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Our Site welcomes you. One of the finest and most reputable essay service providing websites on the internet also has a very clearly demarcated privacy policy for its users. Our website understands the need for online privacy, with an ever expanding world and millions of data hackers coming forth each day – Our Site has been proactive in updating their privacy policy. Not only do we keep our users up to date with regards to their essays, but we further keep them apprised of the security status of the website that they have put their trust in. The data collected from the users can be marked as two types: Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information.

What Personally Identifiable Information means for the user

Personally Identifiable Information is something that is collected by every major website or essay service providing organization as it is necessary in order to analyze and improve the said website. The policy differs slightly for Verified Users that have created an account on Our Site and have made a purchase and those Visitors that have just visited our website or used one of our free services. The names, addresses, phone numbers, financial profiles, email addresses, social security numbers and credit card information are collected by the Verified Users. Meanwhile, only basic user profile information is collected by the visitors. This information is necessary is analyzing the web traffic and demographics of the users by Our Site. All of this works towards making our website more authentic and reliable.

What happens to the Personally Identifiable Information

Apart from being used by Our Site, this information is sold to our third party affiliates which usually consist of trustworthy credit card companies and banks. What Our Site makes sure of is that they are notified regarding what these third party vendors plan and decide to do with the information of their users but they cannot govern exactly what they can do with it. However, upon misuse of any information or any action that is carried out without our prior knowledge – there is very solid precedent for legal action to take place. We therefore, ensure the safety of our users and more importantly of their personal information. Apart from this, any changes in any policy or the terms of agreement are notified to every user that has signed up on our website – not only do we email them but SMS notifications are also sent so that users can be the first to know of any change. This ensures that there is maximum transparency between our valued customers and the essay writing organization itself. Our online transaction portals are 100% completely secure and reliable. Furthermore, we employ a strict encryption code that protects all the personal information that is stored on our website and this way we are able to prevent any unwarranted malicious attacks by hackers. Our cookie policy gathers information regarding the likes and dislikes of the users, along with their frequent visits so we are better equipped to provide them with what they need.