Essay regarding Multitester

Comparison of right after in the results of the ac electricity of the battery from the Improvised Multitester and from the Business Multitester

A Study Presented To

Mr. Audie Laudencia

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Necessity in Physics



ALBERT, Audrey Blue S.

CRUZ, Winnie Very P.

SIAYNGCO, Joselle Martie M.

January 17, 2011


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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

ABSTRACT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 My spouse and i. INTRODUCTION your five

A. Background of the Study -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 W. Statement from the Problem ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 C. Hypothesis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-6 M. Significance from the Study ------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Electronic. Scope and Limitation ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 F. Definition of Terms --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-7

II. REPORT ON RELATED MATERIALS ---------------------------------------------------- 8-12

3. METHODOLOGY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-15 IV. RESULT AND DISCUSSION ---------------------------------------------------------------- 16-19 V. SUMMARY, REALIZATION AND SUGGESTION ---------------------------- twenty VI. BIBLIOGRAPHY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 APPENDICES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22


The group wish to thank each of our Almighty Father for constantly supporting us and helping us for the whole process of this kind of experiment. And also, our physics professor, Mister. Audie Laudencia for also guiding us and educating the group for the right ways to carry out our exploration. And we would like to give acknowledgements to the pursuing people who were there to help all of us throughout the complete research method.

This research was made feasible with the help and with the advice of the next people: • Engineer Jacinto R. Mendoza for constantly assisting the group in creating the improvised multitester. • Mr. Josefino D. M. Siayngco to get helping out the group in buying the required parts of the multitester. • Mr. JJ Siayngco and Mr. JS Siayngco intended for helping out the group in locating the required materials pertaining to the test.


This kind of research focuses on the comparison of the differences in the results of the voltage in the battery from your Improvised Multitester that was created by the group and in the commercial Multitester which is previously available in the market. The value of this analyze is to provide evidence that our Improvised multitester can be an alternative intended for the in a commercial sense introduced multitester. Our improvised multitester, in the event proven to be successful as an alternative, will be way cheaper and would be very reasonable. And if this will be from the commercial perspective introduced, this could be cheaper than that of the branded multitesters that are very expensive in the market.

This kind of experiment might prove if the created multitester would be as effective and as efficient as the industrial multitester. Equally multitesters would be tested as well as the object employed is power supply containing 1 ) 5 volts. The benefits of this tests coming from the improvised and the business multitesters ought to be the same to prove that...

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