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Canon started off as a company with a small number of employees and a passionate desire. Soon, organization became a world-renowned camera maker and after this is a global multimedia company. With over 60 years of technological expertise, organization passion remains unchanged. Cannon will continue using its technology to advantage people as it pursues the objective of becoming a company that is loved by persons throughout the world. In 1933, Roppongi area of Tokyo dedicated to making high-quality cameras was placed in a simple condo room. Most high-quality cams were European with the the greater part coming from Philippines. They prevailed in building a prototype, which was named Kwanon. Then in 1935, Japan's first-ever thirty five mm focal-plane-shutter camera, the Hanza Rule, was born, marking the origins of the Rule brand. 1941, Canon was diversifying itself with the intro of Japan's first indirect X-ray camera and other goods. In 1960, the company methods toward variation by adding electrical, physical and chemical technology to the optical and precision solutions. Canon entered the office tools market while using debut in the world's 1st 10-key electric calculator in 1964. Challenge of developing Japan's first plain daily news copying equipment, which it introduced in 1970. Canon extended to develop under the Premier Company Strategy. With the daybreak of the personal computer age, released a products included a personal copying equipment based on an all-in-one cartridge system, a laser inkjet printer with semiconductor laser, and a Bubble Jet inkjet printer. Concurrently, Canon began its drive towards the positive effect through global production. Rule Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd started operations in Malaysia in 1987. Today it has became an important corporate person and invested considerable time and energy in growing channels to gain access to the market. Developing from durability to power since its inception, Canon Malaysia celebrates the 25th anniversary in 2012. In past times 25 years it has become a brand identifiable with many industry firsts introduced the 1st ever before plain daily news fax and color transcrire in Malaysia, the remarkably popular Bubble Jet inkjet printer, 1st ever color send machines as well as the world's littlest and slimmest DVD Camcorder in 2006. The mission of Canon Business to client in Malaysia aim to strongly uphold away duty and responsible toward customer by treating while using utmost value, care and devotion at all times. For the business enterprise, the company aims to reach the very best peak by simply achieving the best possible market stocks and shares in the sales coming from all range of Canon product. To the society, Several stands proud as a liable corporate citizen that nicely contributes the company time, efforts and expertise to customers, Malaysian society and environment.

Award and Quality Certification of Canon in Malaysia, it has frequently been acknowledged for getting international regular quality in its operations and administration and awarded the MS ISO 9002: year 1994 in yr 2000. Because further recognition of the firm, it received an upgraded certification to INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 9001: 2150 standards in June 2002. The ISO certification was awarded for business operations at the head office – Sales, Advertising & After-Sales Services for Office Automation System, Laptop Peripherals and Cameras. In 2007, Canon Marketing Malaysia also effectively acquired ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Work-related, Health & Safety Managing Systems certifications.

Canon is fully commited and will continue to strive to get a household name and a leading company, sought after because of its quality and reliability in products and services, really fulfilling its business tagline, Delighting You Always, for the time being and well into the future.

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