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BuskerfestYonge Streets, from California king to College streets, will be sealed from being unfaithful: 30 a. m. in Thursday to 11: 59 p. m. on On the.

Some street closures will be held at on Yonge between Richmond and College or university from 5 a. m. to on the lookout for: 30 a. m. about Thursday.

By Thursday to Sunday, a few local roads will be closed including Dundas Square Road, and Walton, Gould, Edward cullen and Elm streets.

Toronto Tamil FestivalMorningside Avenue will be closed by Finch Avenue East to Neilson Street from 6th a. meters. on Saturday to 14: 59 l. m. on Sunday.

Educator confessions: five things parents should never perform

This Parent | posted Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

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When my k >kindergarten last year, it took me weeks (OK, months) to send in a family photo for his teacher to hang in his cubby. For some reason, I just couldn’t get it together to print off a picture from my smartphone. Turns out I’m one of those moms: the friendly type who wants her child’s teacher to like her, but who actually makes the job difficult by neglecting to meet a simple request.

1. Save the socializing

When parents socialize with me during drop-off , it’s transition time and one of the most difficult periods of the dayoften I’ll have 15 kids waiting for my attention, says Jennifer Sullivan,* a teacher at a Toronto school. There are some moms I really love, but I don’t have time to schmooze. Remember: Everything with us is ruled by bells and minutes.

Sullivan once had a parent volunteer in the classroom who insisted on debriefing after each visit. I let her know how much I appreciate that she comes in every week, but that I have 25 kids waiting for me. When she didn’t get the hint, I finally had to say, ‘Why don’t you stick around and talk to me at lunch or let’s connect another time,’ says Sullivan. Ultimately, she ended up avoiding this parent altogether. I’d either rush by or say, ‘Hey, I’m just going to get some photocopies done.’ It’s uncomfortable.

That’s not to say you can’t be friendly with your child’s teacher. By all means, say hello, share a smile. But know your boundaries. You’re working together to give your child the best possible educational experience, not to tag each other on Facebook .

2. Abide by the rules (yes, you!)

Turns out there are many grown-ups out there who don’t believe the rules apply to them (and we wonder where our kids get it from). Natasha Sweeny* teaches grade four at a school that has a kiss ‘n’ ride system to help with traffic flow during drop-off. She can still recall the time a parent stopped in a no-parking zone. She insisted she had the right to stop there and went ballistic, calling the teacher on duty every name in the book in front of students and parents, she says. We had to get the police involved to make it clear that parents need to follow the rules. Remember, you’re not the exception. That means no parking in the staff lot on those days you’re running late and have a super-important meeting to get to (this happened once at my kids’ school and a teacher was forced to park on the street and then got towed).

3. Stop sniping about summer

Do not tell your child’s teacher, Must be nice to have had the summer off! Instead, try something like I hope you’re refreshed and ready for 10 months of go, go, go! Yes, we all work hard at our jobs and we’d all love some downtime during the summer months. But, please, keep the passive-aggressive comments to yourself, and remember that teaching is a profession like few others. I don’t work in an office, says Sullivan, I can’t take five minutes to breathe when I have a splitting headache. I don’t get to go to my own kids’ school concerts or even answer the phone when their school nurse calls. My priority is keeping your kids safe. Not to mention that a lot of teachers spend their summers upgrading their credentials or planning coursework. In other words, be happy your child’s teacher is coming back re-energized and ready to focus on the year ahead.

4. Take a chill pill

While it’s good to be prepared for the school year, don’t stress over the little things. Kindergarten teacher Olivia Dav >supplies to buy . One mother responded with a slew of urgent emails bordering on the neurotic: I’m at the drugstore. There are lots of different sizes of glue. Which one exactly do you want? Big or small? I’m so nervous, what if I get the wrong one?

She bombarded me with emailsand this was in August! says Davidson. I’m a mother myself, and so I get it, but this woman showed up with three different types of glue.

5. Don’t be a slacker

On the other end of the spectrum are the overly lax parents who make teachers’ jobs harder because they can’t be bothered to send in forms or basic writing utensils. My own kids’ principal told me that she has parents of anaphylactic children who don’t even send in an extra EpiPen like they ask for (just a matter of life or death, no big deal). Davidson asks each new kindergartener to come to school with an extra set of clothes in a labeled zip-top bag in case they have an accident or get wet during recess. Parents think their kids won’t have an accident, but it’s very common in kindergarten, says Davidson. We’ll send them home in stuff from the lost and found bin, then parents will freak that they’re not in their own clothes!’

Last year, of the 11 children in her >sunscreen by May well, as asked (because of allergies, Davidson says she’s not allowed to utilize sunscreen on a child unless it’s branded with their name). One kid got burned up while playing outside during recessI seemed the worst teacher, but there was really nothing I could do, she recalls. Everyone’s busy, I get that. However , take two minutes, acquire some sunscreen, create your kid’s name upon it and and shove this into her bag.

Of course , this last brief review made me recognize there are really no justifications when it comes to simple tasks, such as sending in fitness center clothes or ahema family photo. And after volunteering inside my child’s end-of-year class trip in June, which meant helping to watch over 22 rowdy five-year-olds, I had been reminded showing how hard professors work day in and outing. The least we are able to do is definitely follow several simple rules to ease the fill.

Other family pet peeves:

5. Parents who have freak out over class position. Not everybody will get the educator they think they want. You might be amazed: Another teacher might bring something unpredicted to the table.

* Deciding the best time to talk about major issues is during drop-off rather than setting up a meeting.

* Family members who show up late to varsity because they think punctuality isn’t important, particularly in kindergarten or perhaps when initially period can be physical education.

* labels have been altered

The version of this article appeared within our September 2014 issue with the headline Teacher Tell-All, p. 53.

10 healthy university lunch

Today’s Mother or father | posted Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

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This lunchtime combines a pair of kids’ really loves: waffles and bacon for just one surprising sandwich. When packaging, place items of waxed newspaper or foil between almost all layers to hold them clean and cover sandwich in parchment. Load up mayo independently in its very own mini spray bottle. Prior to eating, take out waxed daily news or foil and spray mayo on to waffle.

Guess you didn’t know how convenient it is to choose a own fruits leather. With only four simple elements, this one is far more nutritious and super fun to pack.

For more healthier school lunch time ideas just clickhere.

Backpack hackers: your set of essentials

Cityline | posted Thurs, Aug 27th, 2015

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Apart from the notebooks and binders, what else does your child have to have packed once walking through the classroom door? These bookbag essentials are items you will possibly not think of initially, but could be incredibly useful for your child throughout the year. Keep in mind that you don’t desire to excess the bookbag to the point where it gets too heavy! Look for the subsequent items in travel-sized plans, and provide your kids along when you store so they can select their favorite colours.

Damaged tissues:Not only are tissues ideal for cold season, they can also be used for cleaning up spills or when your child’s allergies action up. Try to find travel bags at your local drugstore or grocery store.

Side sanitizer:Everyone should know that germs spread quick, especially for school. Apart from making sure your children are washing their hands, give them a travel-sized hands sanitizer to get the bus or pertaining to field trips.

Pencil circumstance:This one is definitely inevitable pertaining to school! Be sure to aren’t negelecting a pen sharpener or extra lead if need be.

Crisis change:It would be a good idea to pack an emergency modify pouch, when your child operates out of bus seats or forgets their lunch at home.

Frizzy hair elastics:Extra hair elastics are useful to get pulling nice hair back intended for gym class, keeping jointly loose Tupperware, or as a makeshift essential chain when your child’s fractures.

EpiPen:Should your children include allergies, ensure they have an EpiPen accessible, or any other medications they may need to take by school.

Normal water bottle:Water to drink is important to your daily health! Pack a water bottle of wine for your child to increase drinking water regularly (plus, a reusable container is the best choice intended for the environment! ).

Do you have a backpack necessary not right here? Post this in the responses below!

Reporter, mcanicien shot to death in live television set in Va; gunman drops dead at hospital

The Associated Press | placed Thursday, Aug 27th, 2015

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A TELEVISION SET reporter and cameraman had been shot to death throughout a live tv interview Thursday by a gunman who documented himself executing the killings and submitted the video in social media following fleeing the scene.

Specialists identified the suspect as being a journalist who had been fired from your station recording. Hours after and numerous miles apart, he damaged a vehicle and troopers discovered him suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot injury. He died at a hospital after Wednesday, government bodies said.

The shots grad out on-air as reporter Alison Parker and mcanicien Adam Keep were presenting a local travel story in an outdoor retail center. Viewers observed her scream and work, and the girl could be noticed saying Oh my Our god, as she chop down. Ward dropped, too, plus the camera he previously been securing his glenohumeral joint captured a fleeting picture of the believe holding a handgun.

Warning: The video below describes the capturing that occurred live on surroundings.

WDBJ quickly changed back to the anchor at the station, her eyes huge and amazing as the lady said, OK, not sure so what happened there. The place later went live once again, reporting independently station and staff because the story designed.

Parker and Ward were killed while the gunman fired regarding 15 pictures. Their interview subject, Vicki Gardner, was at stable state later Thursday after surgical procedure for her wounds.

The suspect is Vester Lee Flanagan II, forty one, of Roanoke, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office confirmed. The place said Flanagan appeared in air since Bryce Williams.

Jeffrey Signifies, WDBJ’s leader and standard manager, said Flanagan had to be escorted by police out of the station if he was terminated. Marks defined him because an disappointed man and difficult to work alongside, often looking out for people to state things he could take offence to.

Eventually following many situations of his anger visiting the conscience, we terminated him. He did not consider that well, Markings explained.

Video of the shooting was later submitted to the suspect’s Twitter consideration and Facebook page. This showed a great outstretched adjustable rate mortgage holding the handgun and firing frequently at Parker as she tried to back off.

The shooter appeared to approach the patients and stand nearby from their store while holding the tool. They were in the middle of a live TV interview, and didn’t seem to spot the gunman, who have didn’t commence shooting right up until Ward points the camera at Parker and the interviewee.

Posts about Flanagan’s Twitter account mentioned that this individual filmed the shooting and posted that on Fb. The twitter updates were also about both Parker and Keep.See the twitter posts below.

Parker can be heard screaming and is viewed running aside as photographs are fired. Roughly 15 shots can be heard, which includes several which were fired following the video goes dark.

ABC News reported on its website the network received a 23-page fax via someone proclaiming to be Flanagan. The network says the send was switched over to regulators and would not elaborate on the contents.

National law enforcement was assisting, and federal officials said there is no sign of a link with terrorism.

The shooting happened around six: 45 a. m. by Bridgewater Plaza in Franklin County, while Parker evaluated Vicki Gardner about the upcoming 50th anniversary festivals for Johnson Mountain Lake, a local travel and leisure destination. Gardner also was shot and hospitalized.

By John Teti Apr 17, 2013

Do you miss the first installment with this month’s Break down, in which we all dissectedBioShock Infinite? Imagine your good fortunethe episode remains to be available online!

It was the last moment to get an icon of technology fiction, and fans were angry. They wanted a fitting sendoff for the characters they’d grown to lovea feeling that all their journey mattered. What they acquired instead was an closing that came out of nowhere fast and was distressingly dab about what experienced come prior to. I’m mentioning, of course , towards the final event ofCelebrity Trek: Enterprise. Nevertheless that I contemplate it,Mass Impacthad kind of a similar deal, didn’t it? Well, regardless, theCitadelexpansion offers players one last visit with their crewmates from the Normandy. Drew Toal joined me personally to eat a pineapple donut and to go over this important farewell towards theMass Resulttrilogy.

Loved ones and train station in shock

Both the victims were romantically involved with additional employees on the station, relating to Parker’s boyfriend, WDBJ anchor Chris Hurst.

Parker had only turned twenty-four. She acquired just finished a special survey on child abuse pertaining to the train station, where the lady had worked as a great intern. The girl attended David Madison School, where your woman was the manager of the school’s newspaper,The Breeze. According to her Facebook site, Parker spent most of her life outside Martinsville, Veterans administration. She was an avid kayaker and attended community cinema events in her spare time.

Hurst said they hadn’t shared all their relationship openly but were very much in love. He stated they had merely moved in together and wanted to marry. I are numb, he said.

We didn’t talk about this widely, but @AParkerWDBJ7 and I were very much in love. All of us just relocated in with each other. I are numb. photo. twitter. com/tUrHVwAXcN

Keep, 27, managed to graduate from Virginia Tech University and was engaged into a producer with the station, Melissa Ott, said WDBJ spokesman Mike Morgan.

Adam was our go-to guy. He pretty much was available to do anything that we asked, Morgan said. He did live shots during our morning show for several years.

I cannot let you know how much these were loved. Alison and Hersker, Signifies said on-air. Our minds are cracked.

It is with extreme sadness that we report WDBJ7’s Alison Parker and Adam Keep were killed in an attack this morning.

The station is based in Roanoke and serves the south west and central part of the point out. The shopping mall where the incident happened is merely off Jones Mountain Pond in Moneta, about 45 kilometres southeast of Roanoke.

Police include told staff of the place to stay inside building so long as the suspect is around the loose. About 50 persons work there, Marks stated.

We possess police safeguard, Signifies said.

With data from News Staff


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy’s unique cast will be back together, reviving their much-missed friend’s concept album to get a show premiering in Glasgow. By Leslie Mansfield

IT IS NOW 35 years since a group of young actors sitting in a BASSE CONSOMMATION studio and recorded the pilot to get a radio humor series famous brands which no-one had heard. Adventures in space were spliced with down-to-earth humour, madcap twists and futuristic technology. Program planners were baffled. None the better after several readings, they will handed the scripts to producer Claire Brett with the instruction: If you think it’s funny, you do it.

From these very humble beginnings emerged The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams’s cult radio series, soon to become bestselling novel. There were albums and mp3 audio books, a TV series, a computer video game and four even more novels (though he continued to refer to the series as being a trilogy). Keyword phrases which began life since jokes found their method into common usage. People all over the world began to chuckle knowingly at the quantity 42.

Now, for the first time in the original type, the story will be told on stage, by the same actors who have sat in this studio more than 30 years ago. The Hitchhiker’s Tips for the Galaxy Radio Show – Live!, which has the world premiere in Glasgow next week, have been adapted by Dirk Maggs, who caused Adams right up until his fatality in 2001. All the old favourites: will be included: Marvin the Paranoid Android, Algaraba Fish, the Infinite Improbability Drive and even the occasional Baking pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Simon Jones, who was recruited simply by Adams him self to play Arthur Dent, says they realized the potential for a live demonstrate when the first line-up of himself, Geoffrey McGivern, Leslie Sheridan and Mark Wing-Davey gave a live performance in Hitch-con, prepared to draw the book’s 30th wedding anniversary.

There had been 2, 1000 people who’d come from across Europe, most wearing dress up gowns and waving towels above their particular heads, it absolutely was like a rock concert. Marvin the Paranoid Android went out and said, ‘I want one to know I’m feeling very depressed, ‘ and the viewers went angry.

D Maggs confirms: The audience were mouthing the words combined with actors. It had been a bit just like the Rocky Apprehension Show with no suspenders. At that point we realized we could do that. Douglas hadn’t written it for a live audience, we all didn’t understand if people would laugh, but they did, it was honestly funny.

The present, which will head to the UK till July, claims robots, audiovisual trickery and a live band, let alone celebrity guests appearances, which include Billy Boyd (at the Glasgow performances), Terry Jones, Neil Gaiman, Phill Jupitus, Roger McGough and others.

Douglas called Hitchhiker’s his principle album, says Maggs. What’s somewhat fun is the fact now we could give him the rock live performance. His 3 passions musically were The Beatles, Red Floyd and JS Bach, and I think we’ve managed to get them all in – the music is fantastic.

The radio present format offers the opportunity to mix old and new technology: analogue sound effects will be produced live using umbrellas, soggy damaged tissues and thunder drums, but – paying tribute to Adams’ take pleasure in of technology – followers at every demonstrate will have the opportunity to download a recording of the performance they may have just found. The team hopes the display will appeal not only to diehard fans but to those simply discovering the series.

Maggs, a former LABELLIS BASSE CONSOMMATION producer, confronted the unenviable task of shaping material from most five Hitchhiker’s books into an evening’s theatre.

Douglas would be the initially to admit that having been full of ideas but actually working out a plot to string all together wasn’t his good suit. I am aware for a group the story must make sense. I usually try to stay true to his original perspective, and even where I’ve were required to add or slightly tailor things to suit, I’m minted by just how much of Douglas is still arriving through – he was a genius, his work endures.

McGivern, who takes on Ford Prefect, believes the trick of the series’ appeal is based on the brilliant mix of the mundane plus the intergalactic. There are a lot of strange things going on but they are grounded, it’s really about the irritations of everyday life, the stuff most of us have to endure. It’s incredibly human too, it’s not just whizz-bang tips. It was exciting to be on the sidelines seeing a cult grow and grow. This is pre-internet, people passed this by word of mouth because it talked to these people.

We warned you: ‘Weekend’ road closures start Thurs

CityNews | submitted Thursday, August 27th, 2015

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you. A large portion of Yonge Street in the city’s downtown core will be off-limits to drivers starting Thursday morning and over the weekend for Buskerfest.

On Saturday and Sunday, there will also be road closures for a Tamil festival in Scarborough, and an intersection closure until Monday morning in East York due to construction.

Add to that a partial subway shutdown for TTC work, and you’ve got yourself a busy weekend in the city.

Where things are at currently

Due to the hard work and commitment of parents, under conditions of no support and disapproval from AKA management to communicate and share information with others across AKA kindergartens, parents have rallied and some kindergartens have formed committees where none existed previously.

They have worked under pressure to have elections of office holders take place by a September 30 th deadline so that they can have representation of a member from their kindergarten at the forthcoming 2017 annual general meeting of the AKA. It would appear though that the AKA management has attempted to distract parents and obstruct the setting up of committees – in m >staff internal intranet for head teachers to discover.

The sudden updating of the policy that had existed for around 10 years and timing of release (not until mid-September when it was dated August) is astonishing. Moreover a 2 week notice period is required for Kindergarten AGMs which could mean that any kindergartens that held its AGM before mid-September to meet the notice period could have their meeting invalidated as they did not have the new guidelines to follow at the time.

A requirement that has been added is that the elected Chairperson of each Constituent Kindergarten is responsible for ensuring that no member of a Constituent Kindergarten shall undertake any action that brings the Association’s reputation into disrepute.

Issuing such a requirement that is not within the wording of the AKA constitution, could be interpreted as AKA management placing kindergarten chairpersons in the role of being the police and censor on its behalf of the views of other parents. It could also be interpreted as a message that only parents who tow the party line and agree with its view can be chairpersons. So much for the rights of parents to voice their views on matters that affect them and their children, the people who are teaching their children, and their kindergarten!

An even bigger problem is a possibility of the AKA management appointing kindergarten representatives instead of approving kindergarten elected chairpersons on a technicality, and/ or that it will dec >the Chief Exec Officer shall be entitled to appoint a supervision committee of its pickingplus the management committee need only be made up of those with an intention in the kindergarten (by-laws 1 . 1) certainly not from the actual kindergarten by itself.

For certain you will see many eyes on what goes on at the AKA’s annual basic meeting and afterward!


ASSESSMENTS from the election outcome have been greatly influenced by extent where it was sudden.

Surprised, pundits have got staggered for their feet with heads rotating to laud the spectacular achievement from the Coalition. However , the actual numbers tell an complex account.

While votes are still staying counted, in current general figures, there was clearly a small swing (0. 6 per cent) against the government on principal votes, and the swing against Labor was only 1 percent.

On two party preferred terms, the swing to the government was 1 per cent.

In Queensland, widely proclaimed where the govt won the election, while there was a big swing of 3. 7 % against Labor on main votes, the bulk of those votes went to the minor functions rather than the govt, which attained a move to this of simply 0. your five per cent.

In the seat of Hunter, while Joel Fitzgibbon suffered a huge swing against him on principal votes, the federal government candidate, the Nationals’ Josh Angus, as well saw a golf swing against his party of 2. 4 %.

The figures therefore suggest that, while people deserted Labor, they could hardly bring themselves to choose Morrison’s Parti.

The result wasn’t so much a great endorsement in the government since an unwillingness to buy Expenses Shorten and what having been offering.

A few might state these are the same thing, but they can be wrong.

Labor, while understandably shattered as it is, will take heart.

It is far from facing a well-known government, and the people it should win back are searching for reasons to election Labor once again.

Changes Labor must absolutely make, although there are sufficient Australians who would like reform to hold offering this to them.

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