Discover the current sculpture requirements for tax compliance and list and compute the taxes liabilities for houzit pty lmd below tacation laws. Supernnuation can be 9%of wages.

Payroll taxes is some. 75% of wages and salries.

Workers compensation is 2% of wages and salries.

Company tax can be 30% of net earnings before taxes for each quarter. liabilities



Current Liabilities

Control creditors

780, 000


GST Paid out

934, 125

987, 626

Superannuation payable

100, 000

120, 500

Luxury car tax payable

20, 920

Income tax payable

364, 795

Total current liabilities

you, 860, 4 hundred


seventeen, 800

18, 860

Bank loans

1, 608, 459

one particular, 508, 459

Total debts


3, 387, 904

Long term financial obligations



Idedntify the current compliance requirements and liabilities with this organisation underneath the coeporation action 2001. The responsible organization of aregistered scheme must be sure that all the time ofa registered company auditor, an audult film or perhaps an authorised audit bcompany is employed to audit compliance together with the scheme's complying plan relative to this section. this auditor, film or organization is reffred to since the auditor of the complying plan. Aperson is not eligible to become the individual with the compliance plan. a person is not really eligible to become the individual auditor, lead auditor or assessment bauditor of the compliance strategy if the person is: a great asaociate in the responsibility organization: or a realtor holding an scheme property on behalf of the rssponsibilty enterprise or a co-employee of an agent of that kind or the responsibility entity's economical statements. Assessment commercially available economical management software to select the most suitable software program for houzit pty ltd.. aprioritised list of requirements dealing with:

Statutory requires

User demands

. identify computer software that:

Comes with at leastb two games

Works together the current techno; ogy capabilities as indicated in casea study Compares the identified...

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