Media Arts and Design Key

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Change of Concentration

Learners accepted in to the major must pick a focus. Students who would like to change concentrations after getting accepted into the major may possibly do so just during the total annual application period. To change a concentration, a notification must be published explaining how come you want to alter concentrations. This kind of letter ought to be addressed for the Admission Panel and be only two internet pages in length. A big change of Focus form must accompany the letter. Students, after consulting with his/her advisor and getting approval with the admissions committee, will be allowed to change concentrations; however , you will discover no guarantees that the change request will probably be granted.

Minimal Grades

If the student signed up for SMAD 101 is approved in the major and makes a great F in the course, the student will be dropped from the major. To become eligible to reapply for the major, the student need to re-take SMAD 101 and reapply. If the student enrolled in SMAD information is acknowledged in the major and makes a D+, D or perhaps D- in this time, the student may possibly continue to have classes in the major; yet , the student must retake SMAD 101 once again in the next semester and gain at least a C-. Students happen to be limited to currently taking SMAD info twice. Failing to achieve a grade of at least a C- after the second time will result in the student becoming dropped in the major, which include being dropped from virtually any SMAD training for which trainees is preregistered, and the pupil may not re-apply.

To graduate with a level in multimedia arts and design, a student must have a grade point average of two. 0 (C) or better in the main.


To help fulfill the previously mentioned mission, the college requires college students:

  • To write clearly, concisely, accurately and effectively to get a mass media condition: journalistic, cinematic or electric.
  • To demonstrate computer literacy.
  • To demonstrate competency in information gathering for a selection of media conditions.
  • To recall the process involved in producing a publication (newspaper, magazine, the airwaves, television or perhaps multimedia presentation).
  • To comprehend how mass media businesses function.
  • To show competency in conducting pertinent media research.
  • To realize the history, theories, functions, and effects of advertising in world.
  • To recall the history of legal and regulatory constraints for the mass media and new details technologies.
  • To recognize ethical constraints within the mass media.
  • To apply understanding of the press in specialist environments underneath academic direction.


To become a national leader in press education, offering innovative applications that take hold of and combine traditional press concepts, principles, and abilities with new and changing technologies.

  • Inquiry-based learning, both self-employed and collaborative, that emphasizes the innovative process which is distinctly innovative, challenging, cooperative, and collegial.
  • Historic, legal, and ethical literacy and crucial thinking abilities that enable students to achieve thoughtful and principled decisions throughout their particular careers.
  • Diverse areas and global perspectives bought through examine and encounter.
  • Good co-curricular, after school, and internships activities that enrich education and enhance an understanding from the role of media in society.

Sept Application Period

The September application process is only intended for transfer pupils matriculating to JMU in the modern fall session or the right away preceding early spring or summer time semesters and still have declared the SMAD significant. These learners must be officially admitted to JMU since transfer college students and need to have earned for least 35 hours of JMU authorized post secondary school college credit. They must always be degree-seeking pupils and has to be enrolled in in least 12 hours at JMU during the land semester. The application is due about Friday in the second week of the fall semester.


To be a national leader in media education, providing ground breaking programs that embrace and integrate classic media concepts, values, and skills with new and evolving systems.

  • Inquiry-based learning, both independent and collaborative, that emphasizes the creative process and is noticeably innovative, demanding, cooperative and collegial.
  • Historical, legal and moral literacy and critical considering skills that enable college students to reach considerate and principled decisions throughout their careers.
  • Different communities and global points of views acquired through study and experience.
  • Strong co-curricular, extracurricular and internship actions that enrich education and enhance a knowledge of the function of media in contemporary society.


Pupils interested in this kind of major must declare SMAD as a significant and connect with become a fully admitted main. Declaring a SMAD significant does not guarantee the student will probably be fully admitted into the SMAD major. Learners must declare SMAD like a major prior to being eligible to enroll in SMAD 101. A declared SMAD student may take SMAD 101, but the scholar is restricted from SMAD training beyond SMAD 101 right up until being accepted (fully admitted) into the key.

A complete app to the key includes the following:

  • Completing SMAD info or enrollment in SMAD 101.
  • Completion of the SMAD Admission Test with sections in English sentence structure and consumption, timed composing samples and basic computer knowledge. (Instructions for the SMAD Entrance Test get in SMAD 101).
  • An application letter/personal essay articulating reasons for your interest in your first choice and second decision concentrations. Execute research and then indicate the things you know about careers in the attention.
  • A completed transform of key form (available in the SMAD office).
  • A completed SMAD major card (available in the SMAD office).
  • A finished SMAD questionnaire (available inside the SMAD office).
  • Informal transcripts (If you can be a transfer student, you must range from the record of JMU transfer credit evaluation).
  • Finished SMAD App Package Directory

The student will show the required data in a manila folder to the main SMAD office together with the student’s last name, first term and scholar identification amount on the case of the folder. The student need to supply the folder.

Following the review by the SMAD Admission Committee, students will be notified of the acceptance into the major. If perhaps accepted, students will be permitted register for SMAD courses. Students not approved into the main will be notified and may reapply the following January or a later on January. College students may apply at the major only two times.

Degree Requirements

Required Training

Credit Hours

General Education 1

Language classes (intermediate level required) 2

Viewpoint course (in addition to Basic Education courses)

Major requirements (listed below)

1 The typical Education program contains some requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these kinds of requirements can vary.

2 The foreign language requirement could possibly be satisfied simply by successful completing the second semester of the more advanced level of the student’s picked language (typically 232) or by putting out of that language through the Department of Foreign ‘languages’, Literatures and Cultures’ placement test.

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