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STEP 2: Support your opinion

Now that you have presented your opinion, you need to add to its validity.

The best way to accomplish this is to give examples.

You can start this section with key phrases like:

  • Personally, I really believe that.
  • From my point of view.
  • I am convinced that.
  • I think.
  • In my view.

Therefore , if your opinion was that you are against capital punishment, then for example you could come up with situations exactly where people have recently been jailed for a lifetime for murder and then years later they have been released as they were confirmed to be innocent. The kind of vocabulary the following is a losing the unborn baby of justice.

Your disagreement would be that whenever a miscarriage of justice occurs, the prisoner might most likely possess faced the death charges and could have been murdered even though we were holding innocent.

One more example could be that many killers are committed in ‘hot blood’ and frequently as an ‘act of passion’.. Therefore the homicide was therefore angry regarding something that we were holding not pondering properly

2 . Where is the best place to put the example?

The moment giving good examples it is best to force them after your main idea or perhaps topic word. They can be found in the middle of assisting sentences or they can be accustomed to start a fresh sentence. There is absolutely no rule for where precisely to give illustrations in works, logically they can come after your main idea/topic sentence or just after a helping sentence. In lots of of my personal model answers, they come near to the end with the main human body paragraph.

Show example passage

For instance here is a paragraph by an composition based on this task question:

Many people agree that money simply cannot buy happiness. Why is happiness difficult to establish? How can persons achieve delight?

The concept of happiness is a very difficult thing to define because many people have different >To illustrate this, research carried out by leading psychologists in america in 2007 over a two year period, which polled over eighty thousand persons, showed that opinions varied greatly. An enormous majority declared freedom and creativity had been paramount, although many others reported a multitude of other reasons for delight, one of those getting financial gain.

The case is released witho illustrate this’.I cited a study, 12 months and many people polled. There are other ways to accomplish this, see listed below.

Planning Before You Write

When you initially encounter a great IELTS Producing Task 2 question, make an effort to decide what perspective you can expect to take pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the IELTS doesn’t give you enough time to do this. Producing matters even worse, it is fairly likely that you just won’t possess strong, well-developed opinions regarding the topic. Don’t worry. Process 2 inquiries are (intentionally) debatable, without having clearly correct answer.

Thankfully, unlike a great essay you may write for work or perhaps school,not necessarily important to present your accurate opinions around the IELTS.Bear in mind, the IELTS is an English language test. It is not a test of what you find out about the topic of the Task a couple of question. As you should present reasonable suggestions in a crystal clear and rational way, you can argue virtually any side of the question is to do well. Consequently , rather than worrying about (and spending time on) making your accurate opinion in your Task two topic, ask yourself the following problem instead:

What may be the easiest way for me to answer this question? 

Are you able to think of a few main ideas and/or cases quickly for just one side of the argument? Even if these tips don’t totally represent the perspective, go with them on the IELTS. You don’t want to waste too much time thinking about tips on how to express your true views.

Once you’ve chosen a perspective in your question, you can apply some planning/brainstorming. Below are several planning records for the sample Process 2 question (introduced above). On test day, you won’t include a chart like this to fill in. The chart simply helps to make the information much easier to read in this post. Basically, while you make money in the preparing phase should be to come up with a main idea for every single paragraph of your essay. We all will discuss each of these paragraphs in more fine detail below the graph and or chart.


Writing rate varies a whole lot from college student to student. How you spend time will depend a lot on how fast you are able to write. The greater you practice Task a couple of responses, the quicker you will become. Objective should be to allow enough time for people three things:

  • Article planning 2 10 minutes
  • Publishing 25 32 minutes
  • Editing 5 minutes (or more in the event that possible)

Whenever you practice, do their very best to cut upon the amount of period it takes to plan your responses ahead of writing. A lot of students can take up to 5 minutes to come up with ideas and program. For most people, however , using 10 minutes at the beginning will take away too much effort from composing and enhancing. I usually recommend three to five moments of preparing as a affordable target. The greater practice queries you response, the faster you will turn into at generating ideas prior to you write.

Step 1 : be familiar with topic

Look at the issue carefully. What is the topic? To assist you identify the subject, identify a few important articles words (keywords) in the problem.

Men and womenare commonly seen as havingdiversestrengths and weaknesses. Is it directly toexcludemen or females fromcertain professionsbecause of their gender?

The keywords listed below are men and women, different strengths and weaknesses, exclude certain professions.

In addition, the word professions is a bit uncertain. The word may be used to meanprofessional jobs, such as doctors and lawyers, but it may also be used as asynonym for ˜jobs’. I believe it is safe to believe the second classification.

Thusthe topicis involved with the distinct strengths and weaknesses of men and women employed in specific professions. However ,the workis to never talk about the strengths and weaknesses of males and females in a standard sense. You also need to clearly understand your activity.

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Try the new SpeakingFrog. com site: videos of speeches, with transcripts. Examine while you watch! Good for for a longer time IELTS Being attentive e. g. Part 3 and some

  • Should college students be home more? (very short version) Many university students live with their families while others need to live away from home mainly because their colleges are in different cities. Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages in both situations?
  • Is desire positive or perhaps negative? Is usually ambition an optimistic or bad characteristic? Is definitely is necessary to achieve your goals?
  • Who will be valued the majority of in world – aged or young? (Short version) In some countries old age is extremely valued, while in other junior is emphasized. Which standpoint do you go along with?
  • Who may be valued the majority of in culture – aged or small? (Long version) In some countries old age is highly valued, when in other youngsters is highlighted. Which point of view do you believe?
  • Will need to college students work? (Very very long version) Info students live with their families while others need to live away from home since their universities are in various cities. Exactly what are the advantages and drawbacks in equally situations?


I feel that tourism has more positive aspects than cons for any country. Tourism is an industry that contributes to the economy of a country. It not only brings foreign currency to a nation but as well creates consciousness about the culture of a region. There are several countries that spend money on advertising and marketing because they may have realized the importance of creating a brand new source of income.

Nations around the world like Asia, Mauritius and Bali are quite dependent on travel and are visitor friendly international locations as well. There are numerous advantages to encouraging travel and leisure in a region. It can help a nation open new channels of profits. The food industry, the transport industry and goods market couple of sections inside the society which will benefit immensely.

The residents will find new opportunities pertaining to employment and will also be able to exchange culture with visitors from the other nations. Travel will also help educate guests from other countries regarding the local heritage and background. The down sides of encouraging tourism within a country may be unchecked migration, illegal trading of goods and services plus the increase in criminal offenses rate against foreigners.

All these limitations could be dealt with efficiently if the authorities makes travel and leisure development an integral part of their strategy and standardizes certain processes. Educating the locals and building powerful transport systems within and outside a city will help combat crime rates against travelers. If travel and leisure is regulated well within a rustic, it can help in the progress of the nation and its citizens.

some. What must be in the model?

In the model, you can usea small business name, a university term, a year, a location (country, city) or a phrase that reveals a pattern.See two examples under I had taken from a recent essay.

1 .For instance,a recently available reportinBusiness weekly magazine stated that since2016, the quantity of shoppers making purchases online features risen significantly due to low costs and free delivery.

2 .For instance,a recent recordin Business each weekmagazine explained that as2016, the number of customers making purchases on-line has gone up by 61% due to low costs and free delivery.

The first is actually better as it uses language rather than a statistic. In the example, I actually used a magazine brand (business weekly) and a year. This example was made up and is not the case but it looks believable.

Listed below are other examples of what I mean:

1 )To demonstrate this,a UK authorities reportinApril 2017showed thatover 59%of crooks reoffended within2 yearspenalized released from prison.

2 .To illustrate this kind of,a UK government reportinThe spring 2017revealed thata lot of00criminals reoffended withintwo yearsof being released from jail.

a few.To demonstrate this,a current UK federal government reportshowed thata large proportion ofcriminals reoffendedsoon afterreleased from penitentiary.

Inside the third model above I have not applied any quantities or years or figures. I have used language instead. The first two examples happen to be ok but the 3rd the first is much better. If you can use language then it is much better for your total vocabulary report.

Step 2: understand the task

In Task 2 questions, the topic statement is often followed by a question or a activity. In our example, this is the issue:

Is it directly to exclude men or females from certain professions because of the gender?

Be sure you understand the dialect used. Below, the expression is it right. means the same as do you really agree. The question could possibly be worded:

Will you agree that males or perhaps females should be excluded by certain occupations because of their gender?

And, of course , do not forget this part of the job:

Give causes of your answer and include virtually any relevant examples from your own understanding or encounter. Write at least two hundred fifty words.

Which means your task is to state whether youconcur or differwith this idea, toexplain your opinion, and togive examples to aid your opinion.

As you plan your IELTS composition, always remember the task. In case you write irrelevant ideas, details and illustrations, you will get a low band credit score for Activity Response.

several. Take Care of Lexical Resources

Lexical Resource is among the four Producing Assessment Criteria that leads to your producing score. But , many of the IELTS aspirants do not know regarding the make use of lexical features. Lexical reference refers to the utilization of sufficient variety of Vocabulary, accurate usage of Spellings, proper execution of Collocations and Phrase Formation.

Individuals who are unknown for this, use repetitive words inside their essay. However an reviewer, evaluator is looking for many different words and phrases within your answer. When he/she would not find any variety of dialect, it creates a bad impression about your Vocabulary. They considers that you have got a poor vocabulary knowledge and marks you accordingly.

So , avoid repeating words wherever possible in your essay.

8. Make Paragraphs

Various candidates do not use paragraphs while writing an educational piece or an article. That they describe the entire topic plainly in just a single paragraph. But , doing so in IELTS Essay Writing Activity will definitely cost the marks.

IELTS Essay Writing Task uses a specific structure. Have a look!

Body Passage 1

Human body Paragraph 2

Breakdown your ideas in to different sentences. Explain every single idea of yours in detail with relevant cases in one section. Then, commence another section with a new thought. But remember, your ideas should be realistically linked nevertheless written in different paragraphs.

A great essay with 4 paragraphs is ideal for IELTS Essay Writing Task. You’ll be able to paragraphs only and only if perhaps needed. Will not put any kind of unwanted details or make an effort to unnecessarily increase the passage. This will reduce the possibility of achieving high group score.

on the lookout for. Complete The Answer

To be able to finish the work before the period runs away, many prospects tend to leave the answers incomplete. There are several who choose another way of writing to complete their particular response my spouse and i. e. that they either compose short paragraphs or set only bullet points. This is certainly absolutely a wrong practice.

IELTS Test is intended to assess the English English language proficiency. And, if you leave the answers unfinished, the evaluator will not be in a position to judge the skills. Because of this, he/she will poorly quality your dissertation. So , rather than writing bullet points or perhaps short phrases, you must make each reason for a separate section with 2 to 3 lines of explanation. This way you can showcase your publishing skills and create a great impact on the examiner to attain better.

three or more. Lexical Reference

This is your ability to make use of a wide range of terminology correctly (without errors) and appropriately (in the proper context) in your created responses. It should go devoid of saying that learning vocabulary regularly will help you boost most in this field. Magoosh features (free! ) IELTS language flashcards to get you started. You should try to learn 15 20 fresh words daily! Beyond learning new terms, however , there are a few additional actions you can take to improve your Lexical Resource score.

Practice Paraphrasing

While noted previously mentioned, you must paraphrase the language through the question immediate and the visuals as much as possible in your Writing Task 2 replies. Taking significant chunks of language directly from the question and visual will definitely lower your score. Whenever you practice a Producing Task 2 response, ensure that you study any example essays included in your practice materials. Take note of how the publisher paraphrases chinese in the query prompt and compare that to your own paraphrases. By doing this, you can study a lot of helpful keywords.

Avoid Redundancy

A second suggestion to boost the Lexical Source score is to pay attention to avoiding redundancy in your publishing. Redundancy occurs you use the same words or phrases over and over again; however , you will have some key terms that you can’t avoid. For example , in our example response, it was difficult to avoid the phrases computer ownership and education level.  Various other words are much easier to replace with synonyms. For instance, in Task 2 responses, you will often write about numbers that increase or perhaps decrease.  There are many alternatives for these words:

Rise Fall season Go up Go down Hop Decline Spike Dip Escalate Plummet

If you see that you’re using the same words over and over as you practice writing Activity 2 replies, work on building your knowledge of synonyms and paraphrases. A thesaurus is actually a handy device. However , if possible, try to get opinions about the new words you use from a local English speaker. Often , the synonyms you find will have a slightly different which means or work with from the word you’re aiming to replace. In general, you should always pick a word you know to be correct over one that you don’t know well.

Give your opinion

As soon as you possess restated problem, then give your opinion on the subject.

This gives the examiner a summary of what is to come in your article.

It is important to note that it does not matter what your judgment is! You cannot find any right or wrong answer to an IELTS essay problem. You do NOT have to try and think What will the reviewer, evaluator think is the right response here. The examiner is only interested in the level of your The english language. So give me your initial instinct opinion and don’t make an effort to out-think yourself.

IELTS Composing Task a couple of: ‘small families’ essay

Here’s my strap 9 test answer pertaining to the task below. We’ll analyse it in a few days.

In many countries today, people in cities both live only or in small relatives units, instead of in huge, extended family. Is this an optimistic or negative trend?

It truly is true that cities will definitely find a rise in smaller people and solo households, while the extended family is becoming a rarity. In my opinion, this really is a negative creation.

As households become smaller sized, the traditional friends and family support network is usually disappearing, and this can have a unfavorable impact on children as they expand up. In a nuclear friends and family or single-parent household, daycare becomes a pricey and stressful part of daily life. Without the accompanied by a grandparents or aunts and uncles, occupied parents must rely on babysitters, nannies and after-school night clubs to take care of youngsters, while older children may be still left alone following school and through holidays. The absence of adult family members can mean that close friends, television plus the Internet become the primary affects on children’s behaviour. It is no surprise the fact that decline from the extended friends and family has been connected to a rise in psychological and behavioural complications amongst young people.

The trend to people living alone is perhaps even more destroying because of the mental effects of lowered human interaction. Individuals who go on their own include nobody approach in person, thus they cannot talk about problems or discuss the highs and lows of daily life. They will forgo the constant stimulation and hustle and bustle of a giant family, and they are left with their own gadgets for extended periods of time. The lack of human being contact in your own home is necessarily replaced by passive disruptions, such as television set, video games, on the net chat rooms or perhaps Internet surfing. This type of living is linked to boredom, isolation, and feelings of solitude or even alienation, all of which will be factors which can be known to raise the risk of mental illness.

To summarize, I believe that people thrive if they are part of larger family groups, so it is having to worry that many individuals are choosing to live alone or perhaps in these kinds of small friends and family units.

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