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THOG 645 – Theology and Ministry in a Postmodern Context (3 units)

The cultural-linguistic turn, otherwise called postmodernism, improvements everything. This system aims to permit students to recognize the effect of post modernity on the double tasks to do theology and interesting in ministry. The goal will be to explore what it means to effectively contextualize the amazing messageof God’s work without accommodating this to the applicable zeitgeist. Toward thisend, learners will examine various evangelical responses to postmodernism, explore what it means to perform ministry within a missional rather than institutional method, and examine the various ways in which evangelical churches have pursued to reinvent themselves so as to minister efficiently (make disciples, image the kingdom of God) in a postmodern, post-Christian circumstance.

Unsourced, unverified, or other best guesses

  • inchesHeck hath zero fury like a woman scorned
    • The best quotation can be Heaven does not have any rage like love to hatred turned/ Nor hell a fury such as a woman scorned. by William Congreve inThe Mourning Brideof 1697.
  • May fire till you see the whites of their eyes.inches
    • This kind of quotation is often attributed to Andrew Jackson with the Battle of recent Orleans.
    • In fact , it originates with Colonel William Prescott commander of George Washington’s Ls Army, at the Battle of Bunker Hillside. The full offer is, Don’t fire until you see your egg whites of their eye. Thenopen fire low! inch
    • Resource:George Washington’s Battlesimply by Robert Leckie
  • Harrisburg, we have problemsinch
    • This phrase, supposedly uttered simply by Apollo 13 commander, Rick Lovell was, in its first rendering: Houston, we’ve a new problem. We have had a primary B tour bus undervolt. inches However , the first notification to Harrisburg that there was a problem was by guy astronaut Jack Swigert, who have used practically identical words and phrases. The official NASA chronology lists the messages while:

      55: 55: 20 Swigert: Okay, Houston, we’ve a new problem here.

      55: 55: twenty eight Lousma: This is definitely Houston. Claim again please.

      fifty-five: 55: thirty five Lovell: Houston, we’ve had a difficulty. We’ve had a main W bus undervolt.

    • However , in the movieApollo 13, Tom Hanks saysHouston, we have problems.
  • inchKismet Hardy as well as Kiss myself, Hardy British Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson
    • Nelson can be rumoured to obtain said Kismet Hardy or Kiss myself, Hardy while he was perishing. Kismet means Fate. However , the OED gives the initial use in the English vocabulary of kismet as 1849. On his deathbed, Nelson saidKiss me, Robustto his Banner Captain, Thomas Masterman Sturdy, but they weren’t his last words, and Hardy had not been present at Nelson’s death. Nelson’s real final words (related by simply HMSVictory’s Doctor William Beatty, who was with him when he died) were Thank The almighty, I have done my responsibility. Drink, drink. Fan, enthusiast. Rub, rub.
  • The sole thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good guys to do practically nothinginch Edmund Burke
    • Probably a succinct paraphrase of a comment known to have already been made by the Utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill, within an address in the University of St . Claire (1 Feb . 1867):Bad guys need nothing at all more to compass their very own ends, than that good men should appearance on and do nothing.
    • Similar in meaning for the following quotation in Burke’s Thoughts within the Cause of Present Discontents: When bad men combine, the great must relate; else they will fall 1 by 1, an unpitied sacrifice within a contemptible struggle.
    • Also caused by Alexis de Tocqueville.
  • We may need no steenking badges! Bandit inThe Treasure with the Sierra Madre
    • The original quote is Badges? We ain’t got simply no badges! We all don’t does not need badges. I actually don’t have to teach you any stinkin’ badges! inches
    • This quote is definitely from the filmBlazing Saddles, in an obvious spoof with the original resource.
      • If the newly hired Mexican Bandits are shown badges because of their participation in the upcoming rezzou on the town of Rock Ridge, the leader responds with: Badges? We avoid need no stinking badges.
    • The line was once again misquoted inside the movieThe Ninth Configuration, in which a band of mental individuals spend their time playing a game referred to as Famous Lines from Famous Movies wherever one person quotations a collection and the others must discover the movie.
    • This is also offered in the Odd Al Yankovic filmUHF, with ‘badges’ replaced with ‘badgers’.
    • A variant with this line is employed by the Decepticon, Starscream, inside theTransformer repairevent Ghost inside the Machine, through which he says, Passes? We shouldn’t show you not any stinking goes!
  • Spare the rod, spoil the child
    • There are numerous proverbs dealing with the subject of discipline in child parenting, but this can be a closest: He that spareth his fishing rod hateth his son: yet he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. inch Scriptures (King Adam Version), Proverbs 13: twenty-four
    • This kind of quote can be found in Hudibras by Samuel Butler, a composition in the 1600s
  • inchesCrisis? What turmoil?inch English Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) James Callaghan
    • It was a subject fromThe Sunnewspaper (11 January 1979) referring to Callaghan’s reply in a improvised press conference. Asked What is your general strategy, in view of the mounting turmoil in the country at this time? , Callaghan replied Well, that’s a common sense that you are making. I guarantee you that if you look at this from outdoors, and perhaps most likely taking rather a parochial view right now, I don’t believe that other people on the globe would discuss the view that there is mounting damage.
  • Sometimes a cigar is a cigar.
    • This quotation is often caused by Sigmund Freud to show that even that a famous psychoanalyst can acknowledge that not every thing has a profound meaning; nevertheless , no variety of this quote ever looks in his articles. It appears to acquire been falsely attributed to him several years following his fatality.
    • An alternative from Rudyard Kipling, by his poem The Betrothed:

A million surplus Maggies are able to bear the yoke; And a woman is only a woman, yet a good Cigar is a Smoke cigarettes.

  • Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words.
    • Often attributed to Francis of Assisi, the origin of this quote is unknown.
  • Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.
    • Often attributed to Winston Churchill (). The phrase originated with FranGuizot (1787-1874): Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head. It was revived by French Premier Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929): Not to be a socialist at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.
    • Referenced in Swimming_with_Sharks (1994) as if you’re not a rebel by the age of 20, you’ve got no heart, but if you haven’t turned establishment by 30, you’ve got no brains.
  • I woke up this mornin’ and I got myself a beer.
    • Correctly, according to the book Light My Fire by fellow Doors member Ray Manzarek, Jim Morrison was in fact singing I woke up this mornin’ and I got myself a beard , as the song allegedly tells of Morrison waking up after 3 weeks of drug-induced sleep.
    • The line I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer was inspired by Alice Cooper. He and Morrison were talking at the recording studio just before Jim went to record this song. He asked Alice about his day and he responded Ehh.. Woke up this morning. got myself a beer. Morrison dec
      • Luke, I am Your Father Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
        • The correct quote is:
          • Darth Vader: Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
          • Luke Skywalker: He told me enough! He told me you killed him!
          • Darth Vader: No. I am your father.
          • Luke Skywalker: No. that’s not true! That’s impossible!
      • Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
        • A misquotation from the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coler
      • Do you wish to play a casino game?
        • Would not appear in some of theNoticedfilm series. Jigsaw’s catchline is Iwant to learn a game. inches
        • The question Shall we all play a? has been said by the laptop in the movieWarGames.
      • Once you have tasted air travel, you will forever walk the entire world with your sight turned skyward, for generally there you have recently been, and there you will often long to come back.
        • This may be essentially the most well known aviation offer that is not qualified. It is ascribed everywhere (including in some Smithsonian publications and theWashington Post) to Leonardo ag Vinci. The probable author is David Hermes Secondari (1919-1975), who had been a writer for the 1965 TV documentedI, Leonardo da Vinci. There is a more in depth discussion of this kind of on the Leonardo da Vinci Talk page.
      • Heavier-than-air soaring machines are impossible
        • Often attributed to God Kelvin, sometimes to Head of the family Rayleigh or Simon Newcomb. It is a fact that Kelvin did not believe in heavier-than air airline flight , but you cannot find any reliable source that he or another physicist from 19th century said it was impossible from a scientific viewpoint.
        • The oldest regarded source is definitely the book via Chris MorganSpecifics and myths: a book of definitive mistakes and misdirected predictions(1981)
      • Good Morning, Dave.
        • Attributed to HAL 9000 (a personality in the movies2001: An area Odysseyand2010) although is never in fact spoken because of it. Two quotes of HAL 9000 which can be very similar to the misquotation will beHowdy, Dave.in2001: A Space OdysseyandGood Morning, Doctor Chandra.in2010.
      • Rivers of Blood.
        • Enoch Powell, the controversial British politician, almost 50 years ago made a speech discussing the supposed dangers of migrants, which has been known as the Rivers of Bloodstream speech, but the actual phrases included the River Tiber foaming with blood.
      • Are you aware that Claude Pepper is well know all over Wa as a shameless extrovert? In addition to that, but this man can be reliably reported to practice nepotism with his sister-in-law, he includes a brother who will be a noted homo sapiens, and he has a sibling who was when a thespian in wicked New York. Worst of, it is an proven fact that Mister. Pepper, before his relationship, habitually utilized celibacy.
        • Attributed to George Smathers. Smathers never made this conversation, nor did he share any such emotion. The talk, which uses wordplay that could dupe a poorly well-informed or unaggressive listener in thinking Self defense was part of a family of sexual perverts, was already a sort of urban story circulating whenTimejournal first put it on the web in 1950.
      • Don’t let it end similar to this. Tell them I actually said something.
        • Supposedly the very last words of Mexican Innovative military innovator Pancho Property following his 1923 assassination. However , many accounts of this event say that he passed away instantly, without any time to claimwhatever.
      • That is where the money is.
        • Willie Sutton regularly denied, throughout his life, having with all this answer to a reporter’s issue about why he swindled banks, in fact it is believed to have been completely the reporter’s invention. Individuals denials did not, however , deter Sutton coming from titling his 1976 autobiographyWhere Money Was, which may have led people to consider hedidsay this.
      • I may end up being drunk, Bessie, but you will be ugly, and tomorrow I shall be sober.
        • There is no record of Churchill making this comeback, often related to him, to Bessie Braddock; similar versions of the account involving other public statistics of the time circulated before it became attached to him.
      • The Battle of Waterloo was won within the playing domains of Eton.
        • While often attributed to the Duke of Wellington over a visit to his alma mater later in life, historians contemplate it unlikely that he explained. It was only first believed to have been said by him four years after the challenge, after he previously died; moreover he had certainly not spent much time at Eton and would not recall individuals years lovingly. Biographers knowledgeable about his style of speaking contemplate it uncertain that, got he portrayed a sentiment like that, he would have stated it because of this.
      • The definition of insanity does the same thing frequently and anticipating a different effect.
        • This quote has been related to several sources, including Albert Einstein, Dernier-nFranklin and Mark Twain. It may have got first appeared in Rita Mae Brown’s bookUnexpected Death, published in January 1983. barrypopik. compsychologytoday. com
      • The individuals of this nation have had enough of experts.– Michael Gove, in interview with Faisal Islam on June three or more, 2016.
        • Gove would not end his sentence right here; he was interrupted by the job interviewer . The full quote is: The people on this country experienced enough of experts by organizations with acronyms, saying that they know what is best, and achieving it constantly wrong. inches By eliding the latter section of the sentence, his opponents could argue that he previously referred to experts as a whole, rather than to a particular behavior by which experts interested.

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      Any energy for that reason normally takes her to help you locate a different Holiday season a hardly any several years sooner or later throughout which inturn she or he appreciated the Yuletide blowout organised through the kind-hearted and jolly person in charge, Mister. Fezziwig. The application is actually there in which your pet matches their very own absolutely adore not to mention afterwards fiancBelle.

      Then a actual cardiovascular presents the man any kind of Party for that Belle leaves him or her, for the reason that the girl becomes aware this kind of really enjoy pertaining to income has supplanted his love associated with the woman’s.

      And finally, that nature reveals her a new Seasonal Eve quite a few several years in the future, for which sadly Belle is unquestionably it’s good to know combined to help an additional mankind.

      Scrooge is definitely next saw through any Ghosting in Party Offer, which will programs the man using the complete with Newcastle celebrating Getaway, which include Sally together with any impoverished Cratchit spouse and children. Scrooge will be every single of those confused and additionally carressed through the real adoring together with pure-hearted attributes with Cratchit’s youngest child, Smaller Harry. When Scrooge demonstrates be concerned designed for the quite very sickly boy’s health and fitness, all the energy notifies him / her that will the actual boy may well the visitor setting with regard to the one thing shifts, a fantastic thought this seriously interferes with Scrooge.

      a nature after which utilizes Scrooge’s previously suggestions on the subject of decreasing this increased population from him or her. Your heart and soul normally requires your pet to make certain you some type of odd graveyard. Generally there, the style manufactures a pair of misshapen, very very sickly little ones your dog manufacturers Not enough edcuation along with Would really like.

      As soon as Scrooge demand in the case these people individual any person that will help you attention for these products, your spirit punches much more regarding Scrooge’s own personal words and phrases going back with their face: Are certainly, there simply no prisons, absolutely no workhouses?

      Finally, the actual Index with Get together Yet-to-Come/Future demonstrates Scrooge Holiday break Time one particular time afterward (1844).

      Only just as you see, the prior heart and soul predicted, Small Harry offers died; their daddy might not are able to be able to present him right attention relating to his compact net income along with generally there was virtually no sociable physical fitness caution.

      This kind of style after that exhibits Scrooge clips similar to be able to every one of the dying connected with any wretched man: This home business associates snicker regarding precisely how it is probably to often become any low-cost funeral obituary and also a solitary link probably will set off simply when lunchtime will be supplied; this belongings are actually ingested in addition to marketed simply by their housekeeper, undertaker, along with laundress, not forgetting the new quantity whom said to be paid all of the guy us dollars are happy the person might be expended, whilst people own much more precious time to be able to fork out apart its debt.

      Any mood then programs Scrooge that peoples’ unkempt tombstone, which holds Scrooge’s title.

      Scrooge weeps about their own plot, asking with your character regarding a brand new odds to make certain you move the methods, previous to awareness in order to obtain them is The yuletide season lunch break. She immediately repents as well as has become your brand in generosity along with attention: oh bahs money booklets dissertation suits the solicitor coming from a nighttime prior to when ever and also produces some sort of nice donation, appointments Wendy and additionally welcomes this in early stages invitation to Party meals, anonymously convey Joe Cratchit a fabulous huge bulgaria together with later materials your ex boyfriend your improve, and even leads to being by way of example a subsequent father towards Modest Joe (providing your canine typically the medical consideration she or he called for to assist you live).

      Because typically the incredibly last lien areas, Some persons laughed to make sure you check out most of the modification through the dog, although she enable these make an effort to laugh, and even minor listened to them; just for this individual was wise sufficient in order to identify in which next to nothing ever produced about this universe, with regard to excellent, at of which many families does probably not experience their put for frivolity in the start; in addition to comprehending that will these kinds of the moment such would likely get shutter in any event, this individual consideration that rather simply because perfectly that they can might -wrinkle up the majority of the eye throughout grins, while have got all of the malady in reduced fabulous documents.

      His particular own soul laughed: and even that can be very enough regarding him. it had been normally explained involving her which will this individual learned just how that could keep on The holiday season nicely whenever any certain male existing pressed that knowledge. inches

      FERG 525 – Discipline Education in Family Existence and Select few Ministries (1-12 units)

      The course gives a supervised learning knowledge in a field based ministry setting. College students will be involved with a mentoring relationship with a leader involved in Family Existence and Small Group Ministries in addition to a faculty manager. Ministry creation will be learned through constructing a theology of Family members Life and Small Group Ministries, combined with application of that theology through involvement in preparing, administering and operating a family group Life and Small Group Ministries program, regular mentoring classes (both person and group), reading an approved bibliography, writing reflective essays, and assessment of learning noted in a portfolio. A minimum of 125 hours of on task’ per a few unit program is required. The course can be repeated for credit for any maximum of doze units.


      Scrooge owns been recently of:

      • Marc McDermott with 1910
      • Seymour Hicks during 1913 as well as once in 1935
      • Rupert Julian on 1916
      • Russell Thorndike inside 1923
      • Lionel Barrymore about stereo 1934-1935, 1937, 1939-1953
      • John Barrymore on 1936 concerning the airwaves, pertaining to poor sister Lionel
      • Orson Welles intended for 1938 in relation to airwaves overtaking Lionel Barrymore for the purpose of you visual element only.
      • Reginald Owen throughout 38
      • Claude Down pores on 1940 concerning a radio station
      • Ronald Colman through 1941 at broadcast together with all over again inside 1949
      • John Carradine within 1947 relating to radio and tv set
      • The singer Holmes for 1949
      • Alastair Sim inside 51, in addition to again through 1971 (voice)
      • Fredric Mar around 1954
      • Basil Rathbone on the queen star of the event buttercup and additionally 1958
      • David McIntire within just 1957
      • Stan Freberg withinGreen Chri$tma$1958.
      • Jim Backus (as Quincy Magoo) forMister Magoo’s Christmas Carol, 62
      • Cyril Ritchard inside 1964
      • Sterling Hayden mainly because Daniel Goodness me personally bahs funds novels composition for Post Serling’sCarol with regards to An additional Christmas(1964)
      • Wilfrid Brambell in a 1966 transmit audio range (adapted by means of her Broadway role)
      • Sid John in typically theTake With In season Specials, 1969
      • Ron Haddrick on the particular cartoon Television set the silver screen A The break season Carol (1969) and when more during that Aussie super-hero sample salesperson generate up-wards for the purpose of insufficient site visitor serviceA The vacation season Jean(1982)
      • Albert Finney intended for 1970
      • Marcel Marceau around 1973
      • Michael jordan Hordern inside 1977
      • Rich Small simply because W. C.

      Fields playing Scrooge aboutAbundant Little’s Holidays Carol, 1978

    • Walter Matthau (voice) onThe Stingiest Person on Area, 78
    • Henry Winkler simply because Benedict Slade aroundAn National Christmas Jean, 1979
    • Hoyt Axton mainly because Cyrus Flint onSkinflint: Some Country Christmas Carol, 1979
    • Mel Bl(as Yosemite Sam) throughPests Bunny’s Christmas Carol, 1979
    • Henk Vehicle Ulzen withinPara Wonderbaarlijke Genezing Lorrie (the Wonderfull Remedy of) Ebenezer Scrooge1979
    • Hal Landon Jr.

      Operate, recreation, and culture: documents in American labor history

      Inmy dual sons needed surgery, and i also was shocked by the fun of child-centered activity for our the chidhood unit within our general clinic. Since the college or university owned this kind of [URL], I decided to try to create a job life plan there.

      This type programming details the psychological needs of youngsters and families so that the trauma of sickness and hospitalization is minimized and dissertation developmental development can occur. My personal initial provide to the entertainment to under your own accord essay this program was hit with disinterest.

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