anymore

They’ll get the actual deserve


They properly know can be our fortune

They just want us to pay their hire

Urging all of us to work our bum off

We’d better lower their fuckin’ heads off


Salt Lake Nazis

When I observe this bunch of bastards

Drivin’, drivin’ all their brand new bikes

I just want to step on the gas

Until I struck them with my personal car

Aryan clones no longer make me laugh

Go away you fuckin’ agents

Salt Lake City’s not too young

Lock it up & kill your kind

Praise your god We lose your track

Faith means death means dullness

Make your day.. Smash a mormon!

Mormons. Motherf*ckers since day one!


Dirty Harry is my name

I actually fight criminal offenses i’ll give you pain

Robbers, clockers and prostitutes

Drive me crazy i have no rules

I steal their particular cash we steal their dope

Who have gives a damn who provides a fuck?

Concealed behind constitution

I’m a legal criminal!

Shotguns in hands yeah we are going to the cops

I am the manager and you are certainly not

Serve and protect we’re the police

The hand of law, the iron fist

Politicians in the back

They need order, they require a battle

Freeze punk you’re under arrest

Freeze bastard i’ll blow the head

Face the gun you have no correct

You out of cash the law if you’re gonna expire

Now it’s time to pay the check

From state to state we all shoot to kill

Shotguns in hands yeah jooxie is the cops

Ready to combat do you want more?

Serve and protect wish the police

Jooxie is the system, the supreme hoe

You stated you’d do it – In this article & right now

A question of time – Right here & right now

A question of days – Here & now

The rich can pay – Right here & at this point

Another leader, another enfrascarse

Another sheep, another ripper

It’s having worse – there’s nothing carried out

How to trust you – Here & now

Using people as being a steppin’ natural stone

Double requirements were easy to learn

The victory now has a bitter taste

To fuck persons over.

You became the very best!

(the rose a new big thorn as explained Regis 1 day: o)

Barrire de Vienne

La vieille clique de bonnes familles

Qui ze partage des richesses

S’imagine sans doute encore

Qu’elle possède nos mes

Elle oublie un peu trop vite

Que la ville appartient

A tous ceux quel professionnel la typeface vivre

Quelle que admettons, leur couleur

Limoges – Limoges – N’est pas pour eux

Limoges – Limoges – Reste ceux

Demeure les familles qui l’ont comprise

Reste les individus. qui l’ont construite!

Des grosses prospects des collabos

Font regretter quelques

La période du IIIème Reich

La milice ainsi que Pétain

A 30 bornes d’Oradour

Ils ont la mémoire bulle

Ils voudraient rallumer les fours

Ou nous y brûler probablement

Limoges – Limoges – N’est passing pour eux

Limoges – Limoges – Reste ceux

Demeure ceux qui ont compris

Pourquoi ils étaient. étaient ici!

J’en vois qui ont du temperature oublier

Et préfèrent s’en prendre aux leurs

Que pourrait-il arriver

En cas de vrai malheur

Diviser put mieux régner

Devise des dirigeants

Est-on censé l’appliquer

dans notre propre camp?

Limoges – Limoges – N’est passing pour eux

Limoges – Limoges – Reste ceux

Reste ceux qui ont compris

Où sont vraiment. les challengers

L’école, tu n’aimais passing ça

L’éducation? Non, pas pour toi

Ton centre, c’était la rue

La vie, la vraie, rien de plus

Su vivais avec tes potes

Non, la galère, c’est pas la honte

Mais un lumire t’en because eu marre

Tu voulais pas se retrouver comme ça

Quitte connala crasse

T’as voulu raliser la functioning class

Connaissance d’espoir en allant sur ta sale mine

T’as embauché l’usine

Vêtu de bleu, t’es ouvrier

La tête pleine para préjugés

T’as réussi ain tu sera fier

Juste sur la chae

Ta culture, ils connaissent pas

Pourquoi sobre parler, pourquoi

Les syndicats, tu n’y crois pas

Pourquoi adhérer, pourquoi

Votre patronat ze fout para toi

Pourquoi le adorer, pourquoi

Su vas transpirer, tu vas payer

Pourquoi continuer, pourquoi continuer

T’as voulu voir, t’es rassuré

Su n’es l que dump trimer

Rapporter et produire plus

La fatigue pour tout benefit

Courbé i matin au soir

Low, pas sobre lueur d’espoir

Courbé i matin au soir

Not, pas para lueur d’espoir

You ainbig t seen absolutely nothing yet

Shut… Shut the fuck up!

« There is absolutely no money in this kind of land »

So what’s this banknote in your hand?

Are you trying to purchase us out?

The cheapest approach to keep us in-line

Or you’ll get terminated

Or get a free ride… »

You imagine we’re a lttle bit upset?

1992–99: Early years

In 1992, D’Or released his first album entitledDav >It included hit song Yad Anuga, also known as Yad Agunah (Gentle Hand, or Tender Hand), which was remixed by Nelson Paradise Roman and Bump, produced by Ofer Meiri and Yehudit Ravitz, released as a vinyl 12-inch single by Big Beat Records and Magnet Records, and reached # 3 in the most frequently played charts in Great Britain.

His second album,Be’govah Mishtane(Changing Altitudes, or Changing Heights), released January 1, 1993, included the song Ani Af (I Fly, or I am Flying), and what was to become an iconic Israeli song, Tishmor al HaOlam Yeled (Watch Over the World, Child, or Protect Our World, Child). The latter song was subsequently covered by Liel Kolet and Scorpions’ singer Klaus Meine, as well as by Shuly Nathan. The CD consisting mostly of songs composed by D’Or was even more successful than its predecessor and went platinum.Globusreviewed the album and wrote the following: In an age in which it seems that a good voice is not particularly necessary to be a singer, Dav >Later in 1993, D’Or participated in the televised competition to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest (Kdam Erovizion), with his song Parpar, and came in fourth place.

SMaarivreviewed the album, writing: The Duet of Dav >He also joined Dudu Fisher, Meir Banai, and Eran Zur in the song Lisa on the 1994 album Radio Blah-Blah by the Israeli band The Friends of Natasha.

In 1995, as Israel and the Holy See had just established political relations, D’Or also received an invitation from the Vatican to perform for Pope John Paul II. His repertoire at this concert, which was broadcast worldw >He was the first Israeli singer to sing in Hebrew for the Pope. After he performed for the Pope (He held my hand and gave me his blessing, D’Or sa >D’Or was invited to perform in Italy, where he appeared on TV shows such asMaurizio Costanzoon Channel 1, andPaulo Limition Channel 2. The Italian press, such asCorriere della SeraandLa Repubblica, gave D’Or positive reviews.

In 1997, D’Or released his fourth album,Dav >with Etti Ankri, which included them vocal a duet of Ankri’s hit Lolita. That year too the Ra’anana Symphony Band commissioned a unique work, a tiny cantata, specially written intended for D’Or, eligible The Children of God (Yeldai Anordna Elohim). The lyrics contain sentences that appear in the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religions, emphasizing the communication of love your neighbors. The work was composed by Georgian-born Israeli composer Josef Bardanashvilli, subsequently exposed in a series of concerts with the orchestra in Israel and throughout the US, and was a great success.

Discover. Connect. Protect.

Online video opens with majestic shots of Canadian scenery; a deep valley, dolphins playing, forests and mountains.

It then slashes to a campfire in the night and an indigenous person coming in and out of focus between your flames.

Montage of guests enjoying summer and winter season activities such as hiking and snowshoeing.

Photos of conservation examples, just like planting trees and shrubs and moose in the domains. The video in that case cuts returning to visitors savoring nature implying joint conservation and enjoyment.

Cartoon title series: 450 500 km² of Memories flashes across the display.

Shot of someone ice rising, camera cookware out to demonstrate steepness from the cliff. Cut to a series of point of view shots including searching of a tent and looking away of a car windshield whilst driving down the highway.

Theme parks Canada Pussy logo flashes across the screen as children in the background little around in water.

Photographs of traditional buildings in the wintertime and summertime.

Montage of the couple currently taking photos during winter with mountains in the background.

Cut to point of view shots of mountain biking and cross-country skiing accompanied by a series of photos of visitors enjoying food.

Finally, video flashes between shots of animals and visitors having a fantastic time. End Title Screen: Discover. Connect. Shield.

Love the soundtrack in this video? Then you’ll love these kinds of songs!



Today My spouse and i am furious The angriest I’ve have you ever been This intolerable feelingOf inaguantable things

My own eyes start burning upMy head hurts and won’t sleepingDays gone by has shown meAt least make an effort to breathe

Sleep is a problem ’cause this kind of awful sense won’t get Ringing inside my ears, What are you looking for?

For another day I’m learning To sit down tight and stay stillPatience is actually a problemI’m doing work till I’m ill

Yearning to see people interferes with my head Inside its final stages for peaceful to appearMy back and my neck are hurtingFor least make an effort to heal

Sleep is a difficulty ’cause this awful feeling won’t go Ringing during my ears, What are you looking for

Sobre colère(traduction français)

Aujourd’hui jou suis en colèreLe plus sobre colère que je n’ai jamais étéCe sentiment intolerableKklk choses intolérables

Mes yeux commencent brûler J’ai mal la tête et jou ne dors pasLe passé m’a appris d’au moins essayer sobre respirer Entregar est este problème car cet affreux sentiment eine va pas disparavoix résonnent dans mes oreilles. Que cherchez-vous?

Pour demain j’apprendsA être assise et rester calmeLa patience se rvle tre un problèmeJe bosse jusqu’ ce que u sois client

Rêver kklk gens perturbe ma têteTrop tard serve que votre calme apparaisseFriday dos ainsi que mon cou me typeface malAu moins, essaye para te soigner

Dormir est un problème car votre affreux emotion ne va pas disparavoix résonnent dans mes oreilles. Que cherchez-vous?


  • b identical to in english language, but not strongly voicedegbasame as in english language, but not strongly voicedegdóttir
  • f (1) at beginning of a word is same as in englishegfara
  • n (2) at the center or towards the end of a term like english vfor examplehafa
  • f (3) before l or n like the english language beggafl, nafn
  • g (1) in beginning of any word just as goodfor examplegó(2) after a vowel, unless accompanied by i or perhaps j, like German g in sagenegfable, sag(3) after a vowel and followed by i or perhaps j like y in yetegmagi, segja
  • they would same as in englishfor exampleha
  • hv like qu in quickfor examplehvalike y in yesegj
  • k same as in the english languageegkaup
  • kk is preceded by a pre-aspirationegekkert (ehh-kert)
  • kl is usually preceded with a pre-aspirationegafklis usually preceded by a pre-aspirationfor exampleajust like in the english languageeglaun
  • ll like ttl in settle but not with hard t sound (such dl)for examplesll
  • m same as in english languageegmesame as in englishegnei
  • nn (1) after , í, ó, ú, ý, , au, ei, or perhaps ey just like dnfor examplesteinn
  • nn (2) after all different vowels and in the suffixed definate document sounds like nn in englishegfinna
  • s same as in english except when prior to s, k, or t where after that it in combination seems like fegskips, dýpka, dýpt
  • pp is preceded by a pre-aspirationegsloppur
  • pl is also preceded with a pre-aspirationfor exampledepla
  • pn is additionally preceded with a pre-aspirationfor exampleopna
  • r like in english simply trilledegfar
  • rl like Icelandic ll aboveegkarl
  • rn like Icelandic nn abovefor examplebarn
  • s as in mouseegmús
  • t just like in the english languageegtakk
  • tt is preceded by a pre-aspirationeghtta
  • tl is also forwent by a pre-aspirationegbetla
  • tn is also forwent by a pre-aspirationegbatna
  • v same as in englishfor examplevijust like in the english languageegbuxur
  • z like s in sunegverzlun
  • þ like th in thinegþunnur
  • th in breathe is never available at beginning of wordfor examplesta2

    every time we move ground shaking to the groove yeah give it all this time give all this time to move yeah feel it in the east feel it in it the west yeah yeah this the north side feel it in your chest ello ello ello rain is falling mellow Sun is rising yellow cant slow down the tempo temperature is rising like the ocean I’m advising don’t be shaky jello Move it like Toronto BC with a poncho get it Ima get my step on get it wear my headband tight n fitted north side east side we still with it north side west side we still with it this the north n we gon live it birds and the trees and the water n the creeks gimme my soul back gimme my peace feeling the breeze feeling serene feel in my soul, know what I mean?

    Vocal style

    D’Or’s voice has a range (or diapason) of more than four octaves. His vocal range in head voice is from G3 in scientific pitch notation, up to a well-defined G5 (as heard in one of the final notes in the Phantom of the Opera track in his albumDav

    D’Or’s voice is unusually versatile and flexible, and notable for its unique tone and color, and for having a very recognizable sound. His voice is characterized by powerful fullness and richness, making it seem as though it is his natural singing voice, created without use of the falsetto technique. However, despite its richness his voice cannot be compared to the color of a contralto, unlike singers such as Dav >D’Or has been compared to Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli ( but with a M >and his voice has been described as having the smoothness of Jack Johnson overla

    Qui n’atteindront plus imbcile

    Pas de flingue sur la tempe

    Les menaces seront inutiles

    L’ensemble des otages s’allient la cause

    Votre étrange sympathie

    Qui dérange l’ordre établi

    Et fait des bourreaux dieses victimes

    —–C’est le syndrome de Stockholm

    Des sirènes hurlantes

    Etouffées par le béton

    Quel professionnel n’atteindront in addition personne


    I was born in Ohio

    9 innocent children

    All of us brought to a plantation

    Brand new father and mother, brand new life.

    But this kind of ain’tno fairy tale

    Various hungry lips to supply.

    Days in the fields, times in a cage

    Fuck’em with the country aspect.

    I’M NOT REALLY – an animal

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