character research: Reasons to become Pretty

 character examination: Reasons to be Pretty Essay

Character Analysis- Stephanie Meters. Jones


1 . Sex: Feminine

2 . Grow older: 25

3. Height & Weight: 5”5 125lbs

some. Color of curly hair, eye, skin area: Brunette/brown, brownish eyes, light skin five. Posture: Slightly hunched (at times), upright

6. Physical appearance: Pretty, although becomes insecure after her boyfriend says otherwise. Hard working cosmetologist working through her previous half of university. Round face, medium size hands and fingers. six. Defects: Beginning mark on her right elbow, two dimples, dry skin at times. almost 8. Heredity: Lives with her family in Springfield, Illinois. Moved to Chicago for school and to leave home for a while. Item of her mother. Incredibly dramatic


1 . Course: Working Class. Living right outside the main city. She is the sole child of her father and mother. 2 . Job: Hair hair stylist. She enjoys working with hair. She functions at a salon in Downtown Chi town called Vogue. This has been one of the better experiences on her. She is not simply exploring her own imagination, she is learning things from your coworkers of her job, them having a little bit even more experience than her. Her cliental keeps growing rapidly. Your woman often discovers herself in the shop longer than expected, although is happy with her help each customer. The weekend is the moment her schedule clears up more and she is allowed to still have some type of sociable life. Stephanie has expectations in opening up her very own salon eventually. 3. House life: Has been living with her partner Greg, to get four years until the incident. They occupied an one particular bedroom property right outside the location. They formerly had been splitting the rent, until recently Greg required it over this past year. Stephanie made it appoint to cater to Greg when it came to the townhouse. They were doing compromise on the lot, although Stephanie did most of the labor with support from Greg sometimes. Shifting back to Springfield, her father and mother lived in an excellent big house within a gated intricate. Her mother, Ethel, is a lawyer by one of the top firms the town center. Her dad, Samuel, is a well-known psychiatrist with his individual private practice. Being the only child, the girl with very close with her father and mother. They ruin their daughter, even now when justin was 25. If perhaps she is looking for anything the girl knows that's she can count on all of them. They helped send her to Chicago to go to cosmetological school. some. Religion: Stephanie grew up within a Christian home. Her friends and family considered themselves as Protestants. They joined church each Sunday morning. They made sure to infuse has much as they could into her life at a young age. As she grew older, the lady became fewer engrossed in the religion the lady had adult around. She made sure to rehearse and still keep a strong perception in Goodness, but not just as much as it was when ever she was younger. 5. Race, Nationality: Caucasian respectable. They born and raised as an American citizen. six. Place in community: The Williams family is well-known all over area. They keep high expectation of Stephanie; therefore , ability to hear her post high school plans created a big uproar in the neighborhood. Some include moved previous it viewing Stephanie' accomplishment thus far, nevertheless others still believe the lady should've attended a university or college and practice law just like her mother. 7. Personal affiliations: Indifferent


1 . Sexlife, moral standards: Her sex life is fine. In the beginning of her romantic relationship with Greg, the love-making was no issue. As the years went on started to obtain complacent in his performance. He didn't desire to make an effort anything or be spontaneous. She stayed faithful in just about any relationship your woman had and she was always wide open for modify. 2 . Personal Premise, desire: Although the girl was ruined as a child, Stephanie never took anything or anyone without any consideration. She understood as a teen that there were more alive than her; however , she knew her worth. Being with Greg value to be amazing. He was the right gentleman, took care of her, to make her giggle. When Greg joined the baseball group at his job is definitely when his attitude improved. She seen his funniest sometimes converted into sarcasm. They will began to little by little...

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