Dust Bowl

 Dust Bowl Article

John Mayernik

History 124

November twentieth 2009

The Grassland

The the southern part of plains had been one of the greatest spots to be back in the 1920's and early 1930's. Farmers were producing seeds with ease, several were possibly overproducing. Wheat was one of many things that had been making maqui berry farmers so powerful, everything was just growing right for these people at the time. In the year 1931 though there was clearly a drought for maqui berry farmers, in which various dust thunder storms hit the Southern plains, causing an indescribable volume of damage to farmers and their crops. This kind of catastrophe was known as the Grassland.

The Dust Bowl was due to several different elements that all appeared to come together at the same time. ( There are periods of dust thunder or wind storms that caused agricultural and ecological problems for the The southern area of plains, and several of the Canadian plains. There is also a drought from early on 1931 till roughly 1939, which acquired killed the farmer's plants easily. Profound plowing of the virgin topsoilВ of the Great PlainsВ had killed the natural grassesВ that normally held the ground in place and trapped moisture even during periods of droughtВ and substantial winds. ( Before the hard storms, there was an over planting of vegetation by maqui berry farmers, the government had told the farmers to keep growing them, and they did. Farmers had been making cash after the war because of the rates of seeds were selling well, therefore in order for farmers to flower more seeds the maqui berry farmers needed to purchase new terrain, and more gear as well. Vehicles came to the fields in the 1920's, that has been twice as useful as horse pulling. Which has a team of horses, a farmer might get 3 quadrat of alpage sod each day, but with a tractor a farmer could easily get 50. If the 1930's hit so do the depression, and that appear to be the time when the drought started out. The summer of 1931, the rain got stopped, and wheat had not been growing by any means. With the drought hitting the maqui berry farmers, farmers had been...

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