Exercise 7: Breathing Mechanics Worksheet

 Essay on Exercise six: Respiratory System Mechanics Worksheet

Respiratory Volumes

Activity 2: Computing Normal Respiratory system Volumes

1 ) Minute respiratory volume: 7, 500 milliliters

2 . Judging through the trace you generated, creativity took place above how a large number of seconds? two seconds 3. Expiration took place over how many secs? 2 seconds

4. Will the duration of creativity or expiration vary during ERV or FVC? Yes

Activity 3: Effect of Constrained Air Flow about Respiratory Volumes 5. How exactly does this set of data compare to your data you noted for Activity 2? The MRV is usually 3075 and the breathing is usually not as strong. 6. Is the respiratory system functioning better or worse than it did in the previous activity? Explain so why. Worst, since the breathing is more shallow and incomplete. The lungs can no longer inhale or perhaps exhale just as much as in Activity 2 . 7. What is the effect of lowering the radius of the ventilation tube about respiratory volumes of prints? The air flow was decreasing, which decreased the breathing volume. almost 8. What does the ventilation tube simulate in the human body? The trachea 9. What could be several possible factors behind reduction in air-flow to the lung area? An hypersensitive reaction could cause the trachea to swell which would prohibit air flow or an obstruction could prevent some and also the entire trachea causing the environment flow to diminish as well.

Factors Affecting Respiration

Activity 4: Effect of Surfactant about Respiratory Amounts

10. The moment surfactant is definitely added, what happens to the tidal volume? That increases the sum of atmosphere being inhaled. 11. As a result of the tidal volume modify, what happens to the flow into each chest and total air flow? They all increased. 12. Why does this kind of happen? Surfactant acts to diminish the surface pressure of normal water in the liquid that lines the walls in the alveoli.

Activity 5: Effect of Thoracic Tooth cavity Puncture

13. What happened left lung when you clicked on the valve key? It deflated 14. So why? The pressure in the kept lung was 0 plus the right lung changed rapidly, the air moved...

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