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Selected documents and literary journalism

Darkness of a Drought: Cape Town’s water catastrophe and its wake.Economical Times, 27 Come july 1st, 2018.

great desires for a post-apartheid culture, eliminated too soon’ About Phaswane Mpe, Moses Taiwa Molelekwa and K Huella Duiker (excerpt fromFirepool).Johannesburg Report on Books, 3 This summer 2017.

The Sound of Islay. Introducing theFT/ Bodley Brain essay competition.Economic Times11 November 2016.

The Institute for the Less Good option. Profile of William Kentridge forFinancial Momentsmagazine, 2 September 2016.

Half-lives, Half Facts. Svetlana Alexievich and the Elemental Imagination. South Africa PEN essay series, 18 August 2016.

Nuclear Summer. A walk through To the south Africa’s elemental pasts and futures.Sunday Occasions, 7 February 2016.

Distant Horizons. MAN Booker International Prize Finalists and Rhodes Need to Fall with the University of Cape Community.Economical Times, 3 The spring 2015.

The Life of the My very own. Remembering Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014).Business Daytwenty two July 2014.

N2: A Literature Assessment. Narratives in the Road in South Africa.Cityscapes.Issue 05, April 2014.

New Maps of Africa. Review of Teju ColeEvery Day is made for the Thief(Faber, 2014) and Mark GevisserRLost and Found in Johannesburg. (Granta, 2014).New Statesman13-19 June, 2014.

Closed Town. Walking through Cape Town with Teju Cole.Financial Timestwenty-four January 2014.

Indefinite Wait. The Last Times of Nelson Mandela.Fresh Statesman10 August 2013. Cover story.

Road N2 Revisited.Monetary Times20 September 2013.

Alchemists of the Regular. Review of Isabel HofmeyrGandhi’s Stamping Press: Experiments in Slow Reading &Archie DickThe Hidden History of To the south Africa’s Book and Studying Cultures.Mail & Mom or dad, 3 August 2013.

Don’t State Etc: Shed and Found in the Work of Ivan Vladislavic.Community Books, 6 Mar 2013.

Obtaining Past Coetzee. Winner of the inauguralFinancial Timesas well as Bodley Head Essay Competition, 2012. Also published because digital e-short by Bodley Head.

On first impressions, snap conclusions and Achille Mbembe’s feeling of style.

Openings column (shorter version):Economical Times14 Aug 2015.

is the most grandiose experiment the world offers yet viewed, ‘ had written Sigmund Freud in 1909, We am scared, it will not be a success’. 106 years later on I spotted the line over a poster whilst attending a conference at Ny University my initially visit to the States. That cheered me up throughout a misanthropic, jet-lagged daze make off a fancy series of recognitions. For one thing, I had been thinking over the same lines myself, and marshalling every scrap of evidence to clinch the situation: the bad espresso at four dollars a pop; the rubbish everywhere; the truth that I acquired asked to maneuver out the way for least five times a day.

But at another level, the things i responded to was your tone: the sweeping confidence of the assertion, with that magisterial throwaway offer am afraid’. How this kind ofMittel-Western sentence stoops down by on excessive, taking their time (four commas), to provide a vast, over-reaching social analysis on an entire continent. This, I noticed, was a words that I identify from people coming tomycountry and making huge pronouncements about South Africa or just when they have barely stepped off of the plane. A quick taxi trip from Gabardine Town Worldwide to the guesthouse and previously they are professionals.

Book chapters

Tough luck Ways: Teaching Writing, Innovative and Or else.On the Foot of the Volcano: Reflections on Educating at a South Africa University, ed. Susan Levine, HSRC Press, 2018.

Nothing Incredible: E. M. Forster and the English limit, inRelocations: Reading Culture in South Africa(University of Cape Town Press, 2015).

Sea Point Contact: Preface to a Fictional History of Shawl Town (Never Written).Weeds and Viruses: Ecopolitics and the Demands of Theory.Publishers: Cordula Lemke (Friedrich Trommelstock Graduate School) and Jennifer Wawrzinek (English Institute), Company of English, Freie UniversitBerlin (2015). Foreword simply by Dipesh Chakrabarty.

Bushmen’s Letters’: |Xam narratives in the Bleek and Lloyd Collection and their Afterlives. Chapter OneThe Cambridge Great South African Literature(2012), male impotence. David Attwell and Derek Attridge.

ViaThe Origin of Terminologyto a Language of Origin: a Prologue towards the Grey Collection, inPrint, Textual content and Publication Cultures in South Africa, ed. Toby van welcher Vlies, Johannesburg: Wits Press, 2012.

The Hoerikwaggo Trail (and just after): a jogging seminar.

Postamble | A transdisciplinary journal of African Studies.

Last period I did it with three old friends, and in the contrary direction. This time from Hat Point to area with a population group that I failed to know quite as well, the majority of them university types. The idea (not mine) was to turn it into a walking seminar on cultures’, a trial run for a residency that will happen not in institutional buildings but out in the air.

Slightly distrustful of this at first almost all I wanted in the hike was to decompress, area mind empty after a strangely-shaped year. But still, on the 1st day I actually played along, using my primary college teacher Mister Bench’s recollection technique (one-drum, two-shoe, three-tree, four-door etc . ) to log impacts that looked like worth saving from the wave of heat, perspiration, walking, feet on rock and roll, sand, tiny rocks. The sensorium changes, opensthe Bodley Head / FT dissertation competition.

Just before We turned 31 I was homeless for a while. Destitute is the incorrect word, an exaggeration. Yet I was in Edinburgh with little funds and nowhere fast to live and the days and nights were obtaining shorter. And so i took me personally off for the Scottish destinations with a motorcycle and two red water-proof panniers. The master plan was to be in bothies stone cottage that protection hikers and climbers, remote control structures in the hills where you just arrive and consider your chances.

I were only available in Oban for the west coastline, then pedalled south for the ferry slot on Loch Tarbert one of the very long fingers of ocean that reach profound and diagonally into Argyll. This was a blunder, since there was clearly too much traffic on the landmass. Massive cold fronts broke in off of the Atlantic, one particular after the different. I tried to cycle inside the lulls among showers unfortunately he soaked through my Gore-Tex by rain and truck spray. I discovered myself not able not to take those headwind privately. I would burst regularly in tears around the hard make destitute, jobless, delinquent and soaked.

Things increased when I boarded the ferry to Islay (pronounced Eye-La). A couple bought me lunch break because I fixed their very own punctures. Almost all us cyclists rolled off of the boat ahead of the vehicles we would encounter each other for different jetties and pubs and bunkhouses all through the isles: instant camaraderie. I frequented distilleries and hiked into a bothy within a remote cove. The bungalow was full of other people’s leavings: oatcakes and freshly slice peat in a creel, sparkly cutlery and coffee planting pots all set up there just like the Marie Astrale. I half-expected a party of spectral hill walkers to come back any day, but no one ever would. It was simply me, me personally and I pinned down by (another) frightening Atlantic storm for three days and three times.

When it subsided, I entered to Juristik: a wilder, emptier place where you need to constantly verify yourself intended for ticks, because the island is included with deer. Jura is also (I learned) the place where George Orwell lived in a remote cottage towards the end of his existence, where he wrote19 Eighty-Four, and done the memoir These kinds of Were the Joys’. This triumphantly miserable piece regarding his schooldays is certainly one of my favourite pieces of non-fictional the entire and I have always taken it while significant this was the essay he was revising on his deathbed. Orwell would come here to retreat from literary Birmingham, and was once almost drowned in the renowned whirlpool of Corryvreckan off Jura’s north coast. You may hear the thunderous appear from in which I stayed on a camp site big chunks of rock being stirred on the sea bed, such as the long, drawn-out roar of a passing plane.

Research Hobbies

  • 20c and contemporary books
  • Southern region African writing, history and performance culture
  • Literary non-fiction: life-writing, long-form, memoir, composition
  • Environmental humanities; Anthropocene arts and activism; books and the environmental imagination
  • Creative producing: narrative non-fiction and the dissertation
  • Composing and music, sound studies

We joined the department this season as a lecturer in the southern part of African and postcolonial literatures, and since then simply my studies have grown progressively out of my important work in three several but related branches.

The first worriesgenres and forms of narrative non-fiction, initially within the Southern African context, but also in other transition, postcolonial or decolonising societies. A book about this subjectExperiments with Truth: Narrative Non-fiction and the Coming of Democracy in South Africaappeared in the African Jointures series via James Currey / Boydell and Machine in 2019. It is exploring the variety of non-fictional methods that are concurrently drawn about, refashioned and blurred in to each other in South Photography equipment writing: lifestyle writing, memoir, experimental auto/biography, investigative journalism, the Have difficulties memoir, the diary, microhistorical and archival reconstruction.

My own second exploration strand pertains to theenvironmental humanities in the global South: how queries of ecology, climate science and environmental justice could be addressed coming from literary studies and the imaginative arts, and specifically through the perspective of the African place. This has triggered my function in creating Environmental Humanities South, a pluridisciplinary research cluster and postgraduate programme in the Faculty of Humanities which launched in 2015. Most of my analysis in this field explores the difficult regards between postcolonial and environmentalist approaches inside the humanities, and what inquiries of profound time, sluggish violence, climate change and the nonhuman carry out to literary form. My spouse and i am specifically interested in the intersections among creative non-fiction, global environmental crisis as well as the arts of environmental rights and level of resistance.

A third fascination lies in thecritical and story essay like a genre, and also as a method of teaching imaginative writing. Examples of my operate this area will be collected inFirepool: Experiences in an Abnormal Community(2017), a mixture of ethnic criticism, personal essays and memoir. I actually am devoted to more open public forms of scholarship or grant, and write regularly for local and international guides like theNew Statesman, Financial TimesandMail&Guardian.

Diary articles

Tests with Real truth: Narrative non-fiction in South Africa.Current Writing: Text and Reception in The southern part of Africa, 31: 2 (2019).

Impossible Images: Car radio Astronomy, the SKA plus the Limits of Representation.Journal of Southern Photography equipment Studies(forthcoming 2019).

Teaching environmentally friendly Humanities: Foreign Perspectives and Practices (contributing author).Environmental Humanities(forthcoming 2019).

Very Strange Relationship’: Lifestyle Writing, Overwriting and the Scandal of Biography in the Gordimer-Roberts Affair.Biography41: 1 (2018).

N2: Reading and Writing the South Photography equipment Highway.Social Dynamics43: 1 (2017).

An Interview with Rustum Kozain.Wasafiri31: 2 (2016).

Unusable Pasts: Life-writing, Literary Non-fiction plus the Case of Demetrios Tsafendas.Study in African Literatures, 46: a few (2015).

Unpleasant Narratives and the Inverse of Slow Physical violence: Alien Types in Science and Contemporary society.Environmental Humanitiesvol. several (2015). Co-authored with Susanna LidstrClaire West, Tania Katzschner and M. Isabel P(KTH Royal Start of Technology, Sweden).

Visions of Tsafendas: Literary Resource and the Restrictions of 16: 4 (2015).

Rachel Carson and the Possible risks with Simplicity: BrowsingNoiseless Springfrom the Global South.Ariel44: Exceptional Issue on Postcolonial Ecocriticism (May, 2014).

a Country Where You Could not Make this Clips Up? ‘ Literary Non-fiction in S. africa. With reactions by Sophie Clingman, Rob Nixon yet others.Safundi13: 1-2. Special Issue: Beyond Rivalry: Simple fact | Fiction, Literature | History, ed. Rita Barnard, (2012).

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