Produce of Sulphuric Acid

 Manufacture of Sulphuric Chemical p Research Conventional paper

being unfaithful. 1 Production of Sulphuric Acid

1 ) State uses of sulphuric acid in everyday life.

- lead acid solution batteries in automobiles and then for home use

-- extraction of elements coming from ores

- manufacturing of fertilizers�

2 . The following displays an incomplete flow data of the Contact process. a)

b)Chemical formula





3. In short , explain the sources of sulphuric dioxide gas in atmosphere. -Sulphur dioxide is created mainly through the combustion of fossil fuels that may contain Sulphur, such as coal and oil. �

4. Point out two effect of sulphuric dioxide on the environment. -Sulphur dioxide can cause acid solution rain that seriously affects ecosystems -can form secondary particles (sulphates) that trigger haze and reduce visibility.

9. 2 Manufacture of Hydrogen and its debris

1 . State uses of ammonia in everyday life.

-To help to make explosive chemical substances such as TNT

-In the rubber industry, ammonia is employed to prevent the cogalation of latef

installment payments on your State physical properties of ammonia.

-Ammonia, (NH₃) is actually a colourless and pinyentgas

-It is less dense than air

-It is extremely soluble in water.


3. The picture below demonstrate ]s i9000 a circulation chart to arrange nitric acid and fertilizer Z via ammonia.



Fertiliser Z

Fertiliser Z

Nitric acid

Nitric acid





Method A Process W


a) Name the method A


b) Write the chemical equation to represent the organization of hydrogen in procedure A -

c) Identity the process W


d) What is the catalyst utilized in process N?


e)Write the substance of fertiliser Z?


4 Ammonia is a important source in the manufacture of ammonium fertilisers. a) Condition one example of ammonium fertiliser

-Ammonium nitrate

b) Advise an acid used to develop the fertilizer stated in a. -


c) Create a chemical equation to represent the formation of fertiliser in a. --

9. several Alloys

1 ) Using suitable illustrations, describe why metals are ductile and comfortable. -Can become draw into long wires

-Can be destroyed to from any shape.

2 . State the meaning of alloy

-Alloys are elements that contain several element. Usually, alloys are mixtures of metallic elements – two or more metals.

3. List formula, properties and uses of alloys.

Alloys | Composition| Properties| Uses

Alnico| Fe, Ing, Ni, Co| Strongly magnetic| Permanent magnets| Constantan| Cu, Ni| High resistance| Thermocouple

Copper-nickel| Cu, Ni| Hard, shining and lasting| Coins| Brass| Cu, Zn| Will not corrode quickly | Deliver boilers| Bronze| Cu, Sn| Very hard and strong| Dispatch propellers

Duralumin| Al, Cu, Mn, Mg| Strong and light| Airplane bodies

4. a) Draw the arrangement of atoms in:

i) pure iron ii)steel

a) Based upon the drawing, explain why metal alloy is harder than pure iron. -

5. The body of LRT train is made from alloy Queen.

a) Brand two aspect in alloy Q



b)What the properties of alloy Queen that make it ideal to construct bodily LRT coach? -Strong, hard and light

6. The desk below displays the make up of two alloys.

Alloy| Composition

Blend P| Container, copper, antimony

Brass alloy| Substance Q, substance Ur

a) Term alloy L


b) Name the substances Queen and Ur

Q: Copper

R: Zinc

c) Express two uses of metal alloy

-- Ship boilers

-Ship propellers

9. some Synthetic Polymers.

1 . What exactly is polymer?

- Polymers are large substances a consisting of identical sub-units of monomers which are became a member of together by covalent a genuine.

2 . Provide two samples of natural polymers and their respective monomers -Fat in cell...

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