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The concept of the ambition is usually cast in both a positive and an adverse light. The entire sport of mountaineering is founded on ambition, which drives climbers to ever before higher and more difficult peaks. The peak of Mt. Everest, where there is literally nowhere fast higher to travel, therefore turns into the ultimate check of ambition. Krakauer recalls how this individual dreamed of climbing Everest seeing that childhood, and hundreds before him sensed the same alluring pull. Desire in this account notably goes beyond reason and logic, pressing very under-qualified climbers just like Pittman to put their lives at superb risk in pursuit of the peak. It is the a single trait that all characters in the story have, despite their myriad variations and qualification.

While aspirations fuels an admirable feeling of adventure and determination, in addition, it causes characters to overestimate their strength, resulting in their judgement becoming clouded. Many bad decisions, such as Fischer pressing through his debilitating condition and Lounge ignoring his turnaround a chance to see Hansen reach the most notable, reflect a great inability to control that ambition. The imagine achieving that ultimate goal blinds the two clients and guides for the costs of their actions.

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Management is a parallel theme to teamwork, and is exemplified by Rob Lounge. Hall is presented because the ideal head: experienced, qualified, organized, inspirational, and strong respect coming from all. The absence of authentic teamwork areas even greater emphasis on Hall’s leadership as the element that will ensure clients’ safety and survival. Krakauer is completely confident in him through the entire story, and mentions that no one ever before would have predicted that these kinds of a tragedy could happen below Hall’s command. The fact that tragedy did occur despite having Area at the schutzhelm suggests that possibly ideal leadership cannot completely compensate for team-work. On the two Hall and Fischer’s trips, leadership is basically concentrated in a single man, and his inevitable blunders lead to perilous consequences.


Teamwork is definitely described in multiple occasions as the real key to survival in alpinism, a sport where everyone must be based upon one another the two to avoid mishaps and really know what to do once accidents take place. From the moment Krakauer meets the other consumers, however , this individual fears that the critical factor is absent. Each climber on the Excursion Consultants group comes from differing backgrounds, with different amounts of experience and different motivations for climbing Everest. With such a diverse group of strangers, the trust and loyalty that characterizes a team can be difficult to engender. On the day they will ascend to the summit, Krakauer confesses that they will be only superficially a staff, thereby foreshadowing the danger that they face in advance. There are short moments of cohesive teamwork in the history, such as when multiple expeditions coordinate to aid a significantly ill Seasons down the mountain, but there are plenty of more moments where each climber cares for you primarily for him or perhaps herself. This kind of highlights one of the many problems with commercial mountaineering: finally, it encourages groups of individuals to undertake an issue that can just be safely achieved by a staff.

Man versus Nature

Into Thin Airis in ways a classic experience of male’s attempt to acquire and conquer the strong forces of nature. A figurative struggle between the durability and will of every climber and the inhospitable environment of Mt. Everest performs out over the course of the entire story, and indeed inside the history of human being exploration of the mountain as well. The low degrees of oxygen above 25, 1000 feet, sub-zero temperatures, tough solar rays, and effective storms are typical examples of natural obstacles which the team has to overcome to complete the expedition. Additionally individual problem, there is a impression of competition among the outdoorsmen over that can win the majority of convincingly, to some extent leading to Boukreev’s decision to ascend with out oxygen, and the unsaid race among Hall and Fischer to find out who can efficiently guide the most clients for the summit. Defeat in this challenge against mother nature takes both voluntary and involuntary varieties, and emphasizes the importance great judgement. Personas like Kasischke and Taske gave up ahead of the summit, knowing their likely loss; 12 other hikers continued to fight right up until their literal last inhale.


Morality is stiched into the account in multiple ways. A single angle focuses on Krakauer him self and his role as a article writer and media reporter. His presence on the expedition may have added pressure on his teammates to test their limitations and appear impressive, knowing that their actions would be made available intended for public consumption. And as the survivor with all the greatest platform to tell the story of the disaster, he as well must comment on the thinking of those who also are no longer there to defend themselves, angering loved ones and increasing their suffering. This inside moral have difficulty pits Krakauer’s responsibility as a reporter to see stories up against the potential function he enjoyed in driving his teammates towards risky decisions sometime later it was damaging their particular dignity and reputation.

Morality also turns into an important theme on the summit. On one hand, you may have a character just like Harris who sacrifices him self in a useless attempt to deliver oxygen to Hall and Hansen trapped high on the mountain. However, you have the storyplot of the staff of Japanese people climbers who have refuse to help the dying outdoorsmen from Ladakh and always the summit. Morality, in these examples, can be posed as being a question of life and death high is no easy answer. Harris and the Japanese climbers display two opposing interpretations of morality, a single heroic and the other selfish, yet the two are understandable replies to such extreme circumstances.

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