Council of Nicea

 Council of Nicea Dissertation

Introduction- Justification of the Authorities of Nicea

The First Council of Nicea was congregated by the Roman emperor Constantine in 325 AD. It was the first ecumenical conference of Bishops in the Christian Cathedral and the purpose was to formulate one last understanding of Jesus Christ instead of delete word many inaccurate teachings of Him. This kind of led to the creation from the Nicene Creed, a standard statement of the Christian beliefs. The Authorities came to an agreement in the House of worship of Alexandria over the terms of Christ in relationship to the Daddy and also agreed on a date for Easter, one of the most celebrated function in the Christian calendar.

Reasons for the Council of Nicea

There are several factors that resulted in the assembly from the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. In 313 AD, Christianity could now be freely used without a fear of being persecuted. As a result, the church grew dramatically in numbers therefore did the false chapel heretics. Because of this factor it became very difficult to clarify the correct theories of Christ. Therefore , the council of Nicea was assembled to talk about the true theories of Christ. One particular false teaching was Arianism. Arianism was a theory that described Jesus got no relation to God the Father and trained that Jesus was a succinct, pithy being. The Arianism belief caused major controversy in the Church including the Council of Nicea, the Arianism doctrine was condemned. Section of the reason for getting the council was to make one final understanding of Christ. Emperor Constantine and the guy bishops asked to the authorities created the Nicene Creed which can be the Christian statement of religion. Furthermore, the council was assembled jointly to set a date for Easter. The Council decided that Easter needs to be celebrated on the first On the after the Equinox and should be celebrated about the same day simply by all. However , some Christian believers celebrated Easter on the 14th of the Legislation month ‘Nisan'. To avoid he problem of those two...

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