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Our publishers highlight and gives suggestions on how to fix common ESL mistakes

Let’s give credit rating where credit is due: as an English as a second language (ESL) student is definitely tough. You should learn new material in your field of study although also learning another language. Sometimes, you might sit through classes that you do not fully understand, which can affect your ESL writing. In addition , the requirement to create papers within a language which is not your initially language (and may even become your third or perhaps fourth) is daunting. Congrats to all ESL students!

Our editors and proofreaders find that they encounter a number of common ESL mistakes. Clearly, our editors can’t sit through your >. The following are the 10 most frequent ESL mistakes we’ve encountered in ESL academic writing:

Theoretical ESL Essay Topics

  • What will you do in the event that you whereoverdue for a significantcategory?
  • What would you perform if your cargot a flat tyreon the road?
  • Should you had the power tochange the one thingabout your past, what would it always be?
  • Should you had the energy to alterone key historical celebration, what would it become?
  • In case your couldtake virtually any superhero’s powers, who would is your decision?
  • How would you truly feel if, one dayyou woke up 300 years in past times?
  • What will you do in the event youreceived the lottery? Might your life alter day-to-day?

Descriptive ESL Writing Matters

  • Identifyyour chosen placein as much detail as is feasible.
  • Illustrateyour favorite fictional personalityin as much depth as possible.
  • Describea movie stare. g. a performer or sportsperson that you just admire. Focus on both the look of them and personal traits.
  • Identifya relative or your best friendbecause detailed as it can be. Discuss how they look and their personality.
  • Choose ahobby or favorite activityand describe why and how do it.
  • Identifythe most memorable holiday or perhaps vacation spotin as much detail as it can be.
  • Explaina photo or masterpiece of designin as much depth as possible.
  • Pickyour favorite food. Explain what you flavor, smell and sense while consuming or drinking it.

ESL Works Topics to Practice Verb Tenses

  • Talk about a time in the past as you had to help to makea hard decision. Explain what you did and why.
  • Describeyour dream place to live. Why would you want to live there? What would you perform?
  • Come up withthree specific goalsyou wish to achieve this 12 months. Explain how you are going to obtain them.
  • Write aboutsomething you regret having done. Point out what could have took place if you had not made basically.
  • Explainthe world 100 years from now. Describe how people live, and fresh inventions as well as the things that will not change.
  • Talk aboutyour initial memory. What happened? How well do you remember the events?
  • Write a short composition abouthow you well prepared for course. Today translate that essay in future tight. In other words, the essay should certainly say how you plan to plan for class.

What things to Write About

To start with, you have to choose which film or publication you want to come up with, and the main thing to remember is not really how much you liked this, but just how well you keep in mind it. You need to feel self-confident that you have the vocabulary and ideas to describe it. Of course , we usually tend to remember the movies and books all of us liked the most. A review can be positive, bad, or balanced; what you consider the film or publication is entirely up to you and doesn’t effect your quality at all. Except if, of course , problem specifically requires you to reveal something you liked or perhaps disliked, in which case you should do no matter the question says.

Argumentative ESL Essay Matters

  • Aresmartphonesgood or bad? Provide some disputes to support your position.
  • Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages ofpublic colleges and private schools?
  • What isyour favorite book or motion picture? Influence others, through your essay, to study or enjoy it.
  • Is it the situation that the even more people that have automobiles, the better? What are severalbenefits and drawbacks of general public transit?
  • Will need to money become spent onspace exploration? Give arguments to support your thoughts and opinions.
  • Most likely the mayor of your town or metropolis. Explain in an essay the recent decision toban smoking cigarettes. Then, from another person’s perspective, create a letter towards the mayor protesting this new regulation.
  • Reading books vs . seeing movies. Which do you prefer and for what reason?
  • Exactly what are thepros and cons of e-readerscompared to daily news books?

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Dissertation topics to practice

Topic you


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Imagine that you’ve chosen to apply for this job. Create a letter towards the personnel director

  • Explaining yourself
  • What makes you special
  • How you are entitled to the job

You are going to receive up to 5 signifies for the information of your article, and up to five marks intended for the style and accuracy of your language (Core Candidates) / up to 9 marks pertaining to the content of the article, and up to being unfaithful marks for the style and accuracy of your language (Extended Candidates).

Topic 2

The cousin visited live in foreign countries with her family the moment she was only several years old. Her parents include asked if she can easily stay with your household for a holiday. You may have never in fact met ahead of. Write a notification to your cousin in which you

  • Introduce your self
  • Identify your family and background
  • Tell her about enjoyable things you can do together
  • Describe interesting places to visit

Usually do not write an address. You can expect to receive up to 5 markings for your page and up to five marks for the style and accuracy of the language (Core Candidates) as well as up to being unfaithful marks pertaining to the content of your article, or more to on the lookout for marks pertaining to the style and accuracy of your language (Extended Candidates).

Matter 3

The notice provided below appeared in your school see board.

Publish and recommend


Send the entries to:

The School Publication Club prior to Thursday

Write a notification to the admin of the Book Club promoting your favorite book.

Are the following details:

  • Term and publisher of the publication
  • The plot plus the characters
  • For which you advise this book

The letter ought to be between 150-200 words.

You are going to receive approximately 9 markings for the content and up to 9 signifies for design and accuracy and reliability.

Topic 5 (Added January 31, 2011)

Your head educator has asked your category for suggestions on how to increase teenage features in your neighbourhood. Write a letter to him/her on behalf of the class.

The letter needs to be150-200 words extended.

Don’t forget to include:

o Any specific problem you face

to What facilities you would like to possess

o How your course can bring about

You will receive up to on the lookout for marks to get the content of your article or more to being unfaithful marks pertaining to the style and accuracy of your language.

Idea 8: Stick to the topic

In Exercise six and several, you may be asked to write the opinion about anything in the form of a newspaper article, or perhaps to your school e-newsletter or journal.

Usually, you’ll certainly be given help out with the form of any list of suggestions or other people’s opinions, however you do not have to utilize them in your response. You have time to use your very own ideas yet make sure you stick to the topic.

You need to show the evaluator that you can use the English language for a particular purpose and that you can organise your ideas within a logical approach.

Idea 5: Formal letter

Below are some significant points about writing a formal letter in your IGCSE exam:

  • You no longer need to supply address or a day, unless you happen to be specifically asked to. Yet , you need toaddress anybodythat you’re writing to.
  • An official letter is definitely the type you write to an individual you have under no circumstances met ahead of, or to somebody with to whom you have not any personal romantic relationship.
  • If the letterbegins with Madam’ or Sir’, it will end with faithfully’.
  • If the noticecommences with somebody’s name, for example Mister. Robert’, it will end with sincerely’.
  • A formal page will usually consist of at least two sentences, and will work with formal language and no short-hand.

8. Choosing conjunctions

Once we see a sentence in your essay with a lot of coordinating conjunctions (andbutifor perhaps), we typically make that sentence in two, three, or four separate sentences. When you set a sentence made up of a number of these words and phrases, it’s best to assessment it to see where you can chop it up. Also, sentences that begin with a coordinating conjunction are often fragile sentences that are performed stronger merely by removing the conjunction. Our advice is by using these little words sparingly to avoid creating this common ESL mistake.

3. Watch your adjectives

Adjectives prefer describe nouns and can occasionally be challenging if you are using more than one to refer to a specific noun. If you are using more than one adjective, they generally follow a specific order: 1) article, 2) judgment, 3) size, 4) shape, 5) age, 6) color, 7) nationality, and 8) materials. Consider the sentence, He wants a white new bike. inch Does it sound weird? Gowns because the colour of the bicycle comes ahead of the age of the bike. Reverse those two words as well as the sentence sounds correct.

572 Replies to 9 Powerful Tips To Score In Writing

Hi! I would like you to suggest English literature for igcse 13&14 yr old students make sure you. Thank you

You may search on Amazon online UK web page for IGCSE related research books.

Hello there igcse team Can u plz notify that in 0510 syllabus where can we have to do read and check?

Highlight the important facts that you think could possibly be on the test (you will need to refer to the most recent syllabus in what is anticipated during examinations here: http://www.igcsecentre.com/cambridge-igcse-subjects-syllabuses/). You can then make use of the past examination papers otherwise you revision. Focus on the latest documents as they have the newest syllabus format and continue with all the older ones date back by 5 to 10 years. After that, revise on the most common mistakes that you always seem to make. Pay attention to the most popular mistakes actually seem to make. Make remarks and modify them, so you can avoid producing the same mistakes in your genuine exam.

You might purchase the A* Model Answers which reveals the A* answers pertaining to the respective exam papers here: http://www.igcsecentre.com/igcse-exam-resources/

Tips:Work out the particular question is asking for ahead of reading the text by identifying key words. Pertaining to exercises screening reading, initially read quickly (skim) throughout the text concentrate on seeking the main idea in every single paragraph. You may then need to re-read the relevant sections of text more carefully (scan) to find the answer. The text will include information that will answer the question, and other distracting information, thus be careful inside your selection.

In 0539 perform they lower markets in spellings

Punctuational is very important for all language topics. The reviewer, evaluator would not cut marks, you merely won’t gain marks pertaining to wrong spelling.

Dear IGCSE teamCan we reorder the points in IGCSE English as a second language 0510 letter publishing?

Hello Tag Henry

It is best to follow the sequence of the topic points provided to build combination. If you want to reorder the points, please make sure you find a way to build combination and cover all topic points.

IGCSE team i am kind of confused with the between newspapers report and simple report want if you could elaborate the difference.Rgds

For newspapers report, presently there should always be a headline needed and it would be given in problem. Please stick to the headline necessary in the issue. You should not merely copy precisely the same headline from your reading passing, you would lose marks your car or truck so.

You are able to consider using our available resources to help improve your producing:Examination model answers http://www.igcsecentre.com/igcse-exam-resources/You may also get your practice papers marked by a certified subject expert here: http://www.igcsecentre.com/mark-your-papers/

can u share up the modal answers in n. st

You may purchase the A* Model Answers which displays the A* answers for the individual exam papers here: http://www.igcsecentre.com/igcse-exam-resources/

Hi igcse teamI really enjoy your work and it produce a better notion of what can i do in exams. I would personally really enjoy if you clarify how to solution in comprehensions which are most relevant to problem and how can I identify which usually of the point is a articles point.Paper: English language

Thank you for your kind words and phrases. You are most meet. your identification of points, you will need to focus on and choose the specific suggestions or specifics relevant to the question set. All of us suggest that you skim browse the passages intended for the gist of it just before you look at the different parts of problem. Then search within the passageway to find the solution to each part of the question in return.

HelloGreat guidelines!Would you please tips on how to write a dialogue

Are you able to please designate which subject matter and which in turn paper? Many thanks.

GreetingsI just include a question with regards to summary. Do we need to consist of all points within the passage to gain full marks in content or writing a number of points according to the allocated represents would be great?

The number of signifies is usually a hint to how many different points are required. For example , if the content features eight represents allocated to that, you must provide eight relevant points. Always be reminded which the points must be taken from the passage and do not repeat comparable points whether or not it was produced twice.

We desperately need an example of record writing. Should this incorporate headings or perhaps is it fine if it is as paragraphs?

Headings can be added but it is definitely not mandatory. Furthermore, you are composing in ongoing prose which suggests you should really be using paragraphs.

You may be interested to purchase the exam style answers. The model answers will show you precisely what is an A* answer like for the writing questions/exercises:http://www.igcsecentre.com/igcse-exam-resources/

You can also study from downloading the Examiner? s Report in this article: http://www.igcsecentre.com/cambridge-igcse-past-exam-papers/. You can utilize them to research what are the needed points to gain markings. You could also find out common faults candidates built during the test.

hi igsce teamBTW Appreciate you!Can you produce a list of good words(vocab)verbs or adjectivesI need to improve my contemporary vocab and i also cant locate what comes on past paperwork usually

Thank you for your kind words. The quickest approach to build terminology is, look for synonym for every single basic phrases that you come across. Make a habit to hold a sign book close to you, or perhaps use the smartphone in case you have one, and commence building your vocabulary by looking into a dictionary (or book from your very smartphone) in that case copy straight down their suggestions words or phrases. You could start by building verbs, as they are very interesting and you even get to learn phrasal verbs at the same time. The cabability to use phrasal verbs within your writing, can land you some good marks! Furthermore, it is important that the replaced word must present the essence of the level.

To write successful descriptions you have to observe items around you please remember them so that you can see them in your mind. Constantly try to have the whole picture in your mind employing all your detects, what you are able to see, hear, smell, feel, taste.

Plot Brief summary

In the second paragraph, you can briefly illustrate the plot. You can’t, of course , give all the details, because you usually are composing with a phrase limit. Just an outline will do. But it is vital to remember that plot summaries are always created in present tense, just like Frodo and Sam leave the Shire and go to Mordor to destroy the ring of power. Another point to remember is that you ought not give away the ending. Various people read reviews ahead of they see the film or read the publication. You should just tell enough of the plan in order to give them a general thought of what to expect.

Informative ESL Dissertation Topics

  • Givedirections for getting from a single point to an additional. For example , how to get out of your home to your school. Describe the landmarks an individual might observe along the way.
  • Explainhow to prepare food your favorite food. Provide a recipe as well as the step-by-step guidelines.
  • Make clearyour chosen computer game. What ought to a player perform to win? What are some playing ideas?
  • Describe what you would do if yourfriends be present at your house unexpectedly. Say how you would captivate them.
  • Explainhow to make a bed. This task is usually seemingly simple, but enables you to write about day-to-day habits you might never consider in detail.
  • Explainhow to make a paper aircraft. Again, this task has its own precise, technological details that that should be as part of the essay.
  • Explainhow to brush. Try to make your dissertation about a apparently mundane task more interesting.
  • Explainhow to packs a trolley suitcaseonce going for a vacation. List away all the items and components of clothing you would bring.

A good essay commonly has the following parts:

  1. An introduction. In this article, the author gives some basic information about the subject or lays out their particular argument. An efficient intro excites readers to see further.
  2. Your body. Within an argumentative dissertation, the body could possibly be 2 to 3 sentences. Each ought to introduce their particular arguments and support these examples. Consist of types of essays, the content may vary. For instance , the body might include descriptions, answers or personal stories.
  3. Realization. The author should logically conclude or perhaps summarize their particular thoughts and arguments.

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