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Title: The truly great Flood

Creator: Tinggian


PLACE: Abra, Sierra

PEOPLE: Tinggians

TECHNIQUES: Planting on mountains


Aponi-tolau - Our god hero of the Tinggians

Taumari-u - God of the Ocean

Sea maiden guards, Gods and Demigods

Humiratau -- youngest and the most beautiful

Lang- an – Misstress with the rain and wind

North breeze – normally the one who aware Aponi-tolau



Rising action:


Falling actions:

Resolution/Conclusion: The flood was God's judgement on an ungodly people who were determined to never serve their very own creator. They were give enough opportunity to take their place on the ark, after all, it was a little while until more than 100 years to build. Noah preached for anyone years that they needed to repent and preserve themselves. Nonetheless they chose to refrain from giving so , therefore suffered the wrath of God.


Point of View:


Language/ Design of the author:

Theme of the Story

Name: The Wedding Dance

Author: Amador T. Daguio

Characters: Awiyao�

The Husband stated in the brief story. (Wedding dance)�

Humorous and physically fit.


The wife of Awiyao.

The girl who was remaining by her husband (Awiyao) because your woman cannot carry a child.

Fabulous, a good ballerina, strong in planting beans, fast in cleaning cisterns, and a good housekeeper,


Awiyao's new wife.


This is unfortunate story of any man, Awiyao, who despite being deeply in love with his better half, Lumnay, seems the need to marryanother in order to have a son. In line with the story if a guy does not have a boy he is regarded as inferior in front of large audiences intheir community. It is not a case of not really loving Lumnay, which he does, nevertheless of his perceived need for a boy to beconsidered a man. He could be however , insensitive believing the response to Lumnay's sorrow will be to join the other ladies at the wedding dance. Little regard on her behalf feelings plus the willingness to abandon her seem to be the predominate thoughts in the author's mind. She seems to obsess over the diamond necklace of his grandmother which in turn he had offered her. Towards end from the story I had developed thefeeling she contemplated suicide but in the finish changed her mind. Exposition:

The story started when Awiyao went ti his and Lumnay's property to ask his ex-wife to join the dance. � Rising actions:

Issues get difficult when commence talking, and she cannot let go of Awiyao. Climax:


So much strong felt inside the story when they both explained that they tend not to want any other man or women for these people. There so much intense created when they stated that they continue to love the other person. Falling actions:

When Lumnay and Awiyao have to adhere to their Tribe's Custom. Resolution/Conclusion:

If I were confronted with precisely the same problem, I would get actually hurt in the event my husband would be to marry an additional woman because we are not able to have a chld and it will hurt because I know that he adores me and yet he should find an additional for he is own great and for his responsibilities. Turmoil: The type of turmoil was gentleman vs . guy or man vs . alone because in man vs . man the people in his tribe is informing him to marry one other in guy vs . by itself he enjoys lumnay yet he needs to marry one other so he's making a hard decision. � Point of View:  If I could end the story I might end that by lumnay and awiyao would be together even though they cannot have a kid because in the event that they love each other they should be together since I believe that if you love somebody you should guard him/her with out matter simply how much people criticize you for your. �


There are extensive literary devices-symbolism used in this story and here it should go. Language/ Style of the author:

Concept of the the Story

True Love- is focused on sacrifices and hope.

That in life, appreciate is never enough to have a happy ending. At times you need to set someone free of charge not mainly because you don't love him/her yet because it is the best for the both of por mi parte

Title: Elegance

Author: Figura Alfon




Rising action:


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