Fe Nix Del En se promenant sur

 Fe Nix Del En se promenant sur Essay

Marketing Circumstance Analysis #1

Fe' Nix Del En allant sur, LLC

Fe' Nix del Sur is a reputable supplier headquartered in Arizona that prides on its own on uniqueness and credibility. They have a limited distribution to specialty sellers and a few choose department stores. There is a very careful confirmation process that gained all of them a " national reputation as one of the looked upon sources of these kinds of artifacts”. Revenues are about $25 mil with a twenty percent increase annually over the last 10 years. They have previously had just about 5 main competitors, but are now facing more than 11 with more potential growth. The strongest and weakest points of said competitors will be as follows. CompetitorsStrengthWeaknesses

Large specialised exclusive section stores-can cope with sources straight -power to negotiate-larger overall cost


-set up shop anywhere

-authentic overall look

-appeals to tourist market-inauthentic

-must great buy

-easily cheated

Internet-high quality


-ability to find engine particular product and market to larger definite audience-inability intended for customer to find out artifact till bought and delivered -internet security concerns

Mass merchandising retail stores-bigger availability/ not really too exclusive* -cheaper

-more appealing to " gift buyer” market-product top quality inconsistent -most artifacts will be replicas and inauthentic

-*less exclusive lessens the ability to sell off at more income00

In this market, buyers can get directly from options such as Photography equipment, Navajo, and Hopi artisans, artisans also can make reproductions in craft stores and department stores can get from trustworthy sources just like Fe' Nix del En deambulant. The market may be segmented consequently.

Gift BuyersCollectors

Prone to acquire replicasProne to buy authentic based upon knowledge Desires for decorationWants for education/ collections

Planning to spend lessMore willing to dedicate more

Requirements for success through this industry are to be real and pressure the...

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