7 Approaches to implement Swachh Bharat Quest (SBM) in District to generate village ODF

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1 . Efficient Fund Flow System- Direct Named beneficiary Transfer ( DBT )

The fund was directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account in two similar instalments of Rs. 6000 each in form of incentive for the construction of IHHL (Individual Home Latrines). Initially disbursement occurs the beneficiary successfully constructs the double pit and sends a Swikriti Patra (Agreement Letter) to the Region Panchayat Raj Office.

The other disbursement occurs the bathroom is fully constructed, coated and LGD (Local Govt Directory, code to distinctively identify a toilet) has become marked and beneficiary sends the Karya Purti Patra (Work Conclusion Form) to the District Panchayat Raj Business office.

The account transfer data file to be taken care of Gram Panchayat Wise at District Workplace. The softcopy (excel file) of the set of beneficiaries is usually compiled Gram Panchayat Sensible and is delivered to the bank for the bank’s favored NEFT file format. The bank in that case processes the file same day and sends again various studies such as failure report, liquidation report etc . useful to be familiar with transfer of funds towards the beneficiary bank account. The inability report in the bank provides following domains to exclusively identify a beneficiary: Beneficiary Name, Father/Husband Name, Obstruct Name, Gram Panchayat Brand, and Reason behind Failure. The failure statement is then published by the particular District Expert (SBM) and it is sent back towards the Gram Panchayat ensuring necessary correction pertaining to failure so that the fund could be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account. Consequently this helps monetary reconciliation to stop any kind of economic discrepancies. Under is the finance flow method adopted in the District Agra.

4. Active Nigrani Samiti

Nigrani Samiti is actually a 30 member team which includes 10 men adults, 12 female and 10 children from the small town, who are made responsible to do morning and evening follow-ups in the town.

Early morning and Night follow-ups are executed at all those places with the village wherever people through the village usually go to excrete in open. The Nigrani Samiti’s will be empowered and they are given a Nigrani Device Kit with a torch, whistle, reflector coats, caps so that they can be recognized as the sanitation messenger with the village. The leader of the Nigrani Samiti is named Swachhagrahi or perhaps Champion in the village which is awarded Rs. 10000 following your village is successfully declared and validated ODF.

So it will be very important to frequent incentivise and empower the Nigrani Samiti. Nigrani Samiti are the actual ground pressure who can be useful for bringing the ideal behavioural enhancements made on the community.

2 . Weekly Monitoring of Toilet Construction without. of Masons Deployed

The progress of every Gram Panchayat ought to be monitored against the compressed require generated coming from each Gram Panchayat.

Compressed demand= Total Family members in GP- Families with IHHL- Families financially competent to build their particular toilet

On an average one mason can build a bathroom in 5 days, so calculate the amount of masons being deployed within a Gram Panchayat to make it ODF (Open Defecation Free) against the compressed demand from the village for making it ODF till the ODF Statement date. The amount of trained masons in the community can be improved by on-site mason schooling, where masons from every single blocks will be trained at District Level to educate all of them on the technicalities of Twin-Pit Toilet Technology through a practical approach. The trained masons are entitled to get registered with the Labor Section which allows these mason avail 20 different techniques for them and the family just like free education for children, unintended insurance etc . The qualified master masons are further more deployed each and every block and gram panchayat by making a deployment roaster, where these types of master masons are responsible to on-site educate other masons on the Twin-Pit Toilet Technology. This process of mason training and deployment created a big force of trained masons. Availability of skilled masons takes on a very essential role in enhancing the velocity and accomplish ODF position for a community. To engage and increase the needed number of masons in a community is the responsibility of the Block Coordinator(SBM) and ADO(Panchayat).

You should find the formats beneath that will help in monitoring the requirements for toilet structure and application of masons:

3. Regular Field Visit and verification

It is very important to create regular discipline visits to see the impact of movement and be familiar with ground level issues. Various area department officials can be used for the same by simply issuing a roster should be issued. A letter fixed by the DM is issued to them where they are assigned the responsibility to visit neighborhoods regularly intended for morning and evening follow-ups and are also built responsible to monitor on-ground situations in order to find ways to achieve an ODF status from the village.

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