Bus 210 Week 3 Checkpoint

 Bus 210 Week several Checkpoint Composition


Code of Values

Geraldine St Fleur



Karen Wilson


The code of conduct is usually to make sure that we take responsibility intended for our employee's actions. We believe that we should act in an ethical manner at all times to guard our company and clients. Organization Vision

The vision of this organization is to give the most memorable service our clients may have at any time experienced. Were here to protect the patient's privacy and also to create possibilities for those seeking to climb the organization ladder. The Rehab Middle that loves you is a Non-profit Organization that has many private traders and gets funding from the government. All of us pride ourself in offering top services for our clients that are having a hard time with drugs or alcohol. All of us don't look at the patients as just people but we look at all of them as themselves just needing someone to make them get back to working properly in society. Overview of Code of Conduct

We practice individual responsibility, integrity, and accountability. We all ensure to complete the job correct and if virtually any issues happen than we all will make just about every attempt that it is resolved in a professional and swift manner. Our code of perform helps all of us in our making decisions process. The rules apply not only to you but also to my opinion and everyone inside the company. The guidelines must be evaluated and recognize by everyone in this firm regardless of their very own title. Our code is present to promote lawful conduct and helps protect you with any kind of questions that you may have regarding moral or legal dimension. Code of Conduct

This kind of company's reputation is very important and that we would like to become recognized as creating a great status. In order for all of us to do so the employees (rather salary or perhaps staffed) need to conduct business in accordance with the best level of ethical standards. We could expected to behave honestly, honorably, and we will need to have decency toward everyone that comes...

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