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Sasol is a worldwide coordinated energy and chemicals business that powers the ability and aptitude greater than 33 500 individuals working in 37 international locations. Sasol makes and popularizes innovations, and constructs and works world-scale offices to make a scope of item avenues, including substance fills, high-esteem chemicals and low-carbon electricity. Sasol's centered and stable undertaking canal implies we are effectively taking advantage of the development possibilities that perform to our qualities in The southern part of Africa and North America. Their centre can be making confidence economically and we are glad to be choosing this business, to new frontiers. Sasol was created in 1950 in South Africa and stay one of the nation's biggest investors in capital duties, abilities progression and mechanised innovative job. The organization shows up on the JSE in South Africa and on the brand new York Stock Exchange in the United States. Sasol is recorded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. True shareholders include the Southern African Government Employees Pension plan Fund, Industrial Development Organization of S. africa Limited (IDC), Allan Gray venture, Coronation Fund Managers, and speculation Asset Managers, among others.


You will find four areas that makeup the Southern region African energy cluster by Sasol, which are stated the following: Sasol Mining

Sasol Gas

Sasol Synfuels

Sasol Oil

International Strength Cluster

Comprised of two section, the International Energy group involves Sasol Synfuels Foreign and Sasol Petroleum Intercontinental. The around the world energy group is the drivers of Sasol's universal expansion desires. Sasol Synfuels Worldwide backings the bunch's current and foreseeable future universal gas to fluids (GTL) and coal to fluids (CTL) offices. Sasol Petroleum Foreign investigates and creates upstream assets to obtain feed stocks and shares for Sasol's downstream technologies. Chemical Bunch

Comprised of Sasol Polymers, Sasol Solvents, Sasol Olefins & Surfactants, Sasol Wax, Sasol Nitro, Sasol Infrachem and Merisol. In South Africa, the synthetic businesses are synchronised in the Fischer-Tropsch quality string. Outside South Africa, it works man made organizations centered around regressive mix into feedstock and aggressive business positions. Sasol Mining

Sasol Mining performs six fossil fuel digs that supply feedstock pertaining to our Secunda (Sasol Synfuels) and (Sasolburg Operations) edifices in S. africa. While the coal we source to Sasol Synfuels is mainly utilized while gasification feedstock, a few is usually utilized to make power. The coal we supply for the Sasolburg Businesses is useful to produce electrical power and heavy steam. We similarly fare fossil fuel from the Twistdraai Export Herb to around the world force age clients. Sasol Exploration and production Intercontinental

Sasol Search and Production International (SEPI) creates and MANAGES the bunch's upstream investments in oil and gas investigation and generation in Mozambique, S. africa, Canada, Gabon and Sydney. SEPI is definitely driving the advance of Sasol's upstream business to permit the gathering to succeed in its key destination of quickening the introduction of its limited gas-to-fluid (GTL) innovation. Lately we have built various ways to extend the worldwide upstream portfolio, energized by the globally wealth of common gas and the quick improvement of the shale gas SECTOR, and the lower carbon power of regular gas. Other Businesses

Sasol New Energy evolves and commercialises new systems, and implements and runs facilities based upon these systems, to pursue growth...

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