Strategic Management and Firm

 Strategic Management and Firm Essay

Values For the World

ve What are the -ve results on the environment f ll the? of all th assets y your fi uses? firm What Wh to are th -ve effects on the environment the ff t a i capital t of all the items your organization produces? What is the firm undertaking to repair destruction done to th environment over th p to X con to the my spouse and i t days gone by years?? Wh t i actually your company doing in order to avoid damaging fi d we g t id g gi g What is y the environment in the foreseeable future? What is your organization doing to market environmental understanding amongst staff and the s g g y community?

Values To E pl y V l T d Employees

Wh big t values d y fi d rehabilitation t m What d does your company adopt to employees? Just how consistently will be these ideals expressed? To what degree are the fi ' employee values a firm's pl y t To h t t t believed to be good by the personnel themselves? How can the business values support its organization s functionality targets? To what extent are y pleased with y you ppy your f business values to its staff?

Values Toward Customers Sixth is v l To d C t

Wh t principles d g its What l does y your fi adopt t organization d pt towards it customers? About what extent happen to be employees' committed to employees p providing client satisfaction? g Capital t what magnitude are customers'' expectations capital t p capital t ti To h capital t t big t exceeded because of your firm's products/services? firm s To what extent do employees' champion the employees firm's products/services? firm s i9000 To what level are sumado a happy with sumado a you ppy your farreneheit firm's beliefs towards it is customers?

Beliefs Towards Investors

What values does your firm adopt to its shareholders? To what magnitude does the Total annual Report and Accounts symbolize your firm's true situation? To what extent do investors receive a fair shareholders' come back on their purchase? To what level does the proper decision making method take accounts of shareholders'' views? t k big t f h h ld i? To what extent are you happy with your firm's principles towards its shareholders?

The Six Sixth is v l A Si Benefit Domains Deb i

Ideals Towards...

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