Star Battles vs . Legend Trek

 Essay upon Star Battles vs . Superstar Trek

Thesis: Celebrity Trek and Star Wars each have got similar and different general principles,

themes, and motives.


I. Technology

A. Superstar wars

1 . Weapons

2 . Ships

M Star Travel

1 . Weapons

2 . Delivers

II. Characters

A. Celebrity Wars

Mitch McGrann

Enr. English 2

Compare/Contrast Dissertation


Star Wars vs . Star Trek

Throughout the earlier two decades, two science hype cult classics have rivaled each other. Both have strong followings of faithful fans that reside and breath of air these traditional tales. Lunch boxes, tshirts, masks, bed sheets, and figures are only some of the merchandising offspring of these two epic videos. Star Battles and Superstar Trek certainly share many similarities becoming the standards for the genre of science fictional works movies. As the similarities are certainly not difficult to find, especially when various people mistake their titles to be the same task, differences account for he greatness of each movie. If 1 were to place a Trekie (Star Trek fan) and a Star Wars maniac supporter in the same room, absolutely only one can have out in. This is because Superstar Wars and Star Trek are very probably different. Even though Star Battles and Legend Trek are stunning samples of modern science fiction, they are really not the same. Superstar Trek and Star Battles each have got similar and various general ideas, themes, and motives.

To begin with, the technology of Legend Trek and Star Battles hold a few similarities, although mostly variations. Star Battles has the excellent weaponry. Legend Wars features lightsabers (highly dignified glowing swords that slice ti doors just like nuclear powered chainsaws), laserlight blasters, entire world destroying arme, and mystical energy called " the force. " In Celebrity Wars, the majority of ships are capable of light speed, which can approach their ships to different galaxies in mere seconds. Radically molded battle boats and struggle stations also add to the tool arsenal. In general Star Battles has gorgeous fictional technology which actually creates the proper...

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