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Different Managerial Purpose and Decisions


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Feb 27, 2013

Different Bureaucratic Purpose and Decisions

We start this presentation with information about expense information and exactly how it helps different managerial purposes and decisions.

Cost information support different bureaucratic purpose and decisions

System managers use cost info in making decisions to improve operating economy and efficiency. Expense information is utilized for several reasons like:

• Cash strategy and expense control: Price information can be useful for reviewing budget for future. After approval and execution of budget, expense of information act as feedbacks to budgets. With the help of cost data, managers can easily control and reduce the cost and may also prevent wastage.

Performance way of measuring: this purpose is related to the testing of software efficiency, performance and program results. In performance way of measuring, measuring cost is an integral part to measure efficiency and cost effectiveness. Efficiency can be measured by simply comparing end result with insight and cost-effectiveness can be tested by deciding the degree that the objective has been reached.

• Making monetary decisions: There are many decisions that requires alternative options like whether to begin a project in-house as well as to contract it out, whether to accept a pitch or reject the pitch, whether continuing production particular products or stop it. To arrive at decisions from these kinds of alternative options, cost details plays an essential part.

• Assessing programs: Assessing programs requires evaluation of cost of resources used in making policy decisions. These decisions involved interpersonal and economical costs and benefits impacting different groups of the economic climate.

• Identifying Reimbursements and Setting Costs and Prices: In setting service fees and repayments, cost info is needed. Prices and charging are...

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