Poetry and Prose

 Poetry and Prose Dissertation

The Complete Poems and Prose of Bill Blake

All Religions will be One There is not any Natural Religion [a] There is No Natural Religion [b] The Book of Thel Music of Chasteness and of Experience (Index) For the children: The Entrances of Heaven The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Thoughts of the Children of Albion America a Prophecy European countries a Prophecy The Tune of Mis The [First] Book of Urizen The Book of Ahania The Book of Los Milton: a Composition in two Books Jerusalem: The Emanation of The Big Albion frontispiece To the General public Chap: one particular [plates4-27] For the Jews " The fields from Islington to Marybone Chap: 2 [plates 28-50] To the Deists

For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise In Homers Beautifully constructed wording On Virgil The Ghosting of Abel [Laocoön] Tiriel The French Innovation The Several Zoas Vala Night the First Vala Night the [Second] Vala Night the 3rd Vala Evening the Fourth Vala Night the Fifth Vala Night the Sixth Vala Night the Seventh Vala Night the Eighth Vala Night the Ninth Getting The Last Wisdom Poetical Drawings [An Island in the Moon] [Songs and Ballads] (Index) [The Pickering Manuscript] (Index) [Satiric Verses and Epigrams] The Timeless Gospel [Blake's Event and

Observation to: Lavater's Aphorisms about Man Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell Swedenborg's Divine Like and Keen Wisdom Swedenborg's Divine Charite An Apology for the Bible simply by R. Watson Bacon's Works Moral, Inexpensive and Politics Boyd's Traditional Notes upon Dante The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds Spurzheim's Observations on Insanity Berkeley's Siris Wordsworth's Poems Wordsworth's Preface towards the Excursion Thorton's The Lord's Prayer, Newly Translated Cellini(? ) Young's Night Thoughts [Inscriptions and Remarks On or perhaps For Pictures] [Miscellaneous Prose] [The Letters] (Index)

" I saw a Monk of Charlemaine" Chap 3 [plates 53-75] To the Christians " I actually stood amongst my valleys of the south" " England! awake!... " C[hap] 4 [plates 78-99]

Catalogue of 1809] [Descriptions of the Last Judgment] [Blake's Chaucer: Prospectuses] [Public Address]

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AROepigraph; E1

The Words of one sobbing in the Wilderness

The Discussion As the actual method of expertise is experiment AROargmuent; E1| the true teachers of being aware of must be the faculty which will AROargument; E1| experiences. This faculty We treat of. ARO; E1| PRINCIPLE very first That the Poetic Genius is the true Guy. and that AROprin1; E1| the body or facing outward form of Person is derived from the Poetic AROprin1; E1| Guru. Likewise which the forms of all things are based on AROprin1; E1| their Wizard. which by the Ancients was call'd a great Angel & Spirit AROpriin1; E1| & Demon. ANILLA; E1| PRINCIPLE 2d Since all men are likewise in to the outside form, Therefore (and AROprin2; E1| with all the same unlimited variety) each one is alike in the Poetic AROprin2; E1| Professional ARO; E1| PRINCIPLE 3d No guy can believe write or speak coming from his heart, AROprin3; E1| but he must intend truth. Thus every sects of Philosophy will be from AROprin3; E1| the Poetic Professional adapted for the weaknesses of each and every AROprin3; E1| individual ARO; E1| RULE 4. As non-e simply by traveling more than known royaume can find out AROprin4; E1| the unknown. Therefore from previously acquired know-how Man wasn't able to AROprin4; E1| acquire even more. therefore a great universal Graceful Genius is out there ARO; E1| PRINCIPLE. your five. The Made use of of all International locations are produced from AROprin5; E1| each Nations different reception of the Graceful Genius which is AROprin5; E1| every where call'd the Nature of Prophecy. ARO; E1| PRINCIPLE 6 The Judaism & Christian Testaments invariably is an original AROprin6; E1| derivation from the Poetic Genius. this is necessary through the AROprin6; E1| confined character of physical sensation ARO; E1| ANILLA; E2| AROprin7; E2| AROprin7; E2

BASIC PRINCIPLE 7th Since all males are likewise (tho' much various) Therefore all Made use of & since all similars have one resource The true Man is the supply he staying the Graceful Genius

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There is absolutely no NATURAL RELIGION The Author & Printer W Blake

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