Motorway Engineering

 Essay in Highway Executive

1 ) Nagpur highway plan formula were prepared by assuming

a) rectangular or block highway pattern

b) radial or star and block street pattern

c) radial or perhaps star and circular highway pattern

d) radial or star and grid street pattern

2 . Pick the correct affirmation.

a) Nagpur road plan formula consider the towns with very large inhabitants. b) Nagpur road program has a target road duration of 32 kilometres per 90 square kilometers. c) Second 20-year strategy has presented 1600 km of expressways out of the proposed National road. d) Second 20-year strategy allowed discount of duration of railway trail in the area while calculating the length of streets.

3. The sequence of 4 stages of survey in a highway position is a) reconnaissance, map study, primary survey and detailed study b) map study, primary survey, reconnaissance and comprehensive survey c) map study, reconnaissance, preliminary survey and detailed study d) initial survey, map study, examen and in depth survey Ans: c

four. The shape with the camber, suitable for cement concrete pavements, is a) straight collection

b) parabolic

c) oblong

d) combination of straight and parabolic

five. For drinking water bound macadam roads in localities of heavy rainfall, the advised value of camber is a) 1 in 31

b) 1 in 36

c) you in twenty four

d) one particular in 60

6. The stopping sight distance depends on

a) total reaction time of driver

b) speed of vehicle

c) efficiency of brakes

d) all of the over

7. When the path went along the road surface is more compared to the circumferential movements of the rims due to rotation, then it brings about a) slipping

b) skidding

c) turning

d) revolving

8. Agent of scrubbing is less when the pavement surface is a) rough

b) dry

c) smooth and dry

d) smooth and wet

being unfaithful. The shoulder joint provided along the road edge should be

a) rougher compared to the traffic lanes

b) better than the targeted traffic lanes

c) of same colour while that of the pavement

d) of suprisingly low load bearing capacity

15. Camber in the road can be provided for

a) effective drainage

b) counteracting the centrifugal force

c) having appropriate sight length

d) none of the over

11. In comparison to a level surface area, on a descending gradient the stopping eyesight distance can be a) significantly less

b) more

c) same

d) dependent upon the speed

doze. On a single street road with two way traffic, the minimum stopping sight length is comparable to a) blocking distance

b) two times the stopping range

c) half the halting distance

d) three times the stopping distance

13. The desirable duration of overtaking sector as per IRC recommendation is definitely equal to a) overtaking view distance

b) two times the overtaking sight distance

c) three times the overtaking view distance

d) five times the overtaking sight distance

16. Stopping eyesight distance is usually

a) less than overtaking sight distance

b) equal to overpowering sight range

c) much more than overtaking sight distance

d) none in the above

15. Reaction moments of a new driver

a) increases with increase in speed

b) decreases with increase in acceleration

c) can be same for all speeds

d) non-e from the above

18. If the preventing distance is usually 60 meters, then the bare minimum stopping look distance for 2 lane, two way visitors is a) 30m

b) 60m

c) 120m

d) 180m

18. The effect of grade upon safe ruling sight length is a) to increase it on climbing down grades and decrease it on ascending grades b) to decrease it on climbing down grades and also to increase that on ascending grades c) to increase that on both descending and ascending degrees d) to decrease it on both descending and climbing grades 18. The lording it over design acceleration on a Countrywide Highway in plain surfaces as per IRC recommendations is usually a) 62 kmph

b) 80 kmph

c) 95 kmph

d) 120 kmph

19. The...



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