Samsung Organization Analysis

 Samsung Organization Analysis Essay


Samsung korea Electronics is among the world's most significant semiconductor manufacturers; Samsung Consumer electronics is also Southern Korea's top electronics firm. It makes many kinds of client devices, which include DVD players, digital Tv sets, and digital cameras; computers, color watches, LCD sections, and machines; semiconductors including DRAMs, static RAMs, adobe flash memory, and display individuals; and communications devices ranging from wireless devices and smart phones to network gear. The business, which is the flagship part of Samsung Group, also makes microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and washers. Nearly 50 % of sales range from Asia/Pacific location. Top industrial sectors for Samsung Electronics Company. are storage chip and module manufacturing, communications chip manufacturing, wi-fi telephone handset manufacturing.  

Samsung has ceased to be the company it used to be, it is a business that has put in a lot efforts and money for changing its popularity. Today, Samsung korea is striving and growing into one of the very successful businesses ever. They have an extensive manufacturer product line that suits many different persons. It no more operates upon low revenue; it's striving on the top.

Sales Preparation

MarketValue160834. 8asof 2012-11-09


2011 Sales (mil)104, one hundred fifty five. 453

2011 Employees101, 970

EmployeeGrowthPercent6. 6%

Assets (mil)101, 260. one eighty eight

NetIncomeGrowthPercent-25. 94%

SalesGrowthPercent5. 2%

Income Statement201120102009

Revenue$104, one hundred fifty five. 454$99, 004. 037$77, 007. 137

GrossProfit$26, 216. 298$30, 225. 083$18, 331. 443

OperatingIncome$10, 088. 036$13, 163. 092$5, 445. 767

NetIncome$8, 646. 132$11, 674. 559$8, 277. thirty-three

Diluted EPS$28. 8$39. 04$27. 96

SWOT analysis

A fantastic SWOT analysis can help the corporation and competitors place themselves in the market properly. Therefore , we will look at the SWOT Analysis of Samsung to offer an idea of how the company can be operating in the earth. Strengths

• Samsung provides a wide product range, which allows these to grab adequate market share via various markets. This allows Korean to not simply earn a top return but it also allows these to diversify their risk and failure • According to many magazines, Korean holds a significant portion of the business in almost all its products. • Samsung can be described as reputed brand and many folks are familiar with that around the world. • Samsung features won a large number of awards in its top quality products. • Samsung has the ability and methods to use the latest technology and gives new and exciting features frequently. • Samsung provides won a large number of awards because of its ability to generate innovative, sleek and slim products • Samsung has set up many development plants in low cost locations, thus that they save on expense of production drastically. • Korean recently provides attracted ample positive press, thus its reputation is escalating and includes a positive impact within the operations with the company. Weaknesses

• Samsung korea never introduces a new style on its own, it always waits to attack it's competition. Thus, it missed the first valerse advantages. • Samsung will not charge higher price for its items, therefore often people relate the lower price to start a supplier of low quality products. General perception facilitates that the larger the price, the greater the quality of products. • Many Samsung items are not user friendly, therefore buyer often think twice to switch to Samsung products even if the cost and quality is outstanding. • Samsung korea does not focus on a specific market; it offers usana products to the mass market just. • Samsung korea does not make its own computer software therefore it typically relies on some other sources to full the products. • Samsung looks immense competition from businesses and online companies. • High build and operation cost for such a business.


• Samsung will need to make an active effort to supply unique products to buyers, in order to grab more business. • Korean could begin creating...

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