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Real Time Monitoring of Complete Transport System


Mr. Nilesh Manganakar

Mr. Nikhil Pawar

Mr. Prathamesh Pulaskar




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Fuzy: Due to the very high cost time a lot of

methods are proposed to reduce the wastage

of time around the bus train station or waiting for the

coach for more time is not preferred. So , we

require one monitoring system to the

Full Transport System. Every GPS UNIT

tracking method is a common method to get

car location info in real-time.

We proposed a GPS NAVIGATION tracking system called

tRackIt that is consisting of commodity

equipment i. elizabeth. GPS empowered Android Portable

as GPS Device, open source software(GCM

Architecture) and an easy-to-manage user

interface via a web machine with Yahoo Map

application. The system includes a GPS/GPRS

module for location acquisition and message

tranny, GCM to transfer of location

data, and 3rd party App Hardware to

momentary store position. Our suggested

system is not tested but. But it will show the

correct position in the vehicle to the user on

the basis in the location data sent simply by

the GPS Device through GCM.

Keywords: GPS, GCM, Android, Traffic monitoring,

Transport traffic monitoring, Vehicle Checking

1 . Introduction:

Now a day's wide range of people travels through

travel company vehicles and access their very own

services. The problem that occurs is the user as

very well as the travel agency owner don't have

the precise information in the state of vehicle

we. e. its exact position. That's where our

app comes into photo.

Real Time checking of all vehicles of

travel agency using Global Positioning

prathamesh87. [email protected] com

Program as the name implies, it uses GPS to

trail any automobiles. Our part of concentration

with this project is usually on checking travel agency

cars. It will help the two passengers and

the company to track the vehicles, to get real

time position from the vehicles, transformed routes

(If any), it may also act as a great anti theft

application simply by detecting the precise position of

the vehicles.

The application is going to ask the user (Passenger)

to the shuttle bus number by which he/she

desires to travel. Then this user can enter the

resource and the destination of their quest.

After entering all the required information,

the user will click on the locate switch. Upon

clicking the find button, the person will get every

the comprehensive information about the position of

the bus, the fare end user has to pay for his/her


2 . Books Survey:

Since said previously mentioned, our suggested system will certainly

show end user the real time location of the vehicle

within the Google Map by using GPS UNIT (Global

Positioning System) & GCM (Google Cloud


The existing system of vehicle traffic monitoring

includes the tracking of the vehicle by utilizing

GPS and web machine for exhibiting the location

around the Google Map whereas, our proposed

system will show the position of the vehicle

to the customer who requests the location.

three or more. System:

The real-time tracking management

strategy is composed of 4 components, a

GPS Checking Device, a server and a

repository, GCM & Client program as

proven in Determine 1 . The GPS checking is done

by simply GPS allowed android portable that sends

ISBN 978-93-82338-79-6

Proceedings of National Meeting on Fresh Horizons in IT -- NCNHIT 2013

location info to the storage space through

GPRS & GCM networks. The server is known as a

personal computer that receives the

information and put it in the database. The

database formats the information within a special

type that can search and display using

Google Earth computer software or Yahoo Map.

a few. 1 . System Building Blocks:

We. GPS Technology:

Global Positioning Program (GPS) is a

system consists of a network of 24

satellites of the United States, which are

at first used in army services, and

later brought about commercial use. The


References: Professional, 1st Edition, ISBN

0071381880, Nov 12, 2001.

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