Micromax Industry Analysis

 Micromax Market Analysis Composition


A report on Web marketing strategy of Micromax and Future Challenges Group 2

Akshay Aggarwal Ashok Kumar Mayank Singh Saurabh Bhise Mohit Sharma

Published on: twenty first Dec' 2012


Apart from the work made by the team, the success of this project will depend on largely within the encouragement and guidelines of several others. Put into effect this chance to express the gratitude to folks who have been a key component in the effective completion of this project. We would like to show our greatest understanding to our Promoting teacher Prof. Somnath Chakabarty. We can‘t thank him enough pertaining to his incredible support and help throughout the period of making on this project survey. Without his encouragement and guidance this kind of project may not have provided. We are also thankful to all or any the retailers and buyers who responded and offered in the survey conducted by team. With no their helpful help this kind of survey will not have been conceivable. Finally, we should mention that the continuous diligence put in by all the team members viz. Akshay Aggarwal, Ashok Kumar, Mayank Singh, Mohit Sharma, Saurabh Bhise demonstrated vital pertaining to the success of the project which is responsible for the positive outcome.

Akshay Aggarwal Ashok Kumar Mayank Singh Saurabh Bhise Mohit Sharma

Certain problem to become investigated

• • • • Study the web marketing strategy of Micromax Mobiles over the last two years. Comparison analysis with other players just like Nokia, The samsung company, lava, Maxx etc . Studying the brand picture amongst consumers. Studying the transition by rural to urban India.

Objectives of the study

  To examine the marketing strategy of Micromax mobiles. A fresh cell phone Business challenging The samsung company India Consumer electronics Pvt. Limited and LG Electronics India Pvt. Limited as one of the top three retailers of cellular phones in the country, ruling rivals including Motorola Incorporation. and Volvo Ericsson Mobile Communications. Inspecting the effectiveness of promoting in changing the consumer‘s behavioral style. Suggesting future course of action to find following complications. Alternative technique to combat the process from low end mobile producers like Karbonn, Lemon, Samsung guru etc . flooding the Indian industry. Gaining second position when it comes to market share in the near future and moving on to becoming no . 1 later. Changing brand belief from low end mobile to a mobile able of providing to the demands of high owners. Striking stability between price and top quality.

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Research Technique

п‚· п‚· Second hand data collection via magazines, books, newspapers and web. Main data collection in the form of forms from sellers and consumers and thereby classifying, inspecting and interpretation the information employing statistical equipment resulting out of it First hand analyze of Micromax Marketing strategy because followed by the corporation and the issues perceived by them, in a meeting with personnel.



Micromax India has been designated the twelfth largest company of mobiles across the globe. The Micromax mobile phone being an Of india Brand is well known and most liked of many across the globe because of its progressive features and price tag. Understanding the choice of the customers Micromax has come plan innovative mobile phones and designs suiting the needs of different buyers. Micromax telephones can be differentiated very well from other competitor phones in the market for its uniqueness. Micromax cell phones presence can be experienced across 18 locations around the world. It creates mobiles catering to be able to customer demands but the youth being their very own prime focus on. Micromax telephones come in much more than 60 versions catering for the needs of different customers based on a features and applications. The Micromax cellphone price is very low compared to different phones on the market. They have telephones in selection like QWERTY keypad, Dual SIM,...

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