An assessment Report

 An Evaluation Record Essay

License in Education

(Post-Compulsory Education) Year 2

Task Two: An evaluation record

(of a course, or perhaps part thereof)

For this project I will examine a training course I have just lately taught intended for The Norfolk Family Learning Programme. I will discuss and compare results of the analysis with NFLP quality assurance processes. I will as well discuss the selected methods of evaluation used, examine the data and suggest a marked improvement plan to ensure quality assurance in the programme.

Precisely what is evaluation?

Evaluation is about attaining information and judgements about the effectiveness of a course. Consideration of whether the course features met its aims and objectives, the effectiveness of the educating, meeting individual learners' requirements and what learning has taken place should influence planning for long term courses.

This demonstrates the cycle of experiential learning, developed by David Kolb, which suggests, we learn from experience, examine that experience, question our successes and failures, plan and improve for the future then continue the routine once again.

In accordance to Armitage et al ( the year 2003, p231)

" Analysis is all about discovering if the new program is operating properly. Generally speaking, therefore , this involves producing data through a process of query and then, on the basis of this, making judgements about strengths and weaknesses as well as the overall success of the course, and making decisions about how exactly to improve it further”.

This is supported by Curzon ( 2004, p199 ) who have suggests analysis " can be described as key managing function, made to monitor areas of college output, and to be viewed, therefore , as an important response to questions concerning the actual cost, mother nature and quality of instructor performance”.

Analyzing a program involves the evaluation of teaching, which can be carried out either by the teacher, through observations, peer assessment, inspections or simply by internal confirmation, also throughout the completion of student evaluation bedding.

When I assess my own instructing I consider the following: -

• Did My spouse and i meet the course aims? ( for the course reviewed in this project this would be NFLP identified course aims and Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievements in Non-Accredited Learning (RARPA) learning outcomes. • Was my educating effective along with good quality? (did I fulfill the learner's demands; did the resources work; was it the right level to get the learners; did I actually differentiate for individual learners; performed I cover the system of work; would my teaching methods job; how did I control the group). This would be evaluated at the end of each taught treatment and registered at the end of each session prepare

Other areas which can be measured are: -

• Learner retention

• Novice attendance

The figures for these are collated by the Family members Learning Supervisor and transferred to the LSC who gives funding to perform the courses.

• Did I fulfill the organisations objectives? (learners are available the opportunity to take those National Check at the end in the course, NFLP has to meet up with target figures each year).

Evaluating a course as well involves the evaluation of learning ( cognitive, frame of mind and skill), this can be created by: - • Assessment as test or perhaps examination

• Work accomplished

• Drafted evaluation by the learner

When ever evaluating a course We gather information concerning the final session (summative evalution) from the scholars using evaluation forms and questionnaires.

Evaluation during the study course however can be ongoing (formative evaluation) since each week students are encouraged to talk about the previous treatment and record their views in a journal entry within their ILPs. Achievements are also documented in the ILP (meeting NFLP quality assurance and satisfying the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) requirements. This information can be used to influence ongoing preparing during the training course. This analysis can sometimes be critical in making sure learners are happy and carry on...

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