Measuring Resistance

 Measuring Resistance Essay

Measuring Resistance Experiment Evaluation

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This kind of experiment can be carried out to demonstrate how the

Research Concerns


1) Provide the models used to gauge the following quantities, electric current, inductance, frequency, power and energy (work).

2) What is the between ALTERNATING CURRENT and DC voltages? Offer examples.

3) Provided children has:

5. 10 bulbs of 70 watts every (used 6h/day on average) * TV SET using 75 watts (used 4h/day upon average)

* A washing machine applying 1000 w (used intended for 3 /h once every single 3 days) Calculate the overall average strength consumption with this household in a quarter (90 days) in joules as compared to Kilowatt hours (kWh).

4) If the energy consumption is usually charged at 20p/kWh, what is the cost of the electricity expenses for that quarter?


1) The following volumes are scored in the following units; - Electric Current is usually measured in Ampere, A.

- Inductance is measured in Henry, H.

-- Frequency is measured in Hertz, Hz.

- Electric power is assessed in Watts, W.

- Energy (work) is measured in Joules, J.

2) AC

3) Electrical power = Energy / Time, therefore Energy = Electricity x Time. i) twelve bulbs back button 60 Watts = 600 Watts, six hundred Watts x 6 Hours = 3600 Wh = 3. six kWh per day. ii) 90 Watts x 4 Hours sama dengan 400 W = zero. 4 kilo watt hour per day.

iii) 1000 Watts x three or more Hours = 3000 Wh every three or more days = 1 kilo watt hour per day. iv) 1 kilo watt hour + 0. 4 kWh + three or more. 6 kilo watt hour = five kWh every day.

v) your five kWh x 90 Days = 450 kilo watt hour per 1 / 4 (90 days).

vi) Employing 1 Joule/sec = you watt, 1 Joule sama dengan 1 Watt x securities and exchange commission's, 1k/w = 1000 Watts & 3600 sec in 1 Hour; 400 kWh x 3600 by 1000 sama dengan 1620000000 = 1 . sixty two x 10^9 Joules.

4) If electricity bill is definitely 20p/kWh then simply 450 back button 20p = ВЈ90. 00 for the quarter.


Experimental Equipment

* Ohmmeter

* 55 Identical 220 kО© Resistors in theory...

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