Econet Cellular International as well as the African Telecoms Industry

 Econet Wi-fi International plus the African Telecommunications Industry Article






Presented by: Group TwoDate: 01 August 2014

Activities being completed in this presentation:

Execute a SWOT analysis pertaining to Econet Wireless International, figuring out the key issues that Econet should address through the results of the analysis. Undertake an industry analysis of the Africa Telecommunications marketplace using Porter's Five Power Model. Utilizing a competitor evaluation framework of your choice, analyse the top Five portable operators inside the African market Econet Wireless International can be facing or perhaps faced difficulties in a number of marketplaces it came into. Identify these challenges plus the sources of these types of challenges. What Marketing strategy choices should Econet use by it attempts to grow the operations (Justify your options) and what should it perform to effectively implement these kinds of strategies?


The selection of a rise strategy is usually ultimately dependant on the company's strategic goals, core competencies and strategic assets as well as by simply its concentrate on customers, collaborators and the general economic, technological, socio ethnical, regulatory and physical context. An integrative approach of analysing these kinds of factors is important for the development of a successful development strategy.


Econet Cellular International (hereafter to be referred to as EWI) can be described as Zimbabwean –owned international telecommunications group. The effect of Dr . Strive Masiyiwa's vision, Econet started out in cellular telephone services in July 1998, following years of legal battles. Therefore it commenced leading the change in the telecommunications terrain. Zimbabwe features issued simply 3 mobile phone telecommunication permits to EWI, Orascom-owned Telecel and the government-owned NetOne.

SWOT Analysis pertaining to Econet Wi-fi International

As a result of the internal and external evaluation, our SWOT analysis is really as follows: Talents

Growth through international development. As EWI expands on 3 continents in 12 countries, they could develop global footprint, thus increasing their particular capital foundation and securing their organization. Innovative range of products. They continuously developed range of products, they progressed into becoming a full-service communications firm offering cellular telephony, traditional landline telephone, Internet providers, data loading services, deals systems and contract companies for different operators. For instance , in Mvuma, zimbabwe alone, they have a number of feasible product offerings, namely Mate, Ecocash, EcoFarmer, EcocashSave, Econet Solar, Econet Broadband and BusinessPartna Agreement Lines. All their business model allowed them to provide quality products at competitive prices. They collaborated as consortium relationships and also joint ventures. For instance , it was capable to penetrate markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Makalamabedi, botswana, New Zealand, Lesotho, Malawi and Burundi. Their joint venture was with Altech in South Africa. The advantage of this collaboration firm was listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange thus disclosing them to a fresh source of capital. Their mutually formed organization, Newco, could have eventually taken over almost all of Econet's companys, enabling EWI to backward intergrate with a provider which in conditions of foreseeable future growth, might enable these to develop an even wider item offering. This kind of alliance could have been mutually beneficial, with Econet receiving access to technology products, financial and management structures whilst Altech would get the opportunity to shift riding about EWI's cellular network. Multi-branding. EWI applied it's term in countries where completely a managing stake such as in Nigeria, Lesotho, New Zealand, Malawi and Burundi. In countries where it had been the community shareholder, this operated beneath different brands, namely Mascom ( Botswana), Gulfsat Maghreb SA ( Morocco). Their very own...

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