PEST AND SWOT DB 1 Composition


Brand manager-: according to my opinion, brand supervisor for any given company is the person who is having responsibility of looking after the actual brand of an organization and to preserve and increase that particular company. There could be distinct brands underneath one business name and for each one of the brand one brand manager has to be given to successfully promote that brand of product.

Marketing manager-: as per my own point of view, promoting manager is known as a person who searching for after all the different products with the company. Promoting manager is responsible for marketing that product in addition of different methods. He/she must select the suitable mode of marketing the different products of the firm and select a target market where the product must be launched.

Ultimate difference between product/brand administrator and promoting manager-: Item manager has to think about the particular brand of the organization only whereas marketing manager is responsible for promoting and market all of the provider's products.

There might be more than you brand supervisor in the company on the other hand, promoting manager could be only one in each organization. Product administrator is liable of launching that product in any nation whereas marketing manager needs to think towards how to market that merchandise to make sales effectively.


Description of your brand- Audi is a German born automobile producer which designs, produces, markets and redirects luxury automobiles. It is having headquarter in Bavaria, Germany. Country- Asia

I have picked japan where I will perform pest examination and determine key factors that has to be looked at to launch Audi vehicles.

Steps and key things to consider to enter in japan-

First of all as a brand manager I will have to select a market exactly where I need to industry that item. As we have made the decision that JAPAN is the industry where company will start its product than has to think about what may be the appropriate price at which we could sell each of our cars for capturing more and more business in that region. After determining the costs has to considercarefully what could be the marketing strategies should be used. Following deciding a pricing technique I have to think about what could be the admittance mode and distribution method. Do I need to directly sell off that product or in addition of mediator. One most important factor that has to be regarded as is the existing automobile businesses in japan. There are big brand just like; Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Nissan are in existence. So organization has to considercarefully what strategies has to be used in this kind of a competitive market.


INFESTATION is an acronym of political, economic, social and technological elements which might turn into hurdle for virtually any product or brand manager to put stages in a new market. There are many macro- environmental factors like; fresh laws, tax changes, trade barriers and government guidelines which can impact the decisions in the manager of any business.

Political factors- political elements can be authorities intervention in areas like; tax insurance plan, labor rules, trade restrictions, tariffs etc. Political factors can affect at a great cost for Audi to enter in to japan. Financial factors- we can consider interest rates, economic growth of a country, inflation rate and others. These elements can have got major impact on the way businesses operates. Cultural factors- cultural factors takes on very essential role for almost any company to do business. It includes several factors like population, progress rate, era distribution so on… Technical factors- technology can effect at a fantastic cost for just about any company. In the current technological age every company has to stay updated with all the latest technology to stay in the market.

Essential factors in accordance to PEST analysis of JAPAN-:

Political factors in japan-

1 . Form of federal government: the government of japan is a constitutional monarchy under that this power of the emperor is limited. 2 . Taxation in the japanese: taxation in japan is founded on a countrywide...

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