Analysis of UOB acquisition of Bank of Asia

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Uncertainty Prevention

Thailand and Singapore have similar results in several categories, but differ substantially inside ‘Uncertainty Avoidance’. As stated just before, this score relates to the tolerance of uncertainty as well as the lengths to which one is going to alleviate uncertainness. An example of how uncertainty could be reduced is by using the creation of control/hierarchy structures to force re-checks at several stages. From the interview with both respondents, this was also proved to be apparent in addition to BOA the moment questions about communication buildings and hierarchy were released:

Before, [BOA] was a extremely traditional Thai bank when ever talking connection. Many steps to the top. inches

The merger brought changes to this structure, practically cutting the steps for the top by 50 %. These adjustments have been a part of a supervision initiative to enhance internal conversation, increase efficiency in work operations and techniques in TIMA to better align the two banking companies. However , whilst this has lowered the official pecking order levels, the impression of range is still experienced UOB staff today.

We still do not merely go visit the boss once we want, needs to have a good reason. inch

M&A tendencies in the financial industry

The final two decades possess witnessed several major modifications in our business environment brought about by several events including 9/11, the economic downturn etc . These types of events include reshaped the organization landscape and priorities to get M&A’s especially in the banking sector. Financial institutions now face an incredibly challenging environment.

The objective for the positive effect is no longer limited to improving profit margins. The investment industry has become a global business and investors are looking for internationally diversified portfolios. This necessitates global expansion for several banking and economical firms. Because of the financial turmoil witnessed within the previous couple of years, it has become imperative for firms to restructure their organizations and increase transparency and efficiency to draw more assets. In order to do a lot of banks happen to be acquiring others to power their ideas into their matching home market segments and usage of their significant customer base.

Analysts expect to get a lot of domestic consol > The entire year 2004 found 23% more M&A’s when compared to year 2003 which found only a 7% boost as compared to last year. The height in such activities was in the season 2000 but latest data shows that there was only one third that number of acquisitions in 2007. With financial institutions currently looking to consolidate all their positions after the economic crisis experienced occurred just lately, they are mostly in the capital-preservation mode and would be even more cautious about undertaking mergers and acquisitions for example. this sort of activity would be given lower goal. As the Asian financial systems recover and stabilize in the foreseeable future, greater M&A activities should be expected with banking companies venturing in to greener pastures and more beneficial investment options.

Rationale pertaining to deal

Today’s business environment is quite violent due to enhancements made on economic events frequently. Over the last decade a lot of economic situations occurs in different continents which usually force to the organization to rethink and restructure their very own corporate tactics so that they can gain the sustainable competitive benefit. The current economical forces just like Global financial crisis, high-profile corporate misconduct cases in america and emerging economic prominence of China and tiawan and India all these celebration leads business reshape their particular corporate approaches. Bes >#@@#@!. Even more, UOB’s aim is to take those market command in Asia-Pacific regions in consumer and commercial financial services by simply creating more shareholder worth. These economic forces and dynamic permanent objectives initiates UBO to series of obtaining.

During the acquisitions time, UOB use picky approach to acquire banks in the area where a strategic fit is. In addition , UOB also appears local companions and specialist to gain from their understanding of the local environment. In case there is Thailand, UOB was looking for spouse and specialist in financial sectors such as Bank of Asia who can meet the ideal fit. Lender of Asia had rigorous market and customer knowledge in banking sector with extensive occurrence in Asia. UOB found similar business culture, extremely motivated and productive staff, homogenous services, all many same organizational structure, easily modifiable technology, lower opportunistic behavior of Bank of Asia which in turn helps UOB to acquiring Bank of Asia. Furthermore, some other factors like versatile government regulation, low expansion and purchase cost, reduce communication and coordination cost, closer geographical location leads UOB for attaining.

Future potential customers for the merged UOB

For future successful organization in Asia banking sector, UOB has to redefine it is strategies in a few areas just like long-term competitive advantage in Thai market segments, faster and even more effective incorporation, define exceptional capabilities and core competencies, full co-operation of the attained firm best management, crucial personnel stay in the new merged company. To get gaining competitive advantage in Thai market, UOB should differentiate and define the core competencies and capabilities in the areas of efficient personnel, faster services delivery procedure, keep commitment at the time of dealing with customer etc . Delivering outstanding service needs well integration among the office and continuous flows of information. During the service delivery, UOB should also identify and eradicate some bureaucratic complexity that can ensure quick and faster delivery. In addition , it is necessary to build cooperation among UOB and Bank of Asia to management. They have to have friendly mentality, and everybody should respect the other person ideas, thinking and experience knowledge. Another important thing, key personnel in every single level of administration should live in the new put together company. It is vital because UOB brings new ideas and experiences coming from abroad plus the same period Bank of Asia gets the knowledge of Thailnder market. In combination of each party, I would work to develop and generate upcoming strategies.

Systems and processes

After acquiring to the Bank of Asia, UOB should manage the mixing process in the area of human resources, capital resources, process and actions. Usually, key difficulties just like both industrys different traditions, different management, different ideals, different financial and control system happen during the purchase period. First of all, UOB attempted to find the behaviour of worker which means doubt and anxiousness, crisis of identity, Inter-group conflict and unfair treatment etc . Keeping in mind these issues, UOB supplies the employees to choose whether they will remain with UOB or certainly not. Without placing any pressure on worker, UOB also provides the employee particular package whom are willing to leave the company. This way, the UOB is capable to lower the doubt and anxiousness of worker. Besides, by simply introducing a few social program e. g. sports celebration, the UOB trying to tie up and generate good marriage among the staff with a pretty manner. The UOB bank has found a few difficulties in management system of Financial institution of Asia. Though the bank of Asia has the great market existence in Thailand, but the staff and personnel has the problems to operate business in different level. That’s why; UOB introduces several dynamic staff and worker development plan like managing trainee, administration associate and so forth Main objectives of UOB at Asia to permeate market and expand it is global market share; leads UOB to produce and look after productive employee who can satisfy the end customer need at Asia. UOB try to build the client relationship supervision who will result in credit and lone section. Beside, UOB also found a few weak points in its branch Managing of Bank of Asia and focus to develop successful branch administrator. To meet the challenges and attain the objectives in Thai-market, UOB restructure the selection and recruitment method so that it can pick potential applicant and who are able to lead the business in future. Additionally , UOB as well changes in its top supervision level such as the Bank of Asia’s plank of administrators has changed by a fresh management staff from Singapore’s United Abroad Bank. Mister. Chavalit Thanachanan was changed as leader by Early Cho Yaw, and Mr. Chulakorn Singhakowin was replaced as chief executive and CEO by Wong Kim Choong, Chua Teng Hui was a deputy director and deputy CEO in the bank and Wee Cho Yaw, the newest chairman, served as chief of UOB in Singapore while Doctor Wee’s kid, Wee Ee Cheong, was deputy chief.

Since UOB had the problems in taking care of and choosing among the office, UOB restructured and established its office in terms of front side, middle and back table. Front table responsible for revenue, customer care, earnings, credit, company and operate marketing, speak to etc . Central desk build with 150 branches which use to offer expansion of business financial, and do another strategic businesses. Back table consist with Human section, Management Info Department to aid the procedures. UOB is attempting to create the flow info among the whole department to make certain faster customer support.

Discrimination regarding the core ideals was discovered between Financial institution of Asia and UOB after the obtain. It is necessary to set up common core value to get successful business, and UOB defined their core principles with sincerity, excellence, crew work, and responsibility. UOB interprets and encourages its employees to uphold and practices key values during behaving and interacting with each other.

Another trouble faced by UOB following the acquisition can be customer perceptions regarding the UOB product and services. The moment UOB launched in Thailnder market, it may concern and trace about how precisely customer see UOB. To hold on to the same or perhaps above placing, it starts to develop and appoint successful customer relation manager that is responsible to communicate and convince customer. They also work for keeping consumer trust and confidence.

UOB also encounters the problem switching of the staff in other banking companies. Since UOB’s top and some part of administration use The english language inside the office which allows and promotes to other employee to find out English. At the same time, UOB began several vocabulary program which in turn helps worker to develop British and interaction skills. In comparison, At Thailand communication abilities in English language is strenuous due to expenditure and regarding many multinational companies which in turn creating opportunities for efficient works. Employees of UOB are taking the opportunities by simply switching additional organization which usually creates issue and managing the human resource for UOB. For that reason, UOB want to create a increased pipeline of employee with specific areas with long term career path for the employee also to meet the demand of its own.


Following the combination, a new staffing program ‘Fast-Track’ has been launched to strengthen the bank’s situation as a good contestant inside the international financial institution environment. A new and direct requirement to applicants with this career monitor is strong English proficiency, which has resulted in a high percentage of new staff having English language as first language – even some who may speak Thai #@@#@!.

Connection structures have been put in place by simply management to make sure that information is usually conveyed in both Thailnder and British, officially assisting the significantly diversified worker constellation. There may be however proof that this has created cultural problems, leading to potential sub-cultures developing in the corporation. While formal communication is completed in The english language in addition to Thai, casual and interpersonal communication is still largely simply in English language.

At lunch time breaks nobody speaks British to me, we all (referring to respondent and colleagues) only speak Thai to each other. inches

This makes a problem in the the usage of new employees into the interpersonal environment of OUB, potentially leading to the establishment of sub-cultures that can ultimately hinder organizational overall performance.

It is crucial the fact that UOB supervision is aware and actively cope with these issues to make certain the merged organization can successfully reach its goals. Cultural integrity is crucial to the success of any M&A, and in the situation of banking companies like UOB that count on highly stabile and efficient communication to offer value to its consumers, a top-performing organization is important to the capability to stay competitive.

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