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1 . The typical System Theory was expounded by ……………………….

a] Morton Kaplan

b] Lunsdwing Von Bertallanfy

c] David Easton

d] Karl Deutch.

installment payments on your The Input-Output approach and Structural –Functional approach had been derived kind:

a] The Personal Stimulation approach

b] The Quantitative approach

c] The overall System Theory

d] Sociological way.

3. Who have said " Political Research is the research of sharing and framing of power” a] Lasswell and Kaplan

b] Robert A. Dhal

c] David Easton

d] Paul Jesse

4. Who said " Political strategy is a sub-system of sociable system” a] David Easton

b] Gabriel Almond

c] Morton Kaplan

d] Karl Deutch.

a few. Which in the following is definitely not a real estate of politics system explained by Almond: a] Comprehensiveness

b] Interdependence

c]Existence of boundaries

d] Creation.

6. Who also said " Power corrupts and overall power corrupts absolutely”: a] Robert A. Dhal

b] David Easton

c] Lord Acton

d] Paul Jesse.

7. The Five Features of politics system was explained by ……………… a] Almond and Powell

b] Robert A. Dhal

c] Talcott Parson

d] David Easton.

8. Black-Box Model was your contribution of ………………. a] Morton Kaplan

b] Lunsdwing Von Bertallanty

c] David Easton

d] Karl Deutch.

9. Which of the pursuing is a great input function according to Almond: a] Political culture

b] Politics development

c] Curiosity Articulation

d] Politics structure.

10. Which from the following is definitely an insight function relating to David Easton: a] Decisions

b] Communication

c] Helps

d] non-e of these.

11. In the Input-Output Way of David Easton, Feedback means: a] Response by the associates

b] Decision taken by Legislature, Business and Judiciary

c] Demands with the people

d] Support of the people.

12. What kind of the next is not just a type of interest articulation in respect to Almond? a] Institutional Curiosity Groups

b] Non- associational Curiosity Groups

c] Associational Interest Groupings

d] Non-institutional Interest Groups

13. Interest assemblage is the function of ……………. a] Religious Organizations

b] Social Groups

c] Political parties

d] Media.

16. The main exponent of Politics Communication was ……………… a] Karl Deutch

b] Utmost Weber

c] Bingham Powell

d] Carl J. Friedrich.

15. Which usually of the next is not a capability of political system in respect to Cashew: a] Responsive features

b] Symbolic functions

c] Creative features

d] Regulative functions.

16. Which will of the next is no Output function according to Almond? a] Legislature

b] Political functions

c] Executive

d] Judiciary.

17. ‘A Framework intended for Political Analysis' and ‘A System Evaluation of Political Life' would be the books authored by …………………..

a] Kernel and Powell

b] Robert A. Dhal

c] Talcott Parson

d] David Easton.

18. ‘Process of Government' was written by:

a] Robert A. Dhal

b Talcott Parson

c] David Easton.

d] Arthur Bentley.

19. Which one with the following is a two conditions exist in Input-Output way according to David Easton:

a] International and National environments

b] Social and Political environments

c] Internal and External environments

d] Intra-societal and Extra-societal surroundings.

20. Politics system have been defined as " that approach to interactions in different society through which binding or perhaps authoritative allocation are made and implemented” simply by:

a] Robert A. Dhal

b] David Easton

c] Greatest extent Weber

d] Paul Janet.

twenty one. ‘The behaviour, beliefs and orientations from the people towards Politics' is referred to as: a] Political Socialization

b] Political Tradition

c] Political Evaluation

d] Political Method.

22. What kind of the next is not a dimension of individual orientation? a] Cognitive positioning

b] Authoritative alignment

c] Affective positioning

d] Evaluative positioning.

22. Cognitive orientation means:

a]Understanding of

b] Feelings intended for


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