Ascii Code

 Ascii Code Essay

Samuel Mercuri

MGF 1107


Project several

Computers do not recognize characters, text, or words. They will only cope with numbers. To get computers to work with textual content, we have to stand for each personality as a number.

The text data you read and create are actually placed, loaded into memory, and transposed in to numbers. When the file is shown in your screen, the numbers happen to be transposed once again into letters and text message. The 1st 31 ASCII codes control commands, or non printable characters that control how the data will be interpreted.

ASCII is a computer system code actually based on the letters from the English abece. It is an phrase for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is utilized to represent text message in personal computers, communications products, and text messaging devices. Every letter and number has an ASCII code. Selected commands are given a great ASCII code. For example , the ASCII code for A can be 65, and the ASCII code for 5 is 52. Work on the ASCII code started in 60, and in late 1960s President Lyndon B Manley mandated that most computers acquired by the Us government support ASCII code. Computers employ ASCII code to exchange their views.

The subsequent table reveals the ASCII code to get letters, quantities, and commands. The ASCII code pertaining to the word " Bears” can be: 66 101 97 114 115. Note that the ASCII code is unique for uppercase and lowercase letters.

W: 66

electronic: 101

a: 97

ur: 114

s i9000: 115

By same token- the code: 68 105 115 128 99 121 would examine " Disney” once transposed.

68: D

105: i

121: s

128: n

99: electronic

121: sumado a

You could find these for example of how we all use our computers to communicate. All of us type albhabets and words and phrases, the computer transposes them to a code which it can understand and sends it on your friend's computer system. Your pal's computer is aware of the code and transposes it back into text so that your friend can read what you wrote.


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